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Apartments for Sale in Dubai Maritime City

Would you like to live in the middle of a crowded city and own an apartment with a sea view? Then Dubai Maritime City is the perfect choice, as it provides you with the opportunity to live in vibrant Dubai and enjoy the stunning seascapes. The city stands out for having a state-of-the-art transportation system and being linked to all parts of Dubai. In this article, we will learn more about the advantages of living and owning an apartment in Dubai Maritime City.

Dubai Maritime City: A Hub of Activity

Between Port Rashid and Dubai Dry Dock, in a prime location on the waterfront, lies Dubai Maritime City. It is easily accessible, due to its proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road, Bur Dubai, and Dubai International Airport.

DMC is already a hive of activity, particularly in the industrial sector. Besides the shops and showrooms it serves, it is home to a wide range of businesses providing marine services, such as ship lifts, repair grounds, storage facilities, and workshops.

With a major investment of AED 140 million allocated to expand its infrastructure, Dubai Maritime City has a bright future ahead of it. This action demonstrates DP World's firm commitment to transforming Dubai Maritime City into a prominent maritime hub on the international stage.

Modern Infrastructure

Dubai Maritime City's modern infrastructure is what makes it so attractive. It is equipped with contemporary amenities, such as ship repair yards and specialized marine areas. This self-sufficient city provides a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of the international maritime sector, from shipbuilding and maintenance to maritime research and training.

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Benefits of Living in Dubai Maritime City

Before acquiring or investing in a home, it is important to conduct extensive research about the area, amenities and developers. Here are the benefits of living and investing in Dubai Maritime City.

  • Stunning sea view: Residents can enjoy the tranquillity offered by the coastal views while also taking advantage of water sports and entertainment. At Dubai Marine, you may experience the soothing rhythm of the waves washing the coast and the endless blue horizon stretching out before you.
  • Luxury Amenities and Facilities: DMC residents have access to a variety of high-end amenities and services, including sports complexes, fitness centres, and retail stores. Residents may anticipate high-quality finishing in their homes, contemporary infrastructure, and a wide range of housing alternatives.
  • Career opportunities: Dubai is quickly establishing itself as a worldwide maritime leader, thanks to a highly qualified and experienced workforce. This translates into multiple professional prospects in a variety of fields, including shipbuilding, and logistics.
  • Profitable Return: Since its inception, Dubai Maritime City has witnessed a continuous rise in demand, which is likely to continue in the coming years. For this reason, Dubai Maritime City is considered an attractive investment destination, with the potential for future profits.

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Apartments for Sale in Dubai Maritime City

Types of Apartments Available for Sale in Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime has apartments for sale in a variety of sorts, sizes, and designs. Choosing an apartment in Dubai Maritime City is an exciting first step, and understanding the many alternatives available will help you discover the right match.

  • Studio Apartments: Designed for persons wanting a more compact living space, studio apartments include a combined living and sleeping area.
  • 1-3 Bedroom Apartments: These apartments are suitable for singles, couples, and families, as they provide additional room and solitude.
  • Duplex Apartments: These distinctive units frequently span two levels, with bedrooms on the upper level for increased privacy. This plan is perfect for families who like clear division between their living and sleeping areas.
  • Serviced Apartments: These apartments are fully equipped with all necessities and often include hotel-style amenities such as regular housekeeping and on-site laundry.

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Average Prices of Apartments for Sale in Dubai Maritime

Depending on different aspects apartment prices vary accordingly, the following table is a rough estimation of the prices in Dubai Maritime as the city is still under development.

Apartment size
Price (AED)
800 thousand
1 Million
2 Million
3 Million

What to Consider Before Buying an Apartment in Dubai Maritime


location plays a crucial role in shaping your experience. There is no one standard approach when it comes to location. Consider your goals, whether it's access to certain amenities, a quiet area, or easy access to transportation. Understanding the differences between the different places within Dubai Maritime City allows you to choose the perfect location that suits your lifestyle and interests.

Budget and Financing

To determine your budget, research current market trends and assess the whole cost, which includes the purchase price, prospective remodeling expenditures, and continuing expenses like as service fees and utilities.

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Investment Potential

Research the present and predicted trends in the Dubai real estate market to determine where the most profitable investment possibilities are. Even if you are purchasing a property for personal use, consider when you want to resell. Nobody wants to lose money when they may benefit instead.

Professional Advice

Purchasing a home is not an easy process and requires expertise and understanding of the real estate industry, which not everyone possesses. As a result, you should seek advice from professionals. In this regard, you might call any local real estate business to inquire. Some firms, such as Imtilak Global, also provide lawyers to explain and answer legal questions and problems.

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Dubai Maritime is an excellent location to invest and buy an apartment. Its beautiful scenery with tranquil atmosphere make it appealing for many people. If you are thinking about buying your apartment in Dubai, then Imtilak Global is here to help you. with years of experience and professional teams, we offer the best services that make owning a property very easy and free of the hassle.

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Update date: 2024-03-28

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