A comprehensive guide about the Maçka district in Trabzon

Macka is located in Trabzon, Turkey, on the Black Sea coast. The area is famous for its stunning scenery and many historical monuments. Learn about them in detail and the advantages of living and investing in them.

A comprehensive guide about the Maçka district in Trabzon

An overview of the Maçka district of Trabzon

Macka is one of the main municipalities of Trabzon, one of the most important states in the north of Turkey. It is a small city characterized by its mountainous countryside and charming green nature.

Macka in the state of Trabzon is the stereotype of the state, imprinted in the minds of many, of the famous Uzungol Lake, where the village is located among the green mountains.

In general, the northern region of Turkey, which is concentrated in the state of Trabzon and the surrounding cities, is famous for the beauty of its green nature, its charming mountainous heights, and its traditional rural atmosphere, as well as its seasonal rains that form rivers and springs that give a natural atmosphere that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Macka is one of the tourist cities in Trabzon, where it is famous for its historical places and monuments dating back to the civilizations that passed through the region from Byzantine, Greek, Roman, and Ottoman, as the city is the oldest city in Trabzon.

 The location of Macka district in Trabzon

Macka is located in a mountainous area next to the country's main E97 road, which connects the region with the rest of the state in Turkey. It is 29 km from Trabzon and the Black Sea coast, and it is a landlocked inland city characterized by its green mountainous nature.

The location of city of Macka gained its strategic importance from its geographical location, the Silk Road, the historical trade route that connected the different continents of the world.

What are the most important features of the Macka district in Trabzon?

Perhaps the most beautiful characteristic of Macka is its tranquility and picturesque nature, as the city extends on a green plateau, through which charming views of the surrounding forests are formed in the place or the sea on the horizon.

Advantages of owning and living in Macka, Trabzon

  • Experience a unique living in the lap of nature, in a small and quiet town with a traditional feel and charming country style.
  • The possibility of making a real estate investment in a beautiful tourist city with historical landmarks and charming natural places.
  • Real estate ownership in the city gives you the right to obtain Turkish citizenship if the value of these properties is $400,000.
  • You obtain legal residence in the country by owning a property in Macka and renew the residence periodically as long as you own that property, provided that the value of the property is not less than $75,000.
  • The residence permit you obtain under the ownership of the property includes all family members from the wife and children under the age of 18, as well as obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Infrastructure in the Macka district in Trabzon

Despite the small size of Macka, it is characterized by many modern neighborhoods, which include high-end residential complexes, and therefore the city has a modern infrastructure commensurate with the size of the city.

The infrastructure in the Macka area in Trabzon state is famous for being in continuous development, witnessing an acceleration in construction and expansion in parallel with the construction of construction projects within the region.

1. Roads and Transportation

Macka is located directly on the E97, the highway that connects the region with the rest of the Turkish states, and the city from the inside flourishes with its paved roads, bridges, and tunnels to facilitate movement within the small city.

Minibusses in Macka are one of the most important public transportation used in the city, in addition to buses that travel between the city and the center of Trabzon.

2. Schools and universities

Public schools are spread in all neighborhoods of Macka in the state of Trabzon, and there is a vocational institute for higher education in the city affiliated with the Black Sea Technical University, but the residents of the region depend for their university education on the universities of the Trabzon state center.

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3. Hospitals and health centers

There is a central government hospital that includes all medical specialties, as well as primary health care centers that belong to the state and are spread throughout the city's neighborhoods.

Prices of apartments in Macka, Trabzon

The prices of apartments in Macka, Trabzon are affected by several factors, but in general, the prices of apartments and real estate in the city of Macka in the state of Trabzon are medium to low prices compared to real estate prices in other Turkish states and cities.

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The best projects of Imtilak Real Estate company in Macka, Trabzon

Imtilak Real Estate company, through its offices and branches located in most of the major Turkish states, provides many exclusive and distinguished real estate opportunities to offer to its clients wishing to purchase real estate in Turkey.

Through the company's branch and office in Trabzon, Imtilak Real Estate company provides many investment and real estate opportunities in Macka and works to provide customers' requests according to the specifications of the required property while achieving the best options available.

apartments in Macka, Trabzon

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