Apartment prices in Kocaeli in dollars and Turkish lira

Find out about apartment prices in Kocaeli, in dollars, and Turkish lira. A comprehensive guide to help you learn more about Kocaeli and its most important projects, apartments with a sea view, at the cheapest prices, in cash or in installments.

Apartment prices in Kocaeli in dollars and Turkish lira
2021-04-20 Last update 2022-01-13

Apartment prices in Kocaeli in dollars and Turkish lira

Kocaeli is at the center of the distance between Istanbul and the tourist state of Sakarya, and it is bordered to the south by the Marmara Sea and the green state of Bursa, and to the north by the Black Sea, and is distinguished by its picturesque nature, gaining the best luck from the beauty of forests and sea views thanks to its topography and location.

In recent years, Kocaeli has become a new investment destination, attracting real estate investors from every corner, given its location and residential complexes with high luxury..

In this article, we’ll go on a tour to see the elite real estate projects in Kocaeli Turkey. Giving you a quick light on the reality of the real estate market in this city, and learn about the average real estate prices in it.

Average prices for apartments in Kocaeli in dollars

There is no doubt that every region in any city around the world has a peculiarity that imposes an increase or a decrease in the value of the property, not to mention the property's conditions, type of construction, services, and views, which play a role in determining the price value of each particular property.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about a series of important projects with a government guarantee, or supervised by a reliable construction company, whose marketing services are provided by Imtilak Real Estate company.

The Green Height Project

The Green Height Project in Kocaeli, located in the Akpinar area of ​​Izmit, offers a wide range of options in the spectrum of its elegant apartments, surrounded by beautiful green forests, in a refreshingly natural atmosphere.

Prices for apartments in the Green Plateau project start from $79,000 for a 73-square-meter apartment, and $109,000 for a 119-square-meter apartment in the same complex, according to the latest price update until the writing of this article.

Apartment prices in Kocaeli

Vadi Complex

In Vadi Complex located on a plateau with a charming panoramic view of the last point of the Marmara Sea and dense, charming green forests, many elegant property opportunities come together within the vast collection of its villas and apartments.

Prices for apartments in the valley complex start from $51,000 for a 1+1 apartment with an area of 106 square meters, while the price of an apartment with an area of 122 square meters, of 2+1 style is $62,000.

Apartment prices in Kocaeli in dollars

Average apartment prices in Kocaeli in Turkish lira

In order to approach exchange rate prices and update them in Turkish lira, we can deal with the above-mentioned projects and housing complexes. Imtilak Real Estate company is marketing them, taking into account that the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar on the day of writing these lines was (8.07) Turkish lira per dollar.

The price of the apartment in the 1+1 Green Plateau complex is 73 square meters: 638,000 Turkish lira, and the 119-square-meter flat 2+1 lira has a price of 881,000 Turkish lira.

مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي

The above-mentioned apartment prices in the valley complex start from 412,000 Turkish lira for a 106 square meter 1+1 apartment and 501,000 Turkish lira for a 122 square meter 2+1 apartment.

With a simple calculation, we can say that the average price per square meter for new apartments in Kocaeli, considering these two projects, ranges between 8,000 and 4,000 Turkish liras after removing simple fractions, so the average price is approximately 6,000 Turkish liras.

Apartment prices in Kocaeli with sea view

Prices for apartments in Kocaeli by the sea

Perhaps two of the most important residential complexes with sea views in Kocaeli are two projects: The Valley Complex and the Green Plateau Complex, which were previously discussed in the previous lines, and are distinguished by the integration of their services and the magnificence of their open views to the sea.

Orkida Residence

For more details, we are talking about the Orkida Residence, which has a sea view on the Sea of Marmara, taking advantage of its location not far from highways, and is characterized by its extensive apartments with high-end interiors.

The price of apartments in the Orchida housing complex is as follows:

  • A 2+1 apartment, with an area of 92 square meters, has a price of 432,000 Turkish lira, which is the equivalent of $54,000.
  • A 3+1 apartment, with an area of 171 square meters, has a price of 791,000 Turkish lira, which is the equivalent of $98,000.
  • A 4+1 apartment, with an area of 192 square meters, has a price of 882,000 Turkish lira, which is the equivalent of $110,000.

The cheapest apartment prices in Turkey

Apartment prices in Kocaeli in installments

Imtilak Real Estate provides its customers with many important ownership opportunities in Kocaeli in cash or in installments, and with attractive installment offers, among the most important housing complexes with a government guarantee or ownership of a reliable construction company, and within the housing projects, the conditions for Turkish citizenship are approved by those wishing to obtain it, taking advantage of the real estate ownership law for foreigners.

By contacting our consulting team, you can get the most prominent of these opportunities, and benefit from our tours and consulting services, completely free of charge.

The cheapest prices for apartments in Kocaeli, Turkey

Apartment prices in Kocaeli start as the cheapest ownership opportunities from $29,000 equivalent to 231,000 Turkish lira within a 49-square-meter 1+1 apartment in the Orchida housing complex.

In general, the prices of apartments in Kocaeli are cheap compared to surrounding states, such as Istanbul and Bursa, and one of the cheapest apartment prices in Turkey when compared to their well-being and services, and within integrated housing complexes.

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