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Living in Dubai is great, but first, to make your life exciting you need to find a suitable house for you. this is not a difficult task if you already know your needs. Dubai is a luxury community, and its renowned real estate market provides a broad selection of outstanding homes to satisfy even the most selective buyers. You may easily browse Dubai's property market with the help of this listing page. Compare prices, explore the details of top-notch features, and choose the ideal home that matches your lifestyle.

The Advantages of Living in Dubai

Dubai is a metropolis with first-rate features. It has the world's highest skyscraper, the biggest mall, and even the biggest man-made islands. Due to its diversified population, which comes from all over the world, Dubai has a cosmopolitan culture that is both active and diverse.

Vibrant Social Life

To socialize, play sports, and meet new people, people frequently love joining exclusive beach clubs, sports organizations, and social clubs. Numerous restaurants serving international cuisines, upscale malls, art galleries, music festivals, and other attractions can all be found in Dubai.

In addition, the city hosts an array of events and concerts with global performers. With an abundance of pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues to select from, the city is also well-known for its nightlife.

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English is Widely Spoken

English is commonly spoken and understood in Dubai, despite Arabic being the official language of the country. For English-speaking expats, this facilitates the transfer since it makes daily living and communication simpler. It's usually simpler for foreigners to navigate about when signs, eateries, and government papers are available in English.

Luxury Living

Luxury and a high level of living are often associated with Dubai. The city is an enjoyable location to live since it is well-maintained, safe, and has top-notch infrastructure. There are many, often luxurious, housing options in Dubai, ranging from expansive houses to high-rise apartments with stunning views.

No Income Tax

The lack of income tax in Dubai is a big lure for many professionals looking to relocate there. When compared to other nations with high-income tax rates, such as Europe. This strategy also covers corporate taxation, providing a tax-free environment for businesses across several industries because firms can frequently provide competitive wages and benefits to their employees.

Accessibility and Location

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai’s strategic geographic location makes it an excellent base for travel. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world, offering flights to and from most major destinations across the globe.

Houses for Sale in Dubai

The Different Types of Houses for Sale in Dubai

The property market in Dubai has an amazing selection of houses to fit every taste and price range. Here's an idea of the many kinds of houses that may be found in the city:

Luxurious Villas

Luxury villas in Dubai provide unparalleled space, privacy, and elegance. Private pools are a feature of many villas. Imagine being surrounded by elegance while enjoying a cool swim under the Dubai sun. these houses frequently have amazing views of the city skyline or the Arabian Sea. These vistas are usually framed by floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide a stunning living experience.

Spacious Townhouses

Large homes offer a desirable balance of comfort, neighbourhood and function. These multi-storey homes serve those who cherish their private space as well as a sense of community. Townhouses in Dubai offer a lot of space and are often divided into several floors. Townhomes provide a sense of community. Walls between neighbours provide chances for conversation and friendship. The feeling of community is evident in everything from spontaneous conversations in the hallway to neighbourhood get-togethers.

Exquisite Mansions

These exquisitely designed architectural wonders feature expansive entertainment rooms, luxurious living quarters, and cutting-edge conveniences. This exquisitely designed home is completely furnished with chic accents and a cosy ambience. Expansive terraces and well-kept gardens offer a haven for leisure while sprawling entertainment spaces serve as the venue for memorable events.

Sales Trends and Prices for Houses in Dubai

Dubai's real estate market is currently experiencing a period of significant growth, making it an attractive destination for potential homebuyers. The location, type, and layout of the property as well as the amenities in the neighborhood all affect the average prices. Here is an estimation of the house prices in Dubai.

Property type
Price (AED)
Small houses
1 million
2 million
5 million
20 million

Imtilak Global Offers for Houses for Sale in Dubai

Damac Lagoons – Marbella

Situated in the Golf metropolis neighbourhood of Dubai, far from the bustling metropolis, Damac Lagoons Marbella is part of the opulent Damac Lagoons Village, which provides an environment of luxury, tranquillity, and rustic beauty.

The property has easy access to Dubai's main thoroughfares, including Emirates Road and Al Khail Road, because of its location next to them.

A wide range of facilities, including schools, markets, and healthcare facilities, as well as important recreational and sporting facilities, are located close to the project. Your house is only a few steps away from everything you need.

DAMAC HILLS 2 (Verona)

Verona is a stand-alone townhouse in Dubailand's Hind 4 City neighbourhood, part of DAMAC Hills. This region is renowned for its peace, gorgeous natural settings, and first-rate water and sports facilities.

The property is ideally situated next to a robust transit network, providing quick access to Dubai's top attractions and famous sites. Additionally, Verona puts all the amenities nearby that people require for daily living, such as markets, schools, hospitals, and other services.

Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate©

Update date: 2024-03-25

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