Short, medium and long-term investment opportunities in Turkey



Short, medium and long-term investment opportunities in Turkey

Let us say you are thinking about the investment in Turkey's real estate sector, and you have no idea about the most appropriate investment for you. In this report, we will introduce you to the best choice for the real estate investment that is going to meet your expectations.

Types of investment in Istanbul according to the time factor

  • 1: The Long-Term Investment

Actually, experts recommend to invest in a farmland as the best choice for long-term investment, and that is, of course, one of the very profitable investments, especially if we take into account the fact that cities are expanding every ten years about 10 km, so if you buy an agricultural land near to the city and wait for a couple of years - more than 10 years – later on, the land will enter within the reconstruction area, then if the land got a building permit, its value will increase exponentially.

  • 2: The Medium-Term Investment

In this regard, studies show that the best medium-term investment is investing in licensed land for construction. As the population is growing, the need for apartments as well is increasing indeed, and thus the price of the land is going to increase each year. As the construction around the land increases, its value increases dramatically, so it can easily be sold at any time. By the same token, the Turkish proverb says: "If you are thinking about your children, buy a licensed land for construction, and if you are thinking about your grandchildren buy an agricultural land."

  • 3: The Short-Term Investment

For short-term investment, apartments and houses in Turkey are your best choice. During the last ten years, prices of apartment continue rising at rates higher than inflation. Furthermore, according to the International index of Knight Frank, Turkey enters the world's largest markets in the growth rate of real estate.

  • 4: Investment Through Renting

If you are thinking about investing in renting, buy a shop. As the way it is with apartments, commercial shops protect your money from inflation since you can get a good return from the rent. However, the rent of the commercial shops is relatively more expensive than the apartments.

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