Your Full Guide to Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Read about the best guide to help you explore apartments for sale in Turkey with special deals and make the greatest bargain in the real estate market.

Your Full Guide to Apartments for Sale in Turkey
2018-08-03 Last update 2023-06-05

Your Full Guide to Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Have you thought about looking for an apartment in Turkey?

Do you know where to start your search for Turkish apartments?

Have you heard about the benefits of buying an apartment in Turkey and residence in it?

Apartments in Turkey of all types and various options for selling apartments in Turkey are detailed in this article.

Reasons to Buy Apartment in Turkey

Turkey is strategically located as an economic and cultural bridge between Europe and the Middle East. The country is witnessing successive economic leaps, especially in the energy and development sectors, in addition to traditional industrial, agricultural and tourism fields. , Especially the sale of apartments in Turkey, and also provides a great incentive for foreign and Arab investors, to invest and look for apartments for sale in Turkey.

On the other hand, the Turkish government offers various tax concessions and exemptions in the real estate sector and encourages the development of new real estate projects, commensurate with the steady population increase.

Turkey's booming tourism activity is also an attractive investment factor, with millions of tourists arriving every year, making the investment in hotel apartments in Turkey suitable for fixed-term tourist rentals a high-value option, focusing on desired tourist cities such as Istanbul apartments, within the Trabzon area, in the best complexes that have proved attractive to tourists from the Arabian Gulf, over the last ten years!

Apartments for sale in Turkey

List of the Best Turkish Cities to Buy an Apartment

The answer to this question is different based on the determination of the best place to buy an apartment in Turkey, depending on the situation of each buyer, but in general Istanbul is a preferred option for most of the entrants to Turkey, it is the first economic city in Turkey, where the largest companies and factories are located, and in several foreign and Arab communities , and can easily find social environments close to the Arab community, both in the Middle East and the world, shopping malls and international brands, and even in the presence of kindergartens, Arab schools and international schools in Istanbul, so it is a favorite city for whoever thinks of permanent residence or looking for an apartment for sale in Turkey, not to mention being a tourist city with excellence, favored by visitors to its many tourist attractions, and moderate weather.

The investor also has other options near Istanbul when looking for apartments for sale in Turkey to own a residential or investment apartment in a quieter or closer to nature, such as Trabzon Green Paradise with its villages and countryside, and the next city to the future with a strong infrastructure and service.

There are industrial and tourist cities that are characterized by lower prices and excellent quality of traditional rural homes or Turkish apartments, such as Bursa, Antalya, and Sakarya, in addition to embracing a warmer local social environment and welcoming guests

1. Apartments in Istanbul

Istanbul is a collection of monuments from different historical periods, each of which has left unique hosting a warmer local social environment and welcoming guests, so it is one of the best tourist cities in summer and winter.

buy apartments, apartments

Along with its magnificent historical and tourist attractions such as the Grand Bazaar Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque, you can find among Turkish apartments the most beautiful apartments overlooking the sea in Istanbul, within modern residential complexes equipped with all services and facilities, and serve with other transport networks such as metro, tramway and Metrobus; On the European side of Istanbul, you find modernity, tourism, and business, and on the Asian side, nature, tranquility and originality fascinate you, and you get to choose: Which side of the Bosphorus is closest to your heart ?!

2. Apartments in Trabzon

Green Trabzon, the Black Sea Bride, the Turkish North Sea, and the Georgian border neighbor, its mountain villages are scattered like pearl beads on the peaks of the clouds, above the high, cold highlands even in the harshest summer days.

apartments for sale in Turkey

This beautiful beauty in the picturesque villages near Lake Uzungol or on the slopes of the village of Ayder and the heights of Hyder Nabi, the modern city of Trabzon , with its international airport and seaports, which is one of the most important ports of Turkey on the Black Sea, and active in the city as well as tourism, therefore, it was necessary to provide apartments for sale in Trabzon in the finest modern residential complexes, for lovers of peaceful housing in the embrace of green nature, and bright sea views, among the many options available between the apartments of Turkey.

3. Apartments in Different Cities of Turkey

Beauty in Turkey is not exclusive to any other area, and the many tourist cities are constantly tempting tourists and visitors with their convictions, enjoy their charm, enjoy the hot springs sometimes, and seek among the beaches and other highlands.

