General information about the Karasu region in Sakarya

Karasu, Sakarya is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, including hills, forests, and rivers. Learn about it in detail and the advantages of living and investing in it

General information about the Karasu region in Sakarya
2022-08-25 Last update 2022-09-06

General information about the Karasu region in Sakarya

An introduction to the Karasu Sakarya region

The Karasu Sakarya region is known for its richness of the most beautiful natural and tourist attractions, including; the Acarlar Floodplain, its submerged forests, the stream and valley of mineral water, which is one of the coldest areas in the summer and is visited by tourists to breathe the fresh breath of the valley. In addition to the Küçük Boğaz Lake, which is famous for its quiet sessions, fishing boats, and hiking as well as the estuary of the Sakarya River and its various restaurants at the meeting point of the river with the Black Sea.

Karasu, Sakarya

The location of the Karasu, Sakarya region

Along a wide beach overlooking the Black Sea for a distance of 28 km, and with a beautiful sea view, is the Karasu area, which has a pleasant marine environment, about 55 km from the center of Sakarya.

What are the most important features of the Karasu Sakarya region?

One of the most important features of the Karasu Sakarya region is its long beach close to the Black Sea, which makes it a favorite destination for tourists, whether from inside or outside Turkey, in addition to the region's proximity to Istanbul, which can be reached by car in about two and a half hours.

Among the most important tourist and natural places that distinguish Karasu, we find the Acarlar Water Forest. The number of tourists to the forest in one season, the summer of 2018, reached 500,000 visitors.

"Acarlar Longozu" is located in the center of the Karasu district, extending over an area of ​​24 square kilometers. It’s a path that many migratory birds pass through, as it contains more than 200 species of plants on which some birds feed and nest for reproduction.

The forest also includes different types of birds and fish, in addition to many types of endemic trees, herbs, and flowers such as white lily and violet water.

Visitors to "Acarlar Longozu" can discover the natural beauty of the forest through a wooden path extending within it. In addition to containing a wide vegetation cover, and various types of migratory birds, the forest is characterized by its biological diversity, which attracts the attention of its visitors.

"Agarlar Longozu" is described as the largest water forest in Turkey, and one of the largest Longouz forests around the world, and it is a source of life for all animals in its area.

Karasu, Sakarya

Advantages of owning and living in Karasu, Sakarya

The regions of Sakarya, including the Karasu region, are characterized by green nature and climatic stability, due to its direct view of the Black Sea, and its proximity to the Marmara Sea, which made it preferred by foreign tourists as well as by local tourists.

Infrastructure in Karasu, Sakarya

1. Roads and Transportation

When talking about roads and transportation in the Karasu region, it is necessary to talk about roads and transportation in Sakarya. Roads and transportation cover most of the residential and tourist areas in Sakarya - including the Karasu region - through nearly 30 public transport bus lines designated by the municipality. Sakarya people move between regions very easily.

Some of the countryside can also be reached through these buses in Sakarya, and there is also a line dedicated to express trains linking Sakarya with Istanbul, due to the geographical proximity between the two states, and for highways that reach Sakarya, there are the E80 and D100 lines that cut Sakarya longitudinally and contribute to speeding up the movement of movement within and outside the state.

2. Schools and universities

There are many types of educational institutions in Sakarya, including Karasu, such as kindergartens, schools, institutes, colleges, and universities that work to meet the educational and educational needs of students, and contribute to the process of socialization of students.

As for universities, near Karasu, there are two prestigious universities in the region: Sakarya State University and Sakarya University of Applied Sciences. These two universities include various departments, faculties, higher institutes, vocational schools, and institutes for postgraduate studies; It includes all literary, scientific, engineering, medical, administrative, sports, and other departments and specializations.

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مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي

3. Hospitals and health centers

Public and private hospitals are spread in all regions of Sakarya and provide all health care services to all residents in this state. Health service facilities are not limited to public and private hospitals only, but also include clinics and private clinics, and many other facilities and health centers, such as general surgery centers, dental centers, and dialysis centers.

Like the rest of the other districts of Sakarya, the Karasu region has a state hospital. Work began at the State Hospital in Karasu, Aziziye in 1968. In 2015, Karasu Hospital was moved to the newly built, 75-bed hospital building located on 350th Street in Aziziye. The hospital provides all kinds of medical examinations and meets the most important health needs of residents and visitors to the area.

Prices of apartments in Karasu, Sakarya

The average prices in Sakarya vary due to many factors. Owning and investing in Sakarya properties, including Karasu, are among the distinguished options for those wishing to own real estate in the region. Karasu real estate is located in an area with charming views and stunning views, with an abundance of services, in addition to the relative proximity to Istanbul.

All of the above contribute to the different average prices in Karasu. Residential projects have varying advantages, whether in their areas, locations, finishes and quality, and other factors affecting real estate prices.

apartments in Karasu, Sakarya

The best projects of Imtilak Real Estate in Karasu, Sakarya

When talking about the best Imtilak Real Estate projects in Karasu, Sakarya, we mention; the Karasu Coast Complex,
in which you will find apartments for sale within the distinguished investment area of ​​Karasu, directly on the beach and with distinctive views, at cheap prices and special discounts from Imtilak Real Estate.

What distinguishes this project are the following:

  • The project-based company is one of the largest construction companies.
  • The complex is directly on the beach.
  • Cladding and finishing materials are the best materials.
  • The complex is built on a land of 17,000 m² on the shore of the Black Sea.
  • It contains 400 apartments in 17 blocks.
  • The complex has gardens and parks, and a supermarket.
  • It contains a fitness center and water games.
  • It includes a cafeteria, swimming pools, and private security in the complex for 24 hours.
  • Types of apartments in the complex: 2+1.

project link:  Karasu Beach


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