Detailed information on the advantages, disadvantages and costs of living in Istanbul

A full guide to everything you want to know about living in Istanbul and the advantages, disadvantages and cost of living in Istanbul. Also, information on life in Istanbul for Arabs.

Detailed information on the advantages, disadvantages and costs of living in Istanbul

Information on living in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of Turkey's most prestigious and populous cities, with its economic, tourist and cultural capital, it has many famous tourist spots, important landmarks and old fences, as well as urban development, where new residential areas are located. It also has two airports, making it one of the largest organized urban agglomerations in Europe, and has become a preferred place for nest and stability.

What are the procedures and requirements for living in Istanbul?

The first step that guarantees the owner to move to Istanbul for residency is to apply to  Turkish embassies for a visa and after obtaining it, he or she has multiple types of residence permits, so they can live life normally. The purchase of property in Istanbul is still at the forefront of these ways. There is a work permit that is granted to foreign employees of Turkish companies, a student residence permit, and there is also residence by buying a property, which is called real estate residency, and it is renewed every year.

What are the advantages of living in Istanbul?

Istanbul has the best elements for a rich life and diverse movement, from history, modernity and development; where beauty surrounds everywhere. Ownership is also an ideal option, finding countless options, including luxury apartments and distinctive properties, among the latest and most prestigious buildings and equipment, and the most beautiful luxury finishings. It also contains dozens of international universities and schools, various integrated services, and prices are cheap compared to many European States.

مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي

The disadvantages of living in Istanbul

The most important negativity of life in Istanbul is related to language, as Turks prefer to communicate in their language and love who speaks it, so the Istanbul resident first has difficulty communicating. However, Turkish is a language that a person can speak very quickly, and he or she soon fulfills the first conditions of communication. Through the ability to make initial communication, and slowly practicing and deepening language, it is also a congested city.

Costs of living in Istanbul

Living in Istanbul generally is not considered of high cost, especially when compared to other countries in the world with the characteristics of their urbanization, development and urbanization. This is also relative to each person, his or her financial capacity and life needs, and in general, an estimated $1,000 per month. It can be an acceptable cost, including foods, beverage and housing.

Life in Istanbul for Arabs

Investments by citizens of Arab States doubled in Istanbul, and the Arab Gulf States ranked first among Arab investments by a significant percentage. Istanbul provides an ideal environment for the Arab presence. The city is known for its many mosques and neighborhoods, which enjoy Arab customs, from social traditions, restaurants and parks. The Islamic character is strongly present in the various neighbourhoods of Istanbul.

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Living in Istanbul for families

Istanbul is an ideal option for families, as Istanbul brings together many options for those who want a life away from noise and rapid circulation in some areas of Istanbul. Likewise, it also approaches the movement centers so that families can get straight to their business and educating their children in different universities and schools, and Istanbul has achieved both characteristics.

Distinctive areas for owning and buying an apartment in Istanbul

Many areas are suitable for real estate ownership and the purchase of apartments and villas in Istanbul, such as Baskasehir, as it is located in the European Istanbul; It has the most developed infrastructure in the city, by virtue of the novelty and establishment of the region, and is one of the most attractive to investors because of infrastructure, social, cultural, health and educational facilities. It is located within a point very close to Istanbul's new international airport, as well as the region of Beylikduzu, located west of Istanbul. The region is experiencing an unparalleled boom in high-quality real estate investment, owing to good organization and the proliferation of advanced infrastructure from hospitals, shopping centres, factories, new real estate projects, transportation routes, higher schools and universities. In addition to the presence of the shopping malls, the region is divided into 10 major neighbourhoods, the most important of which are: CumhuriyetDistrict, Adnan Kahveci neighborhood, Kavaklı neighborhood, Sahil neighborhood. Bahcesehir is also an amazing area located at a strategic point northwest of Lake Kucukcekmece and is easily accessible from all areas of the city through the modern road network that surrounds it. In addition to the railway connecting the European side of Istanbul, it also has strong infrastructure, as well as the Atakwe region, as well as the Beyoglu area, between the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn, among many others.


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