Real Estate Investment

Not to mention the dense inside and outside the country trade movement, from here the need arose again to modern housing, which meets the needs of the population and expatriates, and Imtilak a real estate company was one of the pioneers to offer the best options in Turkey Apartments for sale, within the various wonderful Turkish cities, such as Antalya, Bursa, Yelwa, and Sakarya.

مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي

Advantages of Real estate Investment in Turkey

With this great tourist attraction of Turkish cities, the advantages of investing in a donor country such as Turkey, especially property investment, which reached record levels in 2017 and early 2018, are still growing. For example, real estate investment in Istanbul , the advancement of the levels of development in all infrastructure, and became the neighborhoods of Istanbul European and Asian shores of investment and tourism .

The real estate investment is classified as one of the best investment areas in Turkey, thanks to the huge efforts exerted by the Turkish state in launching the projects of transformation and urban renewal at the national level, as well as mega projects in the world, such as Istanbul Airport III project which will be one of the largest airports in the world, The new Istanbul canal , which will open the way for a huge maritime trade between the East and West, is expected to increase prices of apartments in Turkey constantly within the surrounding areas of these projects, to form an excellent choice for investment gain and modern housing.


Types of Apartments in Turkey

In Turkey, there are opportunities for investors to invest in real estate in terms of the right prices and excellent specifications. You can find your preferred choice of apartments for sale in several Turkish cities, whether coastal or in rural green, or even in the center, there are various options for real estate investment by buying apartments in Turkey within the most secure and stable neighborhoods.

When searching for apartments in Turkey for sale, it is not recommended to focus on the famous areas, though it is highly recommended to go to investment areas with an experiencing continuous growth, and promising opportunities, as areas of the new Istanbul, favored by both looking for apartment for sale such as BeylikdüzüBasaksehir, the Bahcesehir  Buyukcekmece. this is, for example, are not limited to, and features strategic locations for houses and apartments for sale in Turkey too many, and multiple options for wanting.

1. Luxury Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Having a luxury apartment in Turkey has a special flavor and a taste of luxury. It is the best destination for luxury and trademark brands. The property developers offer the latest and the most luxurious styles of buildings, furnishings and interior items in the finest quiet neighborhoods. Great and varied real estate deals when looking for luxury apartments for sale in Turkey for a variety of purposes such as tourism, accommodation, and investment.

We also recommend that you choose the projects that provide a smart home system, which is racing today, with advanced technical capabilities, time- saving, and performing vital tasks on behalf of their owners according to the latest industrial intelligence systems.

In addition to smart apartments of all sizes, you will find apartments in Turkey for sale on all the luxury models such as penthouse, duplexes and luxury complexes, with modern entertainment systems, and many of these houses and complexes have amazing designs, both in terms of internal or external engineering, Green spaces, and surrounding facilities such as playgrounds, pools, and cafes, in secure, stable environments with appropriate privacy.

Apartments for sale in Turkey

2. Sea View Apartments in Turkey

Marine appearances in Turkey, multiple- cities metropolitan, it is with the marine landscape highland areas, to Istanbul houses overlooking the sea as well as the fascinating cities: Antalya and Trabzon, Bursa, Yalova with its apartments for sale in Turkey overlooking the sea super splendor and beauty.

According to real estate reports, houses in Istanbul are attracting foreign investors in general, especially apartments with sea or lake views, causing prices to rise and profits to increase.

3. Cheap Apartments for Sale in Turkey

The available Budget you have is no longer an obstacle to choose an apartment for sale in Turkey that suit your needs, today you can search for cheap apartments in Turkey, and you can pay according to a variety of payment and financing options.

Millions of tourists arrive in Turkey each year, making an investment in small apartments a convenient option for short-term tourist rentals.

The prices of apartments in Turkey for sale are still low compared to the prices of apartments in other European countries, and the investor can make high profits, by investing in the purchase and rental of apartments in Turkey; therefore, the Turkish construction companies set up a large number of construction projects at all levels to meet the needs of investors and those wishing to own.

The prices of houses under construction in Turkey are much more appropriate than those that are ready, and perhaps the investor or owner can get an apartment for sale at a price less than 30 percent of the ready-made apartments.

