Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy

At Imtilak Global, our conviction rests in the power of the human touch and an optimal hiring approach. We firmly believe that a company's triumph hinges primarily on a professional workforce endowed with the apt skills and substantial experience to present customers with the utmost exemplary services.

Aligned with this philosophy, the Human Resources Department at Imtilak Global Real Estate extends an opportunity to individuals brimming with enthusiasm, skills, and aptitude to become part of the company's staff. They are invited to join the Imtilak Global family by completing the employment form on our website. Applicants can select roles that match their expertise and preferred skills, while also being advised to review the prerequisites for applying to our available vacancies.

Our Work and Recruitment Vision:

- Our work takes place in an interactive setting characterized by diverse cultures and nationalities. Within this environment, employees can enhance their experience and continuously develop their skills.

- Our employees are integral partners in the company's success. We bear the responsibility of creating an optimal work environment for them, enhancing their quality of life through incentive programs and rewards provided by Imtilak Global. These initiatives aim to strengthen the sense of belonging and promote job stability.

- At Imtilak Global, we strive to harmonize our interests with those of our employees. We endeavour to minimize gaps, ensuring that both parties' interests are fulfilled. This is achieved through fostering complete satisfaction and trust between the company's management and its workforce.

- Work within the company adheres to legal regulations outlined in the employee manual, ensuring compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates.

The opportunity to collaborate with Imtilak Global is exclusively available to exceptional individuals. This is in line with the company's stringent recruitment criteria established by its adept human resources team. Applicants undergo an equitable and just competition, encompassing a thorough assessment process for each candidate. This ensures that the most proficient and capable candidate is selected.

Details for the job application form include:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Job Title
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
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