Istanbul Commercial Property for Sale

Invest safely with low risks in commercial property in Istanbul, one of the best emerging real estate markets in the last decades, which has profitable potential.

Istanbul Commercial Property for Sale

Are you looking for a commercial property for sale in Istanbul? Look no further! The city has a wide variety of commercial properties available for sale creating a great investment opportunity. Whether you’re looking to invest in an office building, a hotel, shops, or industrial buildings you’ll find plenty of properties to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll explore the types of commercial properties available in Istanbul and what makes them a great investment.

Istanbul Commercial Property Types

Are you looking to invest in commercial property in Istanbul? If so, let’s dive in. We will provide you with an overview of the commercial real estate market in Istanbul and highlight some of the best properties available for sale. Whether you're a business owner looking to expand or an investor looking for a great opportunity, this blog has something for you. Read on to learn more about the exciting opportunities that await you in Istanbul.


Office space in Istanbul can range from a traditional office building to a more modern co-working space. Many of the larger office buildings in Istanbul are located in the business and financial districts, making them easily accessible to workers and business owners. These buildings are often equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as high-speed internet, up-to-date security systems, and onsite maintenance staff. Moreover, some of the smaller offices are located in residential neighborhoods, which allows businessmen to maintain their privacy while also having convenient access to local amenities.


For those looking to make a bigger investment, there is also a range of larger commercial shops available. Those looking to invest in a larger property may also consider the option of buying an entire shopping mall, which can be rented out to multiple tenants and provide steady income.

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Hotels are a great option if you're looking to invest in a commercial property in Istanbul. As they offer a chance to capitalize on the thriving tourism industry in the city. Plus, you can own and operate a business that serves a wide range of guests. Depending on the size and location of your hotel, you can offer luxury amenities and services to make your business stand out from the crowd. You can also take advantage of the various attractions in the city that tourists flock to visit, such as the stunning Hagia Sophia or the iconic Bosphorus Bridge. This will give your hotel a unique edge when it comes to drawing in visitors. Furthermore, there are many opportunities to rent out space in your hotels, such as restaurants, stores, and meeting rooms, making your business even more profitable. With the right amount of dedication and effort, owning a hotel in Istanbul can be extremely profitable.



There is also the option of purchasing industrial premises such as factories or warehouses, which can be leased to businesses. Industrial properties in Istanbul offer investors plenty of choices. These properties range from large-scale factories to small office and storage facilities. Whether you’re looking to open a factory, develop a storage facility or create a showroom, industrial properties are an attractive investment opportunity. Many industrial buildings come with amenities such as large loading docks, high ceilings, and ample parking space. They also offer easy access to highways and transport links, making it easy to transport goods from your business to customers and suppliers.

Why Invest in a Commercial Property in Istanbul?

There are many benefits of investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul, but it is important to remember that all investments involve some level of risk. In addition to obtaining a residence permit and potential citizenship, investing in commercial property also gives access to other benefits such as ease of access to the local banking system, tax deductions, lower interest rates, and higher liquidity than most other markets. Not to mention, Istanbul’s strategic location makes it an ideal destination for investors who wish to access the vast markets of both Europe and Asia.

Low prices

The Turkish economy is rapidly growing, and Istanbul is at the heart of this growth. Investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul is an attractive option given its promising economy and comparatively low prices. In addition, commercial properties often generate higher returns on investment than residential properties. Another great advantage is that investing in a commercial property in Istanbul can also help you obtain a residence permit or even Turkish citizenship, making it an even more appealing choice.

Low risk

Istanbul is also a great investment due to its long-term potential. It is one of the world's most populous cities and is growing rapidly, making it an attractive destination for commercial investment. Istanbul also offers a variety of benefits such as low taxes, low crime rates, and a strong economy. Not to mention, its cultural attractions, vibrant lifestyle, and Mediterranean climate make it an ideal place to work and live. Investing in a commercial property in Istanbul will give you the opportunity to reap the rewards of the city's growth.

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High return on investment

The infrastructure in Istanbul is also well-developed, making it easy to transport goods and services. It is also home to two of the largest international airports in Europe and the Middle East, which makes it a great destination for businesses that need to send products around the world quickly and efficiently. The city is also a great place to live and work with a wide variety of housing options, restaurants, and entertainment venues. All these features make Istanbul a desirable destination for businesses and investors looking to take advantage of the city's business-friendly environment.

High return on investment

Promising Economy

The Turkish economy is on the rise, and investing in commercial property in Istanbul is a great way to get in on the action. The cost of living in Istanbul is significantly lower than in other major cities, making it an attractive option for potential buyers. Additionally, investing in a commercial property can yield a high return on investment if managed correctly. You can also use this investment to obtain a residence permit and even Turkish citizenship, further adding to its appeal.

Residence Permit

A residence permit is another great benefit of investing in a commercial property in Istanbul. Purchasing property in Istanbul can qualify you to apply for a residence permit. This permit grants you the right to live in the country, making it easier than ever to enjoy all that Istanbul offers. Plus, investing in property may also be a pathway to obtaining Turkish citizenship if you pursue it.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is an additional benefit that comes with investing in commercial property in Istanbul. Investors may be able to obtain the "Golden Visa" which allows for immediate residency and after five years of residency, investors may then apply for Turkish citizenship. This type of program is attractive to foreign investors, as it enables them to have the benefits of living and working in Turkey while gaining exposure to an economy with high growth potential.

Best Commercial Properties in Istanbul


Imtilak Real Estate Company always tries to provide the best offers such as the IMT-311 Axis Offices. Axis Offices are located on the European side of Istanbul city in the heart of Bayrampasa, one of the most important commercial and industrial areas in the city. Luxurious offices with stunning panoramic views overlooking the city and the Golden Horn



If you’re interested in buying shops for long-term investment opportunities, we highly recommend you check the following link


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