Participation of Imtilak Real Estate In Musiad Expo 17 in Istanbul

Imtilak Real Estate is participating in the "MUSIAD EXPO" exhibition in its 17th as it offers are related to real estate investment in Turkey and is keen to communicate directly with its audience.

Participation of Imtilak Real Estate In Musiad Expo 17 in Istanbul
2018-11-21 Last update 2021-12-11

Participation of Imtilak Real Estate In Musiad Expo 17 in Istanbul

Imtilak Real Estate is participating in the "MUSIAD EXPO" exhibition in its 17th session under the patronage of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from 21 to 24 November 2018.
Imtilak is always keen to offer exclusive offers to its customers in its wing C04 Hall 7 at the CNR Expo Center in Istanbul.
Imtilak offers are related to real estate investment in Turkey and is keen to communicate directly with its audience at the exhibition to study the specific needs of each client and offer special golden opportunities for buying apartments and real estate in Istanbul and Trabzon within government-sponsored projects, and in projects compatible with the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship.

Musiad Expo Istanbul

istanbul business expos

Musiad Expo in Istanbul- A Giant Leap to Exporting 500 Million USD Worth of Merchandise

The exhibition is the only diverse exhibition in Turkey, unlike other exhibitions and offers very ambitious opportunities with the participation of more than 640 different companies from around the world.
In its new version, the exhibition is held in eight halls, covering all sectors, and the most important:
  • Advanced Technology and Defense Industries Sector.
  • Real estate development and building materials.
  • Services.
  • Food.
  • Textile and garments.
  • Furnishings and furniture.
  • Industrial Machinery.
It is expected that the exhibition will receive about 72 thousand visitors, and attendees’ requests have hit high record, with the number of foreign investors doubling six-fold from previous years, boosting the possibility of raising the value of Turkish exports to $ 500 billion in 2023.
Businessmen and investors interested in investing in Turkey from 100 countries are taking part in the exhibition from Germany, France and the Netherlands, along with a group of Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, India and Pakistan, and countries from the Gulf region and the African continent such as the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kenya and Sudan.

فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

Musiad Expo 17 Business Events in Istanbul

The exhibition is one of the most important economic and trade summits in the region and is being organized at the CNR Expo World Trade Center in Istanbul.
The event aims to bring together foreign businessmen interested in investing in Turkey and local businessmen who wish to implement their ideas and objectives on a platform, hoping to increase the volume of trade exchange to Turkey.
The exhibition of the Association of Industrialists and Independent Businessmen also hosts important events this year:
  • Advanced Technology and Defense Exhibition "4th High Tech Port".
  • Young International Business Conference UGİK.
  • B2B business meetings.
Events will be held in:
  • CNR Expo Center
  • WOW Congress Center.
During the period from 20-24 November 2018.
Exhibition and events timetable 17 in Istanbul
For more details about the events, please visit the official website of the exhibition at
turkey expos

Musiad Expo 17 in Istanbul- Program Table






The opening of the 22nd International Business Forum and associated symposia, entitled "Pluralism and justice in the global monetary system".



· Opening of the seventeenth Musiad exhibition.

· Opening of the 4th Advanced Technology Exhibition.



B2b2018 bilateral meetings



Seminars for delegates, participating countries and opportunities.



· Launch of the Sixth Business Youth Conference.

· Symposia for delegations, participating countries and opportunities.

Syria Participate in Musiad Expo 17 Istanbul

Merchants from Northern Aleppo countryside will take part in the exhibition of the 17th International Musiad Association, which will be held in Istanbul. The participation of traders will be on behalf of the “Musiad Syria" office, which was opened by Turkish businessmen and Syrians in the city of A'zaz in rural Aleppo on 11 November the current 2018.
The director of the commercial office of the local council in A'zaz and its countryside, Ibrahim Darbala, said that the invitation was sent by the Turkish Presidential Office to attend the exhibition "Musiad Istanbul 17".
The organizers of the “Musiad Syria" office were given an impressive 40 m2 pavilion to display the agricultural and industrial products produced by Aleppo countryside.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and 95 ministers from 27 countries are expected to attend.
This is the first time that businessmen from the Aleppo countryside have participated in the World Congress and come under the interest of Turkey in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
This comes after a visit by Turkish businessmen from Turkey and the Turkish presidency to the northern countryside of Aleppo last week.

Information About Musiad in Turkey

MÜSİAD is a non-profit association founded in 1990 by five businessmen and industrialists. It is now one of the largest business and industrial associations in Turkey. It represents about 50,000 companies and 11,000 members. The member companies provide about 1.6 million job opportunities. In addition, the association has 86 branches and representative offices in the Turkish cities and 210 points of international contact and communication in 80 countries around the world.
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