Agricultural investment in Turkey: what are its advantages and conditions?

Learn in our article, the advantages of agricultural investment in Turkey and the best cities and agricultural areas in Turkey. Also, is the agricultural investment in Turkey profitable?

Agricultural investment in Turkey: what are its advantages and conditions?

What is the agricultural investment?

Investors in Turkey seek to diversify their investments; by placing their capital in several areas, many of them are investing in houses, offices, shops, and buildable land. The fields of agricultural investment also stand out through the search for farm sales in Turkey designed for agricultural investment. Agricultural investment in Turkey is a successful investment. Turkey is one of the countries that support and develop agricultural investment and provide it with various facilities. Agriculture in Turkey is one of the most important economic resources that distinguish it from many countries of the world, whether through local or foreign investors. Turkey has been characterized by the success of the factors of agricultural investment in it due to the many elements it contains for the success of this type of investment, especially the presence of large areas suitable for agriculture, the diversity and abundance of its crops, and its location in a strategic area that facilitates export operations, and in general, agricultural investment in Turkey is one of the secured investments due to many factors.

What are the advantages of agricultural investment in Turkey?

There are many advantages of agricultural investment in Turkey, and all of these advantages make agricultural investment a growing investment, and the first advantages are due to the government support itself. As Turkey is one of the countries that supports and develops agricultural investment and provides it with various facilities, one of the advantages is also the presence of large areas suitable for agriculture, and the diversity of crops. There are also many factors that contribute to achieving many advantages for agricultural investment in Turkey, such as the presence of human factors through the availability of the manpower needed for agriculture, as well as the attractive factors that do not distinguish between foreign and local investors.

In addition to the factors that guarantee investors in the transfer of their profits, and the water factors in the availability of abundant water sources, accompanied by climatic factors suitable for various types of agricultural crops, and the factor of the availability of various agricultural machinery and the latest, as well as pesticides and fertilizers, which makes agricultural investment in Turkey a fruitful and wide option.

Agricultural investment in Turkey

Conditions for agricultural investment in Turkey

The ease of conditions for agricultural investment in Turkey is an attractive opportunity for investors in the agricultural sector:

  • Requiring agricultural investment companies to purchase at least 1000 square meters of agricultural land within cities designated by the Turkish State.
  • Establishment of a company with a capital of at least 100.000 TL, the project to be registered in the name of that company.
  • To submit a five-year feasibility study for the agricultural project to be established, which should be approved by accredited advisory offices.
  • Providing a source of irrigation by extending water lines, or digging groundwater wells within the borders of Turkey's farmland.
  • The project should be in accordance with the Agricultural Investment Law in Turkey for foreigners.
  • If the foreign investor shares with the local Turkish investor, this gives him the right to get government support up to 50% of the value of the project.

Agricultural investment law in Turkey for foreigners

The Turkish Government has taken care to overcome potential obstacles to investments in agriculture and forest products, introducing several laws that remove obstacles to foreign investors by granting them equal rights and opportunities with local investors. In order to encourage foreign investment in the agricultural sector, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has established a platform for those wishing to invest in agriculture in Turkey, given the availability of natural factors, the appropriate climate, fertile soil, the abundance of water and the abundance of arable land.

agricultural investment law in Turkey for Foreigners

What are the agricultural investment opportunities in Turkey?

Investment in olive farms in Turkey

Turkey is ranked sixth in the world in olive cultivation, producing the equivalent of 5% of world production. It is a country of a climate-friendly nature. The city of Mersin is the most prominent center for this category. Also, the various Turkish states are an ideal environment for investing in olive farms, which generates growing profits for investors due to the continuous demand for its oil, and the olive itself is one of the fruits that achieve high profits, in addition to the ease of storing the oil and not being affected by the factors of delays in export.

Investing in walnut farms in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by the quality of walnuts, the large number of their types, and the variety of methods of their cultivation, especially in farms that were specifically found to take care of such types of agricultural investment, although walnuts do not require care similar to some other crops. Investment in walnut farms in Turkey is a guaranteed investment, but it needs for a time, unlike investing in real estate or tourism, but it remains a diversified option for the investor.

Investment in fruit farms in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by the diversity of climates that suit different types of fruits, and due to the expansion of the Turkish Republic on large areas suitable for various types of agricultural investments, investing in fruit farms in Turkey has become an option that investors are looking for, as there are those who invest in the cultivation of apples and citrus in general, and these types of investments are distinguished With the guarantee of export, for the quality of Turkish fruits that have all the factors for successful fruition.

Investment in hazelnuts farms in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest exporters of hazelnuts in the world, and Turkish hazelnuts are famous for their great quality, due to the availability of all the factors that help their growth in an ideal environment suitable for all their quality characteristics, which encourages investment by purchasing farms in Turkey, according to a statement issued by the Union of Producers and hazelnut exporters in Turkey, large quantities of hazelnuts were exported, up to more than two hundred thousand tons.

Does the Turkish government support agricultural investment? Does that include foreigners?

There is no doubt that the Turkish government encourages and supports agricultural investment in Turkey, and has been keen to facilitate all the obstacles of investments in this type, and the foreigner is considered among those covered by government support in the field of agricultural investment, as it granted them equal rights with local investors, In addition, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has established a guidance platform for those interested in agricultural investment in Turkey.

Agricultural investment companies in Turkey

Is investing in agricultural land in Turkey profitable?

Agricultural investment yields attractive financial returns; An important condition, which is that the project is carefully studied and that the feasibility studies are based on realistic foundations, based on consultations with specialists in this field. In addition to specialists in the real estate sector In Turkey, who offer the best investment opportunities in agricultural land and Turkish farms, and in general, buying agricultural land in Turkey, or investing in its various farms. It is considered one of the investments that generate a profitable income; because Turkey is a leading country in agriculture, and God has harnessed fertile soil, a favorable climate, and water sources. It is the first country in the world to produce many agricultural products, such as figs, hazelnuts, royal raisins, dried apricots, and cherries, and it produces more than seventy percent of the global production of pistachios. This falls within the framework of the Turkish government's support for the agricultural sector. All these factors make the agricultural investment profitable.

What does Imtilak Real Estate offer you in the field of investment in agricultural land in Turkey?

Imtilak Real Estate offers the opportunity to get the best farms and lands in various Turkish cities and countryside, in Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Mersin, Trabzon, Antakya, and the rest of the cities and states. It also offers installment options, pre-sale services, after-sale services, and in between, including tours, and transactions related to it.

Imtilak real estate offers include an abundance of options for owning farms and lands, and more, in addition to everything related to advise for this type of investment, from specialized experts when Imtilak Real Estate.


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