Distinguished investment opportunities in Turkey

Large and distinctive investment opportunities in Turkey by ensuring ownership of the real estate, including buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, and many of Turkey's best investment options.

Distinguished investment opportunities in Turkey

An overview of the best investment opportunities in Turkey

With Turkey turning into an attractive destination for foreign investments, especially Arab investments, Turkey is considered a safe investment environment.

In addition, the facilities provided by the Turkish Government from tax exemptions and reductions in favor of foreign investors have led to a steady rise in foreign investment figures in Turkey, which has encouraged many moneymakers to move towards Turkey and raised a key question: What's the best investment in Turkey?

Real estate investments received significant and unprecedented support in 2018 with amendments to the law on granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners in exchange for the purchase of property in Turkey.

Only those who own $250,000 worth of property in Turkey have access to Turkish citizenship, adding this goal to the balance of the reasons for the real estate investment in Turkey.

What are the private investment opportunities offered by Imtilak Real Estate and what are their characteristics?

Imtilak Real Estate, the leading real estate investment company in Turkey, offers a range of distinctive investment opportunities in Turkey, which cover most areas of investment in Turkey: from agricultural investment to real estate and commercial investments, through to tourism investment, and the following is a brief explanation of some of those opportunities:

1. Investing in agricultural and residential land

It is known to many that Turkey is well suited to successful agricultural investments in a climate suitable to all kinds of agricultural products and crops, owing to the large size of the country, which has given it a unique climate diversity.

Among the factors that strengthen the agricultural investment in Turkey as well: the rich fertile soil and Turkey's strategic location that facilitates the export of agricultural and animal products to European and Asian countries, in addition to the strong and advanced infrastructure.

As for investment in residential land in Turkey, many investors prefer to invest in residential land rather than in buildings because of their desire to build their own buildings on empty areas of land according to their own designs.

Moreover, Imtilak Real Estate offers a range of valuable investment opportunities, as those looking for investment opportunities in Turkey have a range of investment opportunities in agricultural and residential lands, including:

  • Investment lands near the new Istanbul Water Canal project, the area of ​​​​one plot of which starts from 1,000 square meters, and the area of ​​​​one of them can reach 50,000 square meters.
  • There are also among the investment opportunities offered by Imtilak Real Estate Company in agricultural and residential lands (constructive lands) on which villas, farms, houses, or other projects can be built.

It is worth noting that the opportunities in these lands vary in their specifications and features, some of which are close to the E5 highway, or the TEM highway as well, and some of them have beautiful views of Kucukcekmece Lake and other scenic attractions.

There is an improvement in the indication that most of the opportunities on the land offered by Imtilak Real Estate company share that they are suitable for Turkish citizenship in exchange for ownership of property.

2. Excellent hotel investment opportunities

Tourism investment in Turkey varies from religious, historical, and cultural to health and recreational through conference and exhibition tourism.

Recreational tourism occupies a leading position among the rest of the tourism fields in Turkey due to the beautiful location that God has blessed it with, and this reflects the great diversity of landmarks and tourist places in Turkey.

A country like Turkey that is classified as a tourist par excellence and ranks 6th in the world among the largest preferred tourism destinations, must need a strong network of hotels with world-famous chains, and high grades at the level of international rankings.

In this context, Imtilak Real Estate offers investors the possibility to take advantage of the opportunity to own investment buildings designed similar to the hotel system in prestigious areas in European Istanbul, and some of these opportunities are rented with high amounts, that is, they have an excellent return on investment. The buildings designated for hotel investment are often of large areas that are suitable for this type of investment.

The opportunities in the hotels offered by Imtilak Real Estate company are characterized by the fact that the title deed is ready, the legal matters are regular, and the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for owning a property are met.

3. Hotels

The health sector in Turkey has flourished in recent years, as Turkey has become a destination for people coming to it for the purpose of medical tourism, and for treatment and hospitalization in its hospitals and health centers - both governmental and private. After Turkey has proven its worth in the quality of its health services in addition to the appropriate and reasonable prices of its services, which are in Accessible to many, but it is almost very cheap compared to many countries in the world.

Based on the foregoing, investment in health facilities and buildings, including hospitals, is profitable and promising, whose investment returns can be high and secure, given persistent and persistent health needs.

This, and among the opportunities offered by Imtilak Real Estate company to invest in buildings that are suitable as hospitals in Turkey, there are several buildings that can be invested and rented as hospitals.

For more information about the investment opportunities offered by Imtilak Real Estate company in hospitals, and other opportunities, you can contact us.

4. Investment in commercial buildings in Turkey

Many investors wish to look for investment in commercial buildings in Turkey that can be used for a variety of investment purposes since the diversity of commercial real estate in Turkey is one of the most prominent characteristics of commercial properties in general Turkey, particularly commercial properties for tourist purposes that are appropriate to the nature of Turkey and its strategic location between Europe and the Middle East. The high demand for it for various purposes has made the demand for various commercial real estate high. Real estate prices in Turkey have increased in recent years, and buying commercial real estate for investment in Turkey has become one of the most profitable options.

Imtilak Real Estate company offers a range of investment opportunities in commercial buildings in Turkey in central and lively areas of Istanbul, with distinctive investment returns, and locations described as close to highways, metro and tram stations, hospitals, shopping centers, and other vital centers.

Also, the title deeds in these opportunities are ready, and they are suitable for the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for owning a property.

Investment opportunities in Turkey

5. Rented offices and shops

In addition to the distinctive opportunities in commercial buildings in Turkey that we referred to in the advanced paragraph, commercial real estate in Turkey is described as a variety of options, including buildings for private offices and administrative centers. In particular, Turkey has recently become a destination for many international and Arab companies and institutions - in private - which has been reflected in the growing demand for commercial offices in Turkey.

The same applies to the shops that fall within commercial real estate, where the investor can find the best option to buy a commercial store, in order to conduct his business, or with the aim of investing in real estate in Turkey and renting it to other businessmen, or even through resale operations, which brings him back profitable financial returns.

As for the investment opportunities offered by Imtilak Real Estate company to invest in offices and shops, the company offers distinct opportunities to offices and shops in the central regions of European Istanbul, with diverse views, different spaces, distinct investment returns, and ready title deeds. Ownership of these opportunities is also suitable for the law on Turkish citizenship in exchange for owning a property.

This is just a quick and brief overview of some of the investment opportunities offered by Imtilak Real Estate to its valued pioneers.

For more information and details about the best investment opportunities in Turkey, you can contact us.

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