Karaca Cave in Trabzon: A Tour Within Mysterious Nature

Karaca Cave is one of the most beautiful 40 caves of the world's most beautiful caves. A natural cave, where you will see the creativity inside this cave and its beauty.

Karaca Cave in Trabzon: A Tour Within Mysterious Nature
KARACA MAğARASİ cave is one of the most beautiful 40 natural caves in Trabzon, Turkey. It is one of the most beautiful 40 caves of the world's most beautiful caves. A natural cave, where you will see the creativity of Allah’s creation inside this cave and its beauty.

Where is Karaca Cave Located in Trabzon

The cave is a group of caves connected to each other, and about 96 km far from Trabzon. The cave is located in the village of Cebeli. This village is famous all over the world for its location, stalagmites, and slopes, as it is also characterized by its picturesque surroundings, which is part of Torul.
Its area is approximately 1500 square meters and is 1150 meters above sea level it is also characterized by its wonderful natural form, which was formed by the water of the limestone rocks that led to the emergence of stalactites and stalagmites. You will find in the cave the most beautiful muqarnas stone and stones dotted and colored, it also has water ponds and some very large ponds, especially at the end of the cave and may reach a depth of one meter and you can find many roses that appear on its stalagmites and will be seen as a wonderful art that amazes and fascinates the eyes. In it, art and creativity are unimaginable, how not and it is one of the most beautiful caves in the world, if not the largest.
The height of the cave entrance is about 1.8 meters and it increases the more you enter it will seem like a funnel. The distance between the entrance and the end is about 105 meters long and the average height is 18 meters. This will make you want to stay for more time as you contemplate them.

Things You Need to Know About Karaca Cave

The cave of Karaca was discovered in 1960 and opened to tourists in 1996 after the result of scientific research carried out by a geological engineer from the village of Jibili called Socro Eroz. This was between 1983-1990. Dr. Ramzi Deleik contributed to the research and scientific studies of the cave with his team from the University of Karadeniz of the Department of Biological Engineering. As a result, it was opened for tourism. After the cave was officially registered in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, you will find in the cave beautiful wooden corridors equipped with tourists, as you’ll also see the lights all around you to have a great vision of the entire cave.
There are no air ducts in the cave but there is great moisture due to the leakage of water from the roof of the cave so it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Thus, you have to choose the suitable clothes for visiting according to the season when you go to visit.

Caving Tourism in Turkey

Thousands of tourists from around the world and the Arabs, in particular, come to visit the cave of Karaca because of its natural beauty and its unique location. Everyone who visited her felt very happy and when they left, they thought of repeating her visit again, Do you believe that entering this adventure gives you the feeling that you entered the bottom of the globe? You never thought that you would see what you saw in the movies before you and in reality so you will think that this trip will not only be a tourist but a beautiful adventure in the most beautiful landmarks of Turkey.
If you want to stay in a hotel in Trabzon to visit the rest of the attractions you will find what you want and you may want to search for apartments for sale in Trabzon suitable for you, also you will find real estate prices in Turkey are good and they vary from one area to another However, Many tourists have decided to buy real estate in Turkey in order to stay in the holidays and to visit its landmarks whenever they wish. The landmarks in Turkey do not end with archeological and natural landmarks. As we mentioned previously, the city of Trabzon is well known for its beautiful surroundings. We remind you not to forget to visit the cave of Karaca in Trabzon and advise you to take the camera with you to take pictures of a memorable trip you will never forget.

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