Algerians in Turkey: their residence, livelihood, and investments



Algerians in Turkey: their residence, livelihood, and investments

Is life in Turkey distinctive and attractive to Algerians?

Historically, the Algerians have been associated with the Turks since the European military campaigns focused their attacks on the Moroccan-Arab coast, hoping to control the cities overlooking the Mediterranean, and thus control and control the Mediterranean basin.

These attempts by the Europeans led to alliances between Algeria and the Turks (the Ottoman Empire at the time) so that the coasts of Algeria overlooking the Mediterranean became a group of joint Ottoman-Algerian garrisons against the invaders. History mentions the good relations between the commander of the Ottoman fleet at the time Khair al-Din Barbarossa (Turkish origin) and the Algerians until those relations culminated in Khair al-Din Barbarossa becoming governor of Algeria.

History has a connection to the present, and this is reflected in the reality of the current Algerian-Turkish relations, which are characterized by high-end diplomatic relations at the highest level, which have reached the signing of several partnership agreements between the two countries, in addition to the issuance of a Turkish presidential decision in 2019 exempting Algerians under 12 and over 65 years old. From the entry visa to Turkey in preparation for exempting the citizens of the two countries from the pre-entry visa.

Turkey has become a major destination for Algerian citizens recently, as is the case with many Arab communities, either for study, tourism, trade, and investment, or residence and stability.

In this regard, Turkey is a suitable environment for Algerians to live in, due to the cultural and historical rapprochement between the two countries, in addition to the number of Arab and Algerian communities residing in the country, which constitutes an encouraging factor for deciding to settle and reside in Turkey.

Algerians in Turkey

How many Algerians are in Turkey?

There are no official statistics on the number of Algerians residing in Turkey, but their numbers are estimated between 10,000 to 20,000 residents, most of whom are students, tourists, and traders.

The number of Algerians residing in Turkey increased until 2020, with the beginning of the crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus globally, as the numbers began to decline as a result of the closure and ban measures until the number of Algerians coming to reside in Turkey recovered again after the spread of the virus declined and restrictions on movement and travel were lifted at the end of 2021.

Algerian tourists in Turkey

The number of Turkish Airlines flights between Algeria and Turkey reaches 35 flights per week, and Algerians are active in the tourism sector within Turkey, as it is one of the most important tourist destinations for Algerians.

Relations are flourishing between tourism companies in Turkey and Algeria, which work to facilitate group tours between the two countries and provide related logistical matters, in addition to providing various private and group tourism programs.

Algerian students in Turkey

The community of Algerian students residing in Turkey is one of the largest categories of the Algerian community in the country, and Algerian students study in all Turkish states and various disciplines and public or private universities.

The annual Turkish government scholarship for international students includes Algerian students. The grant is awarded annually and many Algerian students receive the grant to study in Turkey at various disciplines and stages.

Areas of Algerian presence in Turkey

The largest number of the Algerian community in Turkey resides in Istanbul, and they are concentrated in different regions, such as Sisli, Fatih, Esenyurt, and Bahçelievler. Izmir comes in second place in terms of the residence of the Algerian community in it, especially the youth groups.

Algerians are also present in various Turkish cities for the category of students studying at Turkish universities in most states of the country, such as Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Konya, and others.

Residence in Turkey for Algerians: conditions and accessibility

Algerians obtain legal residency in Turkey like other foreigners without any problems, and the Algerian citizen is thus treated according to the foreigners' law adopted in the country.

Accordingly, the Algerian can obtain all types of residency in Turkey, such as student residency if he is studying at a Turkish university, family residency if he is married to a Turkish citizen, or work residency if he obtained a work permit from a Turkish company or residence permit in case of owning real estate in the country.

number of Algerians in Turkey

Algerian investments in Turkey

The volume of trade exchange between Turkey and Algeria at the end of the year 2020 reached about $4 billion, and the two countries are seeking, within an agreement between the Turkish and Algerian governments, to raise the volume of trade exchange between them to $10 billion by 2030, and it is expected that these understandings will culminate in the establishment of a free trade agreement between the two countries.

Turkish companies have also worked in recent years to increase their direct investments in Algeria, as the volume of Turkish investments in Algeria until the end of 2020 reached $5 billion, through 1,300 companies, the most important of which are companies in the steel and iron sector, construction companies in and textile companies, which led to savings More than 30,000 jobs for Algerians, and an increase in the number of the Turkish community investing in Algeria to 25,000 Turks.

On the other hand, Algerians find Turkey a destination for investment, and the most important Algerian investments in Turkey are in the trade and manufacturing sector, petrochemical industries, in addition to technical industries.

Algerians establish direct relations with Turkish suppliers, in addition to investing in the real estate sector by buying real estate in Turkey and investing in the Turkish real estate sector, taking advantage of the Turkish citizenship law.

Algerians buy real estate in Turkey

According to Turkish law, Algerians can buy and own real estate within Turkish territory without any legal obstacles. They can also benefit from the law granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors in the Turkish real estate sector.

Algerians have appeared on the list of the top ten foreign countries buying real estate in Turkey several times during the previous years, as Algerians are among the nationalities that prefer to own and buy real estate in Turkey for various purposes, either stability, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Through the experience of Imtilak real estate in the Turkish real estate market, the Imtilak team dealt with many Algerian clients who bought real estate through the company in Turkey, and the experience that Imtilak had with its Algerian clients was a fruitful experience that resulted in friendly relations between the company's team and its clients, which still exist till the day of writing this article.


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