Real estate tour of the Finans City Project, one of the most important projects of Asian Istanbul

Take advantage of the price drop and watch a real estate tour of the huge Finans City Complex, in which the construction has not stopped despite the Corona pandemic. The complex is located in the Asian Istanbul in the famous area of Umraniye, it is a luxury project located in a unique location near the main road network that connects areas of Istanbul together, it is also located in front of the International Financial Center, which will be a qualitative leap for the area. The project also offers distinctive views of Istanbul in addition to the botanical garden, and of course, the project area contains medical, entertainment, and shopping centers as well as schools. To reserve your apartment, please give us a call and let one of our real estate consultants help you: 00905074000900 Our services are completely free from the airport until you receive your property. Project Details: The project’s total area is 141,000 m² and it consists of 2750 apartments with multiple options and types. The available apartments options are 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1. Children's playgrounds. Cafes and restaurants. Artificial ponds. Parking lots. Walking paths. Bazar. Water tanks. Central heating. The project buildings are built based on earthquake-resistant building systems. Security system around the clock and surveillance cameras.
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