Everything you want to know about the countryside of Istanbul, its features and housing



Everything you want to know about the countryside of Istanbul, its features and housing

Information on the countryside of Istanbul

The countryside of Istanbul is an ideal place for those looking for a residence that combines the modernity of Istanbul with the tranquility and natural beauty, away from the hustle and bustle. Which made those looking for apartments in the countryside of Istanbul prefer to enjoy a healthy lifestyle of rural life in terms of dietary habits such as eating fresh vegetables and fruits, milk and cheese, with the advantages of air being free from pollution, due to the proliferation of trees and crops, and the absence of factories, cars, and machines that pollute the environment and spoil the air.

Istanbul rural areas


When Silivri is mentioned, beauty and luxurious residence are mentioned as well. It's located just west of Lake Buyukcekmece and its municipality, on the European end of Istanbul. Silivri combines the aesthetics of the countryside and the city, it brings together the well-being of its residence in its villas bordering the Sea of Marmara and its beautiful orchards, with its tranquillity and peace. This has made it an important habitat for those who wish to buy villas in Istanbul on the European side. Silivri is also known for its wide villas, distributed on its coastline, as well as for its elegant rural houses, and for its acceptable real estate prices compared to its elegant and beautiful features.

The countryside of Istanbul


Catalca is located northwest of the famous Buyukcekmece Lake, on the European side of Istanbul, which is a rural area famous for its vast green spaces, beautiful orchards, and horse farms, and is about 60 kilometers away from Istanbul. It is one of the largest municipalities in Istanbul, where it is bordered by both Arnavutkoy, Buyukcekmece, and Silivri, in addition to the city of Tekirdag, which borders it on its western edge, and the Black Sea that borders it on its northern side with a long coastline on it, and it has also become a destination for those looking for the pleasure of staying in villas with a friendly rural atmosphere.


Speaking of Arnavutkoy always indicate the guaranteed investment, given the many factors that make it the focus of investors' attention. Prices there are expected to escalate as it approaches the new airport and the prospective Istanbul Canal. Close to the Black Sea, in the northwestern city of Istanbul, specifically in the northern municipality of Basaksehir.

Located in the municipality of Arnavutkoy, it is well known for its embrace of the world's largest airport and the famous Belgrade forests extend over large areas of the municipality of Arnavutkoy. Its municipality has a distinctive turnout for its real estate, especially its villas, which have become a distinct destination for those looking for villas for sale in Istanbul at the best prices and the highest features.

Advantages of housing in the Istanbul countryside

Housing in the Istanbul countryside is characterized by many features, including the simplicity of rural life and its remoteness from the complexity of urban life, depending on the nature of the social environment and the simplicity of the business being done there, as well as the advantage of being calm, away from the noise of cars, machinery, and factories. The healthy lifestyle of rural life in terms of food habits is also an important requirement for those seeking apartments in rural Istanbul so that the air is free of pollution.

Advantages of investing in the countryside of Istanbul

The advantages of investing in the countryside of Istanbul are many, including the availability of rural houses for sale in Istanbul at competitive prices, and were built according to innovative designs, allowing maximum use of the land, and giving wonderful spaces for relaxation and living. Moreover, investment in the countryside of Istanbul is ideal for permanent residence or retirement and summer holidays in the scenic nature and quiet rural environment, with all local facilities available from restaurants and shops in the vicinity. One of the advantages of multiple options is that some rural houses consist of one floor, some of which are of two or more floors. One of the most important advantages is the strategic location near the city, as well as the development plans and projects that the Turkish Government is developing to facilitate the purchase of the properties in rural Istanbul, thereby granting Turkish citizenship by investing in rural Istanbul.

The best Imtilak Real Estate projects in the countryside of Istanbul

Imtilak Real Estate company’s projects vary in the countryside of Istanbul, between the European side and the Asian side, Imtilak Real Estate owns a wide range of projects that meet the different tastes and options of our dear clients.

In the countryside of Asian Istanbul, there is the IMT-513 Yesil Vadi Villas project, within the Sile area located on the shore of the Black Sea with high-end specifications in a distinctive complex with its quiet natural surroundings, and the project is characterized by the following:

  • Separate houses combined into one compound fence, and social facilities suitable for families.
  • The project includes 44 separate houses, with good space, and high-quality finishings.
  • Each villa/house consists of 2 floors, a terrace, and a private garden with a wooden room.
  • Large beautiful water bodies, fountains and gardens, with paths for walking.
  • In the European section, there is the IMT-508 Green Reserve Villas Project, and it is characterized as:
  • Designed so that you can enter nature in just one step from your home.
  • In the Green Reserve villas, you and your family can live a luxurious life that is closer to perfection.
  • One of the beauties of nature in the complex is the water pool, which is located a few steps away.
  • The pool covers an area of ​​1500 m2, and by sitting at its doorstep, the horizon of contemplation opens up for you.
  • In the complex, you find a forest with flowers and trees of different colors.
  • Beauty and security in the complex safely make children enjoy and have fun.
  • Villas are located in Buyukcekmece, one of the most important modern areas of Istanbul.
  • A few steps from the E80 highway that makes your movements in the city faster.

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