Detailed information about Muratpasa district in Antalya



Detailed information about Muratpasa district in Antalya

A glimpse of the Muratpasa district of Antalya

Antalya is the tourist capital of Turkey surrounded by mountains and beaches giving tourists rich and diverse activities that make the journey fun and interesting, especially with the availability of scenic nature as well as distinctive tourist facilities.

For this reason, the Muratpasa district is the center of the charming city of Antalya, 5 km to the sea, and 16 km to Antalya International Airport. It is a tourist city with distinction and suitable for families, and is considered the most famous and most important area of ​​Antalya, and is known for its restaurants and cafes with beautiful views, especially during the night hours.

Where is Muratpasa located in Antalya?

Muratpasa district is 1 km from Antalya city center.

Information about infrastructure in Muratpasa, Antalya

Universities and schools

Near the Muratpasa district, there is the private Antalya Bilam University, which was founded in 2010, and one of its advantages is that it studies dentistry and engineering in English, which gives a great opportunity to study for foreigners without thinking about the difficulties of learning the Turkish language.

There are also primary schools that teach the Turkish curriculum approved by the Turkish government, including the "Istiklal" school, as well as technical secondary

schools, as well as a number of private schools.

Hospitals and health clinics

Muratpasa is characterized by the presence of integrated health services, where there are government hospitals that operate 24 hours, the most famous of which is Ataturk Hospital, in addition to a number of private hospitals such as Anatolia Hospital, and a number of health centers that provide cosmetic services, dental treatment, and hair transplantation. There is also Antalya Hospital, which specializes in oral and dental health.

Markets and shopping centers in Muratpasa, Antalya

The Muratpasa area has a number of shopping centers that attract tourists and meet their shopping needs, in which they find all kinds of clothes, children's clothing, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, and famous and international brands, especially in the huge shopping center "Terra City" located near the municipality building of Muratpasa where this mall is unique in the presence of shops that are not available in other commercial centers.

Muratpasa district contains many other shopping malls such as "Mark Antalya" and Dipo Outlet, which families go shopping and eating meals in the food court.

The most beautiful and most important places in Muratpasa, Antalya

The charming Lara beach

It is considered an indispensable destination by tourists, which is in great demand during the summer period, to spend the most beautiful times swimming and stretching under the sun, or practicing water sports, cycling and hiking in green spaces.

The waters of Lara Beach are characterized by warm and golden sands, in addition to the beach winning the classification of the International Blue Banner Beaches for the year 2020.

The ancient city of Kaleici

It is one of the most prominent tourist areas visited by tourists in the eastern part of the famous Muratpasa region, to inhale the fragrance of history made by successive civilizations that made the city a destination that captivates the arrivals, especially since Antalya is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the Anatolia region, as it dates back to the ages Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman, while the first residential communities in Kaleiçi date back to the fourth century BC.

"Kaleici" means "inside the castle" in Turkish, and it is surrounded by walls of huge stones along the Mediterranean coast. The most prominent event of the city is when it moved about 800 years ago to the rule of the Turks, who reconstructed its walls and built many very important archaeological buildings in it.

But the most wonderful thing in the old city is walking in its streets, where the tourist feels that he has entered the tunnel of time, as the city includes 127 walls, towers, and a mosque, in addition to about 356 houses classified as architectural examples.

Among the most famous landmarks of the old city are the “broken minaret” (Kisk beacon), and the “Hadrianus” gate or the three gates.

Muratpasa Antalya district

The Dudan Falls

It is visited by tourists in all seasons and has a charming beauty that attracts visitors throughout the year, and it is located 10 km from the center of Antalya, overlooking the Mediterranean.

When visiting the waterfalls, tourists love to climb the stairs to visit the cave located in the waterfalls area, which is a nature reserve.

Advantages of living in Muratpasa, Antalya

Living in the Muratpasa area is integrated; it is a city full of life and has all the necessities of living from hospitals, restaurants, and transportation, in addition to the proximity of the area to the sea and Antalya Airport, and there are high-end and modern houses, but renting houses in Muratpasa in the summer is relatively more expensive than in winter. Because of the start of the tourist season in which the state is famous in general.

Advantages of owning and buying an apartment in Muratpasa, Antalya

The option of owning and buying real estate in the Muratpasa district in Antalya is one of the appropriate options since the area is vital and achieves high annual profit returns, as it is a renewable city and has a great demand for investment purposes, especially in light of the great interest of the Turkish government in terms of modern infrastructure.

Moreover, buying a property for investment in the Muratpasa area is suitable for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, as its price exceeds $250,000 whether it is a single or separate property.

Is it recommended to invest in real estate in Muratpasa Antalya?

Yes, it is recommended to invest in real estate in the Muratpasa area, because it is lively and serviced by commercial centers, as well as commercial offices, language schools, law offices, clinics, and medical complexes with the intention of medical tourism and many other elements of real estate attraction, on top of which is the availability of natural and cultural landmarks and the presence of tourist points that constitute a center of attraction for tourists.

The best projects of Imtilak Real Estate in Muratpasa, Antalya

Loft project IMT - 765: Located within the Lara Coastal Area, it consists of a single residential building and includes seven standard-style apartments as well as duplex apartments. The project has many modern features, especially as it is well-clad and has balconies with air conditioning and internet extensions ready.

This project reflects an opportunity for a quiet and luxurious life in the heart of the tourist city, especially as it is close to shopping centers and the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to a suitable environment for families where there are schools, shops, health centers, mosques, and all the requirements of a stable life.

Speaking of the method of payment and price details, the "Loft" project is with cash payment, as the price starts from $86,000 for apartments with an area of ​​81 m2, 2+1 rooms, and 2 bathrooms, and for apartments with an area of ​​125 m2, prices start from $148,000 and the number of rooms is 3+1.

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