Which is better for investment: an apartment in a residential complex or an apartment in a normal building?

Real estate investment in Turkey is now one of the best investment destinations for those looking for a profitable investment. The searcher for an investment in a residential property finds two options

Which is better for investment: an apartment in a residential complex or an apartment in a normal building?

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most successful types of investments because of the flexibility and merit of this market. Turkey is currently witnessing a major development in the real estate field, which is competing with real estate development in the most important capitals and cities of the world. Making the investment in Turkey a target for investors looking for a successful investment.

Introduction to the Real Estate Investment of Residential Complex in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey is now one of the best investment destinations for those looking for a profitable investment. The searcher for an investment in a residential property finds two options: either buy an apartment in a normal building or within a residential complex.

In this article, we will take you on a quick tour, where we will discuss the most important advantages and disadvantages of buying an apartment within a residential complex, and then compare it with the apartments in a normal building.

The term "residential complexes" is frequently said by real estate investors in Turkey, and we notice that many people are turning to invest in them, especially in Istanbul, which has the largest number of complexes. Istanbul is the first destination for real estate investors.
Real estate investment in Turkey

Pros of Residential Complexes in Turkey

Residential complex: A group of residential buildings, perhaps three or more buildings, surrounded by walls, fences, or the like, with a single administration, often with shared facilities. These facilities vary according to the level of the complex, such as swimming pools, Gardens - Restaurants - Reception halls - Playgrounds - Sports clubs ... and others.

Residential complexes are therefore a new model of advanced housing models, which depend on a particular service and social structure. Under this structure, you find elements of security, tranquility, and stability through the services available to the entire complex’s residents.

Many real estate professionals believe that the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul are residential complexes.

Real Estate Investment

Within the residential complex, there are spaces to be used to create recreational and service facilities such as playgrounds for children, walking paths, sports areas, sitting areas within the parks, and possibly barbecue areas, to deserve the title of the best types of real estate investment, and the most suitable place for integrated living.

مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي

How Can You Benefit from Buying Apartment Within a Residential Complex?

Perhaps the most important characteristics that distinguish residential complexes of all types, which make real estate investors in Turkey want them, are:

1 - The existence of staff dedicated to each building and a special guard of the residential complex also, which provides the safety factor.

Another advantage is that the space required for the construction of residential complexes can only be available in the city centers at fancy prices; therefore, residential complexes are often in quiet side areas, so that the prices of the apartments are affordable. Also being in the side areas means that they are far from the noise and congestion of the city center and means of transportation that connect them to the vital centers of the city are available.

3 - Investors who employ their capital in the areas of various types of real estate investment, they find their aim to invest in residential complexes; because of its proximity to the commercial complexes, where shops and halls for multiple investment areas.

4 - Those who invest in real estate with the aim of leasing it out, the investment in residential apartment apartments is a good option, because this type of apartments is increasingly in demand, and the value of rent houses in the complexes are constantly increasing.

5- In terms of tourism, some tourists want to rent houses within the complexes for the safety factor and for the important service facilities, especially the furnished apartments, which supports the option of investing in apartments within residential complexes for leasing.

Real estate investment in Istanbul

6- There are also ongoing offers that are widely available for those wishing to buy houses within residential complexes, including offers to buy in installments and with multiple options.

The Excellent Services of a Residential Complex in Turkey

In addition to all of the above, the complexes have facilities for activities, especially children's needs of swimming pools, playgrounds, etc., which provides an important advantage for the family by creating a safe and fun place for children to do their activities.

This beautiful atmosphere enhances children's communication with other children and establishes friendly, friendly and fraternal relationships, which in turn has a positive impact on the social life of children, and will be of great benefit to their future and provide parents with the convenience of raising their children.

Residential complexes provide adequate parking for their residents. These complexes do not suffer from the problems of overcrowding and other normal neighborhoods do, In addition to the important safety factor in the parking lot; the roads near the residential complexes are large, and the car parking is ready in dedicated and safe parking for the owner and visitors. 

The management of the complexes is responsible for repairing the unintended faults. Also, provide the hot water services within the monthly dues, saving the expenses of liquid gas in the winter. The houses of the complexes are built of isolated walls, which reduce heat in the summer the coldness of the winter, as well as the availability of houses on the higher floors of the complexes many seeks, which is often not found in ordinary buildings.

Best real estate investment areas in Istanbul

What are Cons of Residential Complex in Turkey?

There are some disadvantages to these residential complexes:

One of the disadvantages that should be noticed is that this complex is far from the center of the city, some major shopping centers, some official departments, and most of the schools.

Living in the compounds or complexes also includes monthly dues expenses for the services provided by the complex to its residents, such as guarding, cleaning, maintenance and the like.

How to Choose the Best and Profitable Investment in Turkey?

Based on the above, apartments in ordinary buildings outside the complexes may have some benefits, but these benefits are often limited to single people or newlyweds, as they are closer to their place of work and the service centers they need.

Types of real estate investment

For families, especially those with children, the above features provide safety for children, comfort, and fun for them, and make residential complexes the perfect choice for them.

As for real estate developers in Turkey, their chances of profit in residential complexes are greater due to the fact that the rotation of the capital wheel is faster.

In nutshell, we can say that buying an apartment in Turkey within residential complexes involves some additional costs; but it offers many guarantees, services, and social benefits, which reflect the present and future of the family in all aspects of life.

In the opinion of "Imtilak Real Estate" that the optimal savings are by buying an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul or other vital cities, especially for those who wanted real estate investment in Turkey 2022, anyway, the final decision is always based on the buyer's priorities and needs.

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