The Best Real Estate Investment and Investment Opportunities in Bursa



The Best Real Estate Investment and Investment Opportunities in Bursa

An idea about the investment in Bursa

The city of Bursa is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance in various areas of life and investment, and this comes in light of the comprehensive renaissance Turkey is witnessing in general. Therefore, the investor found himself amid a sea of wide investment options spanning the area of the state of Bursa, such as agricultural investment, industrial investment, tourism investment, and real estate investment, with all the ramifications and details that these types contain.

Tourism investment in the Turkish city of Bursa

Tourism investment in the Turkish Bursa is one of the best types of investment in the city because it includes tourist places that millions of tourists visit every year. And because of the factors, it provides in terms of tourism in the city, and tourism investment has increased in Bursa as well, given that it is a land of opportunities for investors through its strong economy and demographic composition commensurate with tourism investment. Also, Bursa is one of the well-known and famous tourism destinations locally and internationally, all of which make it the home of tourism investment in all sectors.

Likewise, the Turkish city of Bursa is witnessing an active and continuous growth of the Turkish tourism investment sector unaffected by the negative effects that resulted from the recent Corona epidemic, and there are still huge amounts of tourism investment potentials not being invested in this sector, especially along the picturesque coasts and sandy beaches of the state.

Real estate investment in Bursa

Agricultural investment in Bursa

Agricultural investment in Bursa is one of the successful investments, as Turkey is one of the countries that support agricultural investment and its development and provides it with various facilities. As agriculture in Turkey is one of the most important economic resources that distinguish Turkey from many countries of the world, whether it is through local or foreign investors. The state of Bursa has been characterized by the success of agricultural investment in it because of its wide areas suitable for agriculture, and the diversity and abundance of its crops. And because it is located in a strategic area that facilitates export operations, and the investor will not need to import investment equipment, given that Bursa is one of the important industrial cities, and in general, agricultural investment in Bursa is a guaranteed investment due to the following factors: 

  • Climatic factors are suitable for different types of crops.
  • Geographical factors in the abundance of large arable areas.
  • Water factors and the availability of water resources in abundance.
  • Encouraging factors in the state's support for agricultural investment and providing all facilities.
  • Human factors in providing the necessary labor for agriculture.
  • Attractive factors that do not distinguish between foreign and local investors.
  • Factors guaranteeing investors transferring their profits.
  • Factors helping to benefit from the agricultural product through the availability of canning vegetables and fruits.
شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي

Real estate investment in Turkey Bursa

Real estate investment in Turkey, in general, is one of the distinctive economic activities in the world, which made it a magnet for many investors, and among those Turkish cities that are famous for real estate investment in Turkey, Bursa, the jewel city, because of its luxurious and distinctive properties in the heart of the picturesque nature It made it a destination for many foreign investors, especially Arabs.

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1. Apartments in Bursa

Bursa is characterized by the abundance of apartments prepared for investment, and it is distinguished by the fact that it combines the options of those wishing to invest in real estate in Bursa, between apartments by the sea, natural or internal view. In addition to the diversity of the number of rooms, their areas, and their location, including the Seychelles Bursa complex, and its advantages are its presence near the port of IDO and BODO who connect Bursa to Istanbul by sea, in addition to its proximity to the highway connecting to the city center of Bursa and Uludag Mountain. The project is located in the city of Bursa, the promising Mudanya region, on the southern coast of the Marmara Sea, with a privileged location that mixes green nature and sea views, as well as the Blue-Green complex, as it is located in the Mudanya area itself, and the project area is characterized by its calmness as it is free from noise and congestion.

2. Villas in Bursa

Bursa is distinguished by its availability of luxurious villas for investment, and it is distinguished by its combination of options wishing to invest in real estate in Bursa, between large spacious villas, and medium villas, with a sea, natural or internal view, including the Bademli Bursa villas. The project is located in the city of Bursa in the Bademli region; where the wonderful panoramic view on two sides: a view of the city and a view of the forest, and the project has many advantages, as the excellent finishes, spacious areas, and green spaces surrounding the complex so that the residents of the project can have a healthy life.

In addition to the project near the highway that connects the city center of Bursa with the seaport that connects Bursa to Istanbul, which adds importance to the project, and so are all villa projects in the Turkish city of Bursa.           

3. Land in Bursa

Bursa is distinguished by its abundance of lands suitable for investment. It is also distinguished by the fact that it combines the options of those wishing to invest in lands in Bursa, between large lands, and small or medium lands. In addition, lands prepared for investment in Bursa have excellent options, such as their proximity to the main roads, in addition to the varying areas of these lands, which make them suitable for private villas, closed villa complexes, or luxury apartments, and there are sea views of many lands and excellent profitability returns.

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4. Farms in Bursa

Bursa is the most suitable city for buying farms or investing in Bursa farms, so the demand for buying farms in Bursa is still one of the demands that investors want due to the appropriate climate, as Bursa includes a wonderful climate and distinct nature, as well as for its area, which is spread in distinct areas. Where renting farms is frequent in Turkey in Bursa, and in general, buying agricultural land in Bursa, investing cattle farms in Bursa, or investing poultry farms in Bursa, are among the investments that have witnessed a remarkable increase in recent years. Bursa is a pioneering city in agriculture, and Allah has endowed it with fertile soil, a favorable climate, and abundant sources of water. This makes investment in farms with guaranteed returns, Allah willing.

Advantages of real estate investment in Bursa

  • Real estate investment in Bursa is one of the distinguished investments because it is greatly affected by the country's economy and political stability, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region.
  • Real estate in Bursa is one of the largest growing and profitable sectors in Turkey.
  • Investing in Bursa real estate achieves guaranteed results that are far from adventure.
  • Apartments price in Bursa is constantly increasing due to the increasing demand for them.
  • According to the International Knight Frank Index, Turkey is among the largest global markets in the growth of real estate prices, and Bursa real estate is one of the most important cities in Turkey.
  • Several other indicators nominate Turkey's real estate markets to present the best achievements in the coming years.
  • The political and social stability that Turkey enjoys in the Middle East has an additional dimension, especially after the discovery of the huge gas fields in the Black Sea.
  • Facilitating laws guaranteeing the rights of foreigners who want to own property in Bursa and Turkey in general, to the point of obtaining a permanent residence (renewed annually) in Turkey once they own a property in it.
  • Turkey's proximity to the Arab world, and its spreading Arab Islamic character in all its cities.
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship easily by investing in real estate and getting a Turkish passport that allows entry to most countries of the world without a visa.

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