Mall Of Istanbul 2022

Mall of Istanbul is the largest shopping and entertainment center and One of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, and one of the most important tourist destinations in the city. It is preferred by tourists in general, Arabs and Gulf people.

Mall Of Istanbul 2022
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Mall Of Istanbul 2022

One of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, and one of the most important tourist destinations in the city. It is preferred by tourists in general, Arabs and Gulf people especially because it simply meets all their requirements. It’s where the family can find all the necessities of accommodation, clothing, gifts, electronics, and food.

In the opinion of many - it takes more than a day to discover all the secrets; one of its visitors from the state of Kuwait, saying: " Mall of Istanbul… what do you know of Mall of Istanbul?! Wonderful, spacious multi-roles, comprehensive of high-end brands, full of pioneers.”

The Mall of Istanbul opened in 2014 with seven towers inspired by its design from the city of Istanbul itself. The complex consists of 4 residential towers, an office tower, a large hotel and hotel building, and a large shopping mall.

Where is Mall of Istanbul Located?

At the main artery connecting Ataturk Airport and the TEM highway with the north Marmara highway connecting the two continents of Europe and Asia, at this central point Mall of Istanbul , Turkey's largest shopping, entertainment and modern shopping center, is located within the area of BasakSahir , One of the most significant areas of growth and urban development on the European side of Istanbul.

Mall of Istanbul Map

To get to Mall of Istanbul using Istanbul's public transport, you can take Metro M1 from YeniKapi or Aksaray, using the M1b line to Kirazli Station and then take the free train to the iketelli station in Bashakshehir, where you will find the mall 800 meters on foot.

You can also use public buses to get to the mall from several stations; for example, you can access Yenibosna Station using the speed bus line ( Metrobus ), then take a bus 98H or 78B and, get off in Demirciler Sitesi station (industrial city), there you'll find the mall right before the bus stop.

As for the Fatih area, you can come to the Mall of Istanbul using bus No. 146T or 142E, and get off at the same bus stop of the mall.

In addition, taxis and private cars with drivers are available from most of the tourism companies in Istanbul such as Safaraq.

Mall of Istanbul Opening Hours

Mall of Istanbul complex is open daily throughout the week from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm.

Sections of Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul consists of 4 major sections:

  1. Residential complex: Mall of Istanbul apartments.
  2. Hotel with hotel apartments: Mall of Istanbul hotel.
  3. Commercial Offices: Offices of Mall of Istanbul.
  4. Shopping Mall: Mall of Istanbul.

1- Residential Complex: Complex Mall of Istanbul Residence

A new fantasy legend in Istanbul, with its exquisite architecture and a very distinctive lifestyle, combining luxury with Istanbul's historic spirit, with meticulously woven details.

Choosing the "Best of the Best" at the Mall of Istanbul, Turkey's largest mixed-use project, and the city's main attraction redefines what ideal life should be in Residence Apartments. A rich environment awaits you here, embracing the cultural diversity of more From 35 countries, gathered to enjoy a harmonious and high-quality life, immersed in familiarity, in the complex of 1081 apartment towers the residence, located on 4 residential towers.

Complex Mall of Istanbul Residence

The selected building materials at Mall of Istanbul apartments offer the ultimate in comfort and elegance with choices for the most up-to-date details and materials and state-of-the-art technology-based systems that meet the latest international standards of home management, providing maximum comfort and intelligence.

Enjoy more convenience and security, with a smart home system that provides remote access, to control all the features of your home with one control center!

A subtle harmony between design and beauty is achieved by the unique details that correspond to the highest levels of elegant taste in design, from distinctive wooden doors, extended transparent glass panels to well-insulated parquet floors in living rooms, natural marble bathroom walls, and imported bathroom accessories. One of the most prestigious brands in the world.

You will live with great architectural details of sun-drenched rays constantly, where luxurious residential units are available ( penthouses ) coated external facade glass place of traditional walls, to be your saturated with positive energy that adds natural sunlight into your home with glow every morning, along the interiors and other wide open on the outside balconies.

Beautiful kitchens with city views, equipped with practical kitchen cabinets with modern and unique designs; kitchen appliances built into kitchen furniture, cabinets, drawers, and flow mills.

penthouses for sale in istanbul

Mall of Istanbul offers convenient, transport options, and access to several important points in Istanbul's vast city, through the iketelli metro line and the Mahmut Bey- Mecedikoy metro line, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2018.

Using public transport such as the metro, you can access the most important vital points of the city such as Ataturk Airport, Atakoy District, Taksim Square, Mecedikoy, and Besiktas Port.

It is also accessible by motorway, where the mall is located close to the city's main attractions:

13 km from Ataturk Airport.

