Turkey's Most Affordable Apartment Prices in 2022

With Imtilak Real Estate, find out the most affordable apartment prices in Turkey 2022 in Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, Bursa, Sakarya and Kocaeli.

Turkey's Most Affordable Apartment Prices in 2022
2022-02-03 Last update 2022-04-19

Turkey's Most Affordable Apartment Prices in 2022

Can I buy an apartment in Turkey at affordable prices?

Some argue that a low financial budget is not an obstacle to buying an apartment in Turkey. People wishing to own an apartment in Turkey can look for affordable apartments for sale in Turkey, especially with the decline in the Turkish lira price against the US dollar, which peaked in the last two months of 2021. Thus, they can find affordable apartments in Turkey, given their currencies' budgets.

What are the most affordable apartment prices in Turkey in 2022?

Several factors affect the fact that some areas have lower apartment prices than others, including the type and importance of the region, whether it is tourist, commercial or industrial.

Other factors include the apartment's location and tourist destinations such as beaches, sea views, lakes, public parks and archaeological sites such as famous mosques, palaces, old castles, museums, and entertainment spots.

Moreover, apartment prices can be affected by surroundings such as the airport and public transport: the metro, the Metrobus, and the main streets and highways. Apartment prices are also affected by location: central, coastal, or countryside.

The apartment specifications play an important role in determining price, including apartment area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms and toilets, number of balconies, year of construction, floor number, ready for housing or delivery date, finish quality, and more.

It can be said that for $150,000, we can buy a good apartment in a big city like Istanbul.

Overall, the prices of property apartments in Turkey are relatively low compared to countries with the same advantages.

أرخص أسعار الشقق في تركيا

Istanbul's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

Here is a collection of unique projects in Istanbul:

Gumus Residences in Esenyurt: a luxury residential complex with exceptional services within a rich health, education, and markets environment.

The project is located near public transport routes connecting it to various parts of Istanbul and is surrounded by schools, educational centres and universities, most notably Esenyurt University.

Prices start at $123,000 for 1+1 apartments, and $206,000 2+1 apartments with an area of 157 m2.

Kasab Project: located in Buyukcekmece - one of Istanbul's fastest-growing areas of investment value, full of luxury projects and important services - it is possible to obtain a 2+1 apartment worth $169,000.

Antalya's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

Antalya has a range of affordable apartment prices in Turkey:

Afshar Residence, located in Kepez central area of the coastal tourist city of Antalya, is part of a group of neighbourhoods that have been rebuilt in recent years.

Afsar complex features an important location, close to the Antalya Medical City project, as well as the project is close to schools, shopping malls and bazaars. The price of a 3+1 apartment in Afsar residence is about $90,000.

Konyaalti project is located in Konyaalti nearby beach and coastal resorts; the project is surrounded by a range of markets, shops and bazaars.

You can get a 1+1 apartment worth $78,000 in this project.

Port residences: apartment prices start at $61,000 for 1+1 apartments, and $80,000 2+1 apartments.

Trabzon's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

Trabzon has many affordable areas for housing, including:

Lake Park Complex Apartments: 3+1 apartments prices start at $71,000 and 4+1 apartments from $99,000.

The project is located in the Yalincak region, 450 metres from the main road connecting other areas of the city, in a residential, lively area, with stunning views of the Black Sea and the Green Mountains of Trabzon.

Maria Residence: You can get a 1+1 apartment for $33,000, a 2+1 apartment for $45,000, and a 3+1 apartment for $90,000.

أرخص الشقق في تركيا

Ankara's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

Although Ankara is Turkey's political capital, apartment prices in Ankara are relatively low compared to apartments in Istanbul, so many foreigners and Turks want to buy apartments in Ankara, which has no less infrastructure and quality of life than Istanbul.

Imtilak Real Estate experts estimate the average price of apartments in Ankara for 2+1 apartments, 95-100 square meters in a new residential complex, integrated services at the cost of $125,000.

Ankara has various real estate options for all those wishing to buy a property in the city, with Ankara's real estate market rich in apartments with different spaces, designs and prices.

  • Bellapais project, in which the cost of a 1+1 apartment is $102,000, within a full-service residential complex.
  • Tower Residences: The price of a 2+1 apartment is $58,000.

Ankara has relatively low prices compared to Istanbul properties.

Sakarya's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

Imtilak Real Estate offers real estate properties in Sakarya at low prices, with multiple spaces, in the arms of green nature, with elaborate finishes, ready for delivery:

Sakarya River Project: 2+1 apartments prices can reach up to $46,000.

The project apartments are located in the arms of charming nature, within walking distance of tourist and natural attractions, close to hospitals, schools, and many important services.

Demir Sakarya project: It has model apartments within a full-service housing project and facilities; the cost of a 3+1 apartment is $72,000.

Kocaeli's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

Kocaeli has affordable luxury apartments, such as:

The Valley Complex in Izmit: It has stunning sea views, multiple entertainment services, and spacious areas, at premium prices, in a tranquil and beautiful location.

 A 1+1 apartment can be obtained for only $37,000, and a 2+1 apartment for $49,000.  

The Green Plateau Project: 1+1 apartment prices start at $89,000, $2+1 apartments at $108,000, and 3+1 apartments at $117,000.

شقق رخيصة للبيع في تركيا

Bursa's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

  • Yesil Bursa complex in the coastal and upscale area of Mudanya is part of a luxury residential complex, with stunning sea views, at low prices starting from $70,000 for a 3+1 apartment.
  • Balkan residences in the Nilufer area within a luxury residential complex, with large spaces and low prices starting from $75,000 for 2+1 apartments and $86,000 for 3+1 apartments.
  • Alamdar residences in the Osmangazi area have large areas with special prices for 3+1 apartments worth $102,000.

Izmit's Most Affordable Apartment Prices

Among Imtilak Real Estate projects in Izmit are: 

  • The luxury-style Esil Kartepe project, near Sapanca Lake, with premium prices starting at $63,000 for a 1+1 apartment, $88,000 for a 2+1 apartment and $105,000 for a 3+1 apartment.
  • Yuvacik City project: 1+1 apartments prices start at $60,000; 2+1 apartments start at $83,000, and 3+1 apartments start at $95,000.

How can Imtilak Real Estate help you buy the best apartment at the lowest price?

Imtilak Real Estate offers valued customers outstanding services to help them choose good apartments at reasonable prices.

Imtilak has offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon, Bursa, Antalya, Sakarya, Kocaeli and other Turkish cities.

You can find the lowest apartment prices in Turkey that meet your demands, suitable apartments for housing or investment through the company's services, and the experience of its proven real estate investment cadres in Turkey.


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