The best real estate companies in Bursa

To find the best real estate companies in Bursa, you must know the factors for choosing the company, the reasons why you should deal with it, and the company's achieved numbers in the real estate market. Read the following article.

The best real estate companies in Bursa

What are the factors for choosing the best real estate company in Bursa?

The idea of ​​owning real estate is generally associated with costly purchasing decisions, as real estate is very expensive so those wishing to buy real estate must take careful steps to reach a successful property purchase deal that is in line with its purchasing objective.

In order to obtain the right property with the best available options, the purchaser must select the most experienced, honest, and trustworthy real estate company, which plays the role of mediator between the buyer and the construction companies, and is the guarantor of the rights of both parties to the purchase process.

Therefore, success in choosing and finding a good real estate company is the first step in completing a successful purchase process and achieving the desired goal. In order to achieve the requirement of selecting the best real estate companies, you must set the determinants of that company's choice and the factors that depend on it. Here, the real estate owner set specific factors for its customers in choosing the best real estate companies in Turkey:

  • Place factor

It is represented in the presence of the real estate company in the market in which it operates, in place and time through its office and its employees, and Imtilak Real Estate company was one of the best real estate companies in Turkey that worked to establish offices and branches in the most important Turkish states and the most active in the real estate market, due to the requirements of the vast and extensive Turkish geography the parties.

  • Specialization and organization at work

Real estate companies in Turkey are working to provide the best services to their customers in a professional and easy way, and a smooth transition between the company’s departments, through which the customer feels the extent of institutional organization and the accuracy of distributing tasks regularly between the different work departments.

  • The number of options available and the speed of response

One of the most important factors that distinguish real estate companies from others, is how quickly customers' requests are met, and the number of options offered based on the required specifications, and this indicates the extent of the real estate company's experience and relations in the Turkish real estate market.

  • Previous customer experiences

It is possible to identify the extent of the preference of real estate companies operating in the Turkish real estate market when asking those who have had experience in dealing with companies before and have purchased real estate in Turkey, where the experience is the best proof.

  • Time factor

The factor of time and age of the real estate company in the Turkish real estate market affects the accumulation of experience and knowledge of the details of the Turkish real estate market, as long-term real estate companies in the Turkish real estate market are often better than those emerging and new companies.

  • Legal factor

When choosing a real estate brokerage company in Turkey, the person wishing to buy a property in the country should exclude from his list real estate companies that operate illegally or promote illegal or unlicensed projects.
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Real estate companies in Bursa

8 reasons why Imtilak Real Estate company is the best real estate company in Bursa

1. Experience and professionalism in the Turkish real estate market

Imtilak Real Estate company is one of the first real estate companies in Turkey that provided real estate selling services to foreigners, especially clients from Arab regions and Middle Eastern countries. Imtilak Real Estate's experience in working within the Turkish real estate market extends to more than 12 years, during which the company accumulated its expertise and developed the quality of its services until it became one of the most important and largest real estate companies in the country.

2. It has a distinguished real estate consultancy team

Imtilak Real Estate company owns a large group of customer services and real estate consultancy staff that works 24 hours a day and answers all customer inquiries, provides them with all information and provides them all project proposals.

The real estate consultancy team at Imtilak consists of professional employees of different nationalities with long experience in the Turkish real estate market, and they speak more than one language, such as Arabic, Persian, Turkish, English, and Russian.

3. Its strong relationships with construction companies in Turkey

Imtilak Real Estate company has strong working relationships and partnerships with the largest construction companies in Turkey, due to the company's large sales volumes to foreigners in Turkey, which made it the focus of attention and confidence of many construction companies in the country.

4. It offers its clients the best real estate investment opportunities of all kinds

Based on its experience and strong relations in the Turkish real estate market, Imtilak Real Estate offers exclusive and diverse opportunities in real estate projects within Turkey, and the spread of its offices and employees in various central states helps to capture and provide the best real estate investment opportunities in Turkey.

best real estate company in Bursa

5. It has complete knowledge of all the laws of the Turkish real estate market

Imtilak Real Estate company operates in accordance with Turkish laws and legislations regulating buying and selling operations in the Turkish real estate market, and moves according to legal legislation clearly, as it puts its clients in the form of the legal status of the property purchase process in an accurate and understandable manner.

6. It provides you with offers that fit your budget

Imtilak Real Estate company owns a large and huge list of real estate projects in all Turkish states. The list, which is constantly renewed, includes real estate with various sizes, specifications, and prices, ensuring the availability of all customer requests with different budgets.

7. It adheres to the work ethics of credibility, transparency, and punctuality

Imtilak Real Estate company is committed to a code of honor which is honesty, honesty, and punctuality with its clients, in addition to building friendship relationships with its clients even after the completion of purchases.

8. It provides many services in the sale and after-sales stage

Imtilak Real Estate company’s services do not stop; with each new customer, the Imtilak family grows, friendship relations continue, and the provision of services beyond the completion of the purchase process, in the after-sales services of reselling, leasing, or obtaining citizenship and title deed.

The business is confirmed by numbers: statistics and figures of Imtilak Real Estate company

Imtilak Real Estate company owns a list of more than 20 real estate projects through which it promotes the historical properties of Bursa. The company has gained the trust of dozens of clients who bought properties in Bursa through Imtilak Real Estate.

Many of them and their family obtained Turkish citizenship after fulfilling the conditions eligible for Turkish citizenship, unlike the thousands who obtained Turkish citizenship by owning real estate in other cities through Imtilak Real Estate, other than Bursa.

Moreover, the number of investors in the real estate field through Imtilak Real Estate had a promising share in achieving the best investment returns.

This comes through the company's branch that operates within the city of Bursa, through a distinguished real estate team, represented by real estate experts who find the most distinguished real estate opportunities and offer them to the company's clients.

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