Your guide to getting to know the Akçaabat area in Trabzon

Learn in detail about the Akçaabat area in Trabzon and the most important features of living in it, and whether it is suitable for owning and buying an apartment. Read at Imtilak Real Estate.

Your guide to getting to know the Akçaabat area in Trabzon

Your guide to getting to know the Akçaabat area in Trabzon

An overview of the Akçaabat district in Trabzon

It is a coastal area overlooking the Black Sea, 13 km from the center of Trabzon. It has a long promenade on its beach overlooking the sea, equipped with green spaces, entertainment venues, and charming views, in addition to a luxury yacht harbor.

The Akçaabat region in Trabzon is one of the distinguished tourist areas, in which the mountain merges with the hill and the heights overlooking the sea, producing stunning landscapes.

Akçaabat is linked to its calm rural marine climate, where its 127,348 residents depend for their income on agricultural, tourism, and fishing revenues, as hazelnuts and olives are among the most important Akçaabat agricultural crops in Turkey.

Akçaabat is administratively included in the administrative municipalities that follow the state of Greater Trabzon. The area extends over an area of ​​385 square km and it’s dominated by mountainous nature and heights overlooking the sea, in addition to the region's fame for the streams that flow from the heights towards the seashore.

One of the longest of these streams extends over a distance of 60 km, and the region is characterized by its mountainous plains, which reach a height of 1,900 meters above sea level.

Akçaabat is based on the Black Sea's mild climate in summer and cold in winter, in addition to the rain that falls throughout the year, which made the region thrive in natural green spaces, where more than 37% of Akçaabat's area is green forests, famous for beech and pine trees.

Akcaabat Trabzon

The location of Akçaabat district in Trabzon

Akçaabat is located in the western part of Trabzon, 13 km away from the state center. It is bordered to the east by Ortahisar and Maçka regions, to the west by Garcicipi and Dozkoy to the south, and the Black Sea to the north.

Akçaabat is 744 km from the Turkish capital, Ankara, and 1065 km from Istanbul, and the region is one of the cities of the Black Sea basin overlooking its shores.

What is so special about the Akçaabat district in Trabzon?

The most important characteristic of the city of Akçaabat in Trabzon is its charming nature and its wide green forests extending on the slopes of the highlands and the plains of the hills overlooking the sea directly.

It is also an urban area that mixes the beautiful Turkish countryside with modern urban life. Akçaabat is considered a touristic area par excellence, so real estate projects flourished in it, especially those overlooking the sea or nestled among the charming nature.

Advantages of owning and living in Akçaabat, Trabzon

  • Experience living and settling in the calm and relaxing atmosphere of nature
  • Recreation when living by the sea
  • Good rental returns if you want to invest due to the fact that the area is touristy
  • Possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship if your purchase of real estate is worth $400,000
  • Enjoy the rainy weather all year round
  • The possibility of obtaining a legal residence permit in Turkey for you and your family if the price of the property is less than $400,000
  • Coexist with the authentic Turkish culture of society and participate in the entertainment festivals that are held annually in the city

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Trabzon City

Infrastructure in Akçaabat, Trabzon

Akçaabat, Trabzon is one of the newest and most prestigious areas and the most developed in terms of infrastructure and equipment.

Given that the area is touristic and includes many hotels, a sea beach with a corniche that extends along the area, and a yacht harbor, the municipality has always been interested in developing the city and raising the quality of its infrastructure. Therefore, public places and facilities in the city are spread like parks, roads, and transportation.

1. Roads and transportation

Public transportation in Akçaabat depends on public transport buses, through its stations in Trabzon, in addition to minibusses and taxis. It is also possible to travel by yacht, as the area includes a port for luxury yachts.

2. Schools and universities

The population of the Akçaabat district in Trabzon is educated. The percentage of literate people in the city is more than 95%. The district includes 107 schools, 8 of which are kindergartens, 41 primary schools, 37 middle schools, and 21 secondary schools.

The city is home to Trabzon State University, which includes thousands of students and many different faculties and scientific departments, in addition to the fact that it teaches in more than one language, including English in addition to the mother tongue Turkish.

3. Hospitals and health centers

Akçaabat is full of state and private hospitals, it’s also flourishing with primary medical care centers that follow up on the health and medical affairs of the citizens.

Prices of apartments in Akçaabat, Trabzon

The prices of apartments in Akçaabat in the state of Trabzon vary, so the prices of apartments directly overlooking the sea are more expensive than their distant counterparts, and those that are within a residential complex with high-end services are more expensive, in addition to many other factors that affect the prices of apartments and real estate in the city. In general, Trabzon real estate is relatively cheaper than other Turkish states such as Istanbul and Ankara.

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Imtilak Real Estate company’s best projects in Akcaabat, Trabzon

Imtilak Real Estate office in Trabzon provides many investment and real estate opportunities in the real estate market there. These opportunities cover all areas of Trabzon, including Akçaabat.

The most important projects of Imtilak Real Estate in Akçaabat:

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