25 km from Martyrs' Bridge July 15.

45 km from Yavuz Selim Bridge.

6 km from the new Istanbul Canal.

Take advantage of your new apartment now in Mall of Istanbul complex, with a great choice of accommodation and investment, in one of the most important places of preference for tourists in Istanbul, all the details, and services before and after buying this property offered to you by Imtilak Real Estate free of charge.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

Mall of Istanbul Hotel & Suites High Residence

For a luxurious stay in the elite of suites and serviced apartments, Mall of Istanbul blends an elegant life filled with stunning opportunities, a unique understanding of hotel service, and a new vision of luxury for Istanbul.

In partnership with the world-famous 5-star hotel, the MOI HIGH RESIDENCE is located in a prime location in the hotel tower of Mall of Istanbul, offering a magnificent view of the colorful world of beautiful Istanbul.

Another step towards a life of excellence is that Mall of Istanbul High Residence is one of the finest serviced residences of the 5-star hotel, decorated with all the rich details of a distinctive lifestyle.

You will be amazed by a refined elegance as you take your first steps into spacious lounges, with elegant, professional designs with a historic touch.

A world-class celebrity lifestyle, a 5-star hotel in a world-class hotel; the luxury suites of Moi HIGH RESIDENCE provide you with very distinctive moments of comfort and well-being for you, your family, and loved ones.

You will find an opportunity to experience a double-quality lifestyle for you, your loved ones and your family, next to restaurants, cafes, shops, art galleries, a meeting room, gymnasium, conference center, spa, and a fitness center.

2- The Hotel Apartments in Mall of Istanbul

The life of the elite of the elite, here where the style meets with luxury, and the cooperative team for one purpose: your happiness.

This building was built in the form of a 25-storey tower, offering you a luxurious life that takes care of all the important details, for you and your loved ones.

Available options: 0 + 1, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1

The areas range from 58 m 2 to 251 m 2.

The Magical Scenes of Mall of Istanbul

Be prepared to embark on a magical journey that demonstrates your senses, within relaxing areas and very quiet spa rooms, an impressive indoor swimming pool with breathtaking beauty, an area of 1600 square meters, and healing sessions by specialists from the Far East with refreshing natural, healing materials, and begin a fresh day in the fitness center.

A fitness center, a spa, a Turkish bath, a hot tub, a steam bath, a sauna, and wellness rooms will be available at Mall of Istanbul.

Why Choose the Hotel in Mall of Istanbul?

Simply located in the new center of Istanbul, it offers free airport transfers, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, quiet air conditioning, balconies and multiple terraces on all floors.

3- Commercial Offices in Mall of Istanbul

It is the right location to launch a new business model and a prestigious business; luxurious offices rated A + with a wide range of display options within indoor spaces, shopping, entertainment, service and entertainment facilities and social facilities, and global.

Imtilak Real Estate Company provides your needs in case you are looking for an office for sale in Mall of Istanbul and offering multiple suitable options.

4- Shopping Centers at Mall of Istanbul

With more than 350 stores and thousands of luxury brands locally and internationally, Mall of Istanbul combines shopping, culture, and art alongside entertainment in one place, adding value to the concept of shopping at the Turkish national level, especially the European one.

Some of the Mall of Istanbul shops are still available for investment and ownership, so this is your golden opportunity if you want to invest in Istanbul and open new profitable avenues for your business.

The shopping mall is approximately 156,000 square meters in size and has been beautifully designed on 4 floors. The architectural details of Mall of Istanbul are inspired by the meticulous architecture of Sultanahmet Mosque, the historic Taksim Square, and the Yildiz Ottoman Palace. Through its spacious halls and glass ceilings that pass the sun to invest in the most comfortable nature lighting.

Mall of Istanbul

Shopping mall shops vary from fashion, electronics, traditional food, home furniture, children's toys, and a huge hypermarket to cater to your needs. Mall of Istanbul has many international brands that showcase the latest trends in women's and men's fashion, Formal and fun masquerade! Not to mention the establishment of the legendary low price festival, which occurs annually, and sells the international brands at very low prices for a limited period of time.

Istanbul Malls

Here at Gourmet Corner comes the most exciting moments of life. Eating and drinking is a daily pleasure, with a wide variety of international cuisine. The chance to taste the best cuisine, sweets, and even popular dishes. Enjoy the taste in a selection of cafes and restaurants that cater to all tastes of classic cuisine. Delicious, international cuisine, and delicious Turkish dishes.

At Mall of Istanbul theatre, local and international Turkish plays are held, and celebrity concerts are held for art lovers.

The mall also hosts many international exhibitions and festivals, which showcases jewelry, paintings, crafts, authentic crafