A comprehensive guide on apartment prices in Basaksehir, Istanbul



A comprehensive guide on apartment prices in Basaksehir, Istanbul

Advantages of owning in the Basaksehir district of Istanbul

The advantages of owning in Basaksehir are countless. Basaksehir in the European section of Istanbul has the most modern infrastructure in Turkey. It is also close to Istanbul's new airport, and the metro networks reach it, and it has a layout similar to the villa system, wide streets, and many parks, clean air, and many hospitals, the largest of which is the largest medical city in Europe. In addition to many schools, including international schools, private universities, including Ibn Khaldun University, it has become an attraction station for many local and foreign investors from all regions of the world, making prices in a steady upward trend.

Is Basaksehir district considered distinctive for real estate investment?

The most important characteristic of Basaksehir is the guarantee of real estate investment in it. Apart from the unique modernity in the buildings and the exquisite beauty in the design, it has the largest projects in Turkey, such as the famous Basaksehir Square project with an area of ​​sixty thousand square meters, the modern medical city, and the garden The largest plant in Europe, and new metro stations linking the outskirts and regions of Istanbul with the center of Basaksehir.

The area is also close to the Istanbul Canal project and Istanbul Airport, as it has a very wide spectrum of real estate ownership with its many options, according to the spaces, the level of luxury interior and exterior finishes, the delivery dates of the apartments that are still under construction, the available payment methods and the size of payments and installments, and the seasonal offers offered by real estate development companies, especially Imtilak Real Estate, which is on the throne of the real estate market in Turkey, and its offices in Basaksehir as well.

Prices of apartments in Basaksehir Istanbul

Factors affecting apartment prices in Basaksehir, Istanbul

All the mentioned factors have a significant impact on the prices of apartments in the Basaksehir area of ​​Istanbul. The luxury buildings, the charming infrastructure, the service facilities, the multiple systems in the Basaksehir real estate, the proximity of major projects to the area, the quality of planning, and the purity of the air make investors race To own real estate in Basaksehir, which made prices always high, in addition to the continuation of the construction of major projects and the expansion of the area, until it truly became the name of New Istanbul.

What is the average price of apartments in Basaksehir, Istanbul?

The average prices for apartments in Istanbul in the Basaksehir area are about $100,000, which is equivalent to approximately 800,000 TL. The larger the area and the number of rooms, the higher the prices. The average price of a 3+1 apartment in Basaksehir is about $250,000, equivalent to two million TL.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

Imtilak Real Estate projects in Basaksehir: The Basak Eurasia project

There are many Imtilak real estate projects in Basaksehir, including the Basak Eurasia project, which is close to the medical city of Basaksehir, and it has multiple social and sports facilities, and next to it are many vital and service facilities and public and private international educational institutions. It includes a number of buildings of multiple heights, with green spaces approximately 80% of the total land area of ​​the original project. It is a family project par excellence, whether for small or large families. It is close to a metro station that is under preparation, and suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that It is possible to purchase in installments through Imtilak Real Estate without interest.

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