Important information before buying land in Turkey



Important information before buying land in Turkey

The Lands is one of the most sought-after properties in the real estate sector, especially in the metropolitan cities of Istanbul, for example, because of the continuous increase in value, but it is very important before buying a piece of land to look at the technical specifications belonging to this ground.

Where sales declarations in this context are often deceptive and completely unrealistic, so it is necessary to check the actual land, see the surrounding areas, and use expert advice to study the state of the soil.

You should focus on the area of the land, how it looks to the surrounding areas, and examine the details that belong to it, and if the land is appropriate from these aspects in general, it is very necessary to see a copy of the document of the land registry return to the ground and take a picture of them in order to inquire on the validity of the Department of Land Registry.

We advise not to trust the information provided by intermediaries only but to ask the available parties for all the details of the land.

One of the most common problems facing investors in the field of landing, in particular, is that the land offered for sale is different from that recorded in the real estate records department, so it is very important to inquire about the land by matching all the inputs to it, and the island number, which is considered to be a property tariff in Turkey.

Of course, it will be very difficult to be sure that the written information matches those on the document, so it is necessary to use a specialist who accompanies you while checking the soil on the ground.

Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the service of experts specialized in the Department of Real Estate Records, and there is no need to avoid paying any expenses in this context as these expenses will be a guarantee to you in order to buy the right floor for you.

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