Guide on investment of all kinds in Izmit, Turkey



Guide on investment of all kinds in Izmit, Turkey

What are the advantages of investing in Izmit, Turkey?

To the east of Istanbul, and the west of Sakarya, the Turkish state of Kocaeli is located, leaning between the Seas of Marmara and the Black Sea, and Kocaeli is a land crossing between the most important cities of Turkish tourism.

Kocaeli consists of a group of major cities, the closest to Istanbul are Gebze, Derince, in addition to its capital, Izmit.

Izmit is historically known as Nicomedia, about the Roman emperor who liberated the region in his lifetime and dates back to the year 264 AD.

Izmit is classified among the most developed cities of Turkey, as it has large industrial components with rapid development. Izmit is also famous in Kocaeli for its vast green spaces near the Marmara Sea, which gives the region a unique beauty, with the city's modern and lively life in the lap of nature

investment in Izmit

What are the best types of investment in Izmit, Turkey?

Izmit witnessed major developments in its infrastructure in addition to some major projects built on its lands, which constituted a motivating factor for investors in various types of investments:

1. Real estate investment

The real estate market in Izmit, Kocaeli has been affected by many features, influences, and projects located in or near the city, the most important of which are the Sultan Osmangazi Bridge leading to Yalova and Bursa, and highway projects linking to Sapanca and Maşukiye, Sakarya and Ankara.

These influences had an impact on the increase in real estate prices in this region, in addition to the exceptional view of Izmit on the last point of the Marmara Basin, the green mountains, and the pure environment, in addition to 763 other government investments distributed throughout Izmit.

2. Agricultural investment

In general, government support for agricultural projects and livestock development has contributed to an increase in the demand for investment in Turkey and the city Izmit in particular within these sectors, especially in cities with high population density.

Given the close location of Izmit to Istanbul, the interest in agricultural investment was encouraging to investors and motivating more investments in this important sector.

3. Tourism investment

Izmit is in the middle of the Kocaeli state, and Kocaeli is in the middle of the tourist states of Istanbul and Sakarya, which are characterized by the presence of dozens of attractive tourist attractions, which are visited by tourists from all sides.

Izmit includes a group of important tourist attractions, such as the Kocaeli Museum, or what is known as the Izmit Museum, and Seka Park, which is located on the city's coast and includes a large amusement park, an artificial lake, and a group of wonderful cafes and restaurants.

Among the recreational facilities in the city are: Lunasan Park amusement park, and other famous tourist facilities.

Izmit real estate

Why investment in Izmit real estate is a great choice?

Given the above information we provided about the Izmit region, we can say that the components of real estate ownership in Izmit are well presented, especially in residential complexes with high features and integrated facilities, due to the good investment and residential environment these housing models provide, compared to other real estates.

Examples of real estate investment in Turkey within the city of Izmit, and their common types:

1. Investment in apartments

Given the prices of Izmit apartments and their acceptable and cheap real estate, Izmit was and still is a good investment option for those wishing to own an apartment in Turkey at a price lower than Istanbul, with the same level of luxury, and with larger real estate spaces.

Not to mention the advantages of the location in a lively area on the one hand, and with stunning natural views on the other, where you can stay or relax near the city and away from its noise at the same time.

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Among the most prominent projects of Imtilak Real Estate in Izmit:

  1. Valley Complex
  2. Green Hill Project

These two projects feature unique views of the Marmara Sea and the green mountains, from a high hill that prevents blocking the view.

2. Investment in villas

As in the case of residential apartment projects, the investment reality in villas is hardly different from that in apartments, here you can get a complete villa for the price of one of Istanbul's apartments.

3. Investment in lands of all kinds

The prices of agricultural lands in Izmit are low compared to their counterparts in Istanbul. Izmit has all the specifications required for the success of your investment project in all kinds of lands, whether agricultural lands through the fertility of the land and the ease of discharging products in nearby Istanbul or lands feasible through owning land suitable for construction at a good price to implement your project.


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