Apartments for sale in Turkey

4. Installment Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Over the past few years, the Turkish real estate market has witnessed a heated race to launch massive real estate campaigns and offers that undoubtedly contributed to the qualitative jump in apartment sales in Turkey. The investor was given the opportunity to buy an apartment in Turkey with convenient installments for long periods of up to 240 months if he or she was a Turkish citizen, not only installment systems to local investors but also included foreigners and the dates of some installments for foreigners to seven years! Which made the option of searching for installment apartments for sale in Turkey is a suitable option for anyone who wants to own and invest.

Real estate experts predict that 2018 will witness similar campaigns, which will increase the vitality of the Turkish real estate sector and the demand to buy apartments and investment in Turkey of various types.

Apartments for sale in Turkey

5. Investment Apartments in Turkey

Apartments turned into an important investment method in Turkey, in particular apartments, due to the ease of sale and purchase, in addition to doubling the prices of apartments per year in some areas increasingly bringing more attention recently, and residential apartments have become one of  the most The options are profitable .

The rate of increase in prices of apartments for sale in Turkey in the last ten years within the major cities, such as: Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul is nearly 100%.

Apartments for sale in Turkey

6. Hotel Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Turkey has become one of the most preferred options for expatriates and tourists, looking for the beautiful nature and famous landmarks such as the green Trabzon Mountains , the blue sparkling Bosphorus waters,Galata Bridge in Istanbul in Istanbul, the Bursa Falls and many other attractions that enjoy the charming atmosphere and the temperate. In summer and winter, making investment in the tourism sector a profitable option, by looking for apartments for sale in Turkey.

The hotel apartments in Turkey are of different types, types and categories. This is a preferred option for many families coming to Turkey for temporary accommodation or even stability. The hotel occupancy rate in Turkey in 2017 and 2018 was 85%. Buying an apartment hotel in Turkey, is the fastest-growing, most sustainable investment.

Is Buying Apartment in Turkey a Good Investment?

Finally, summarize the most important reasons to search for apartments in Turkey for sale as follows:

  • Turkey's weather is mild throughout most of the year, and you'll find apartments for sale in Turkey to suit every taste.
  • Turkey's unique strategic location, between the continents of Europe and Asia, combines the charm of history with the modernity of the present; it combines the charming natural landscapes and the fragrant of authentic cities.
  • Turkish cities have thousands of historical and natural attractions that attract millions of visitors annually, making it the world's best investment option to rent your property.
  • The existence of laws that guarantee and facilitate the ownership of real estate by foreigners, as well as renting them in case of non-residence.
  • A strong network of land, sea and air transport, led by modern international airports in many Turkish cities, suspended bridges, major tunnels, railway railways, metro and tramways are continuously expanding, as are the expressway lines, circular highways, all to facilitate transportation, mobility and comprehensive coverage, connecting the vast parts of this beautiful country.
  • Reconstruction development projects set up by the Turkish government, enables you to find the right choice between “apartments for sale with sizes common and preferred like apartment’s size 3 + 1 apartments Size 2 + 1 apartments Size 1 + 1 and larger or smaller!
  • Thousands of new investors are expected to arrive after the opening of mega-development projects such as the new Istanbul Canal and the Third Airport, where the mega-projects have been operating for several years now. Investors are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey next to these major projects.
  • Ease of procedures for buying apartments for sale Turkey in one day!
  • The political, economic and social stability enjoyed by the country, with the provision of exceptional facilities and tax exemptions for the foreign investor looking for an apartment for sale.
  • Despite the great investment advantages of Turkey, the prices of apartments for sale are still below their real value, which makes experts and specialists expect prices to increase in Turkey, especially apartments in projects that are still under construction and are expected to be delivered during the next few months and years 2019-2020 - 2021 - 2022 - 2023.

When you decide on the search for apartments to buy, do not forget to consult a reliable real estate consultancy company such as  Imtilak real estate your adviser in Turkey, to help you facilitate the purchase and ownership of apartments in Turkey, and to solve problems that may face you before or after the property ownership; of the after-sales services and management of all types of property such as furiture of the most prestigious brands in the Turkish furniture market, in addition to leasing services and management of all types of property, by contacting us directly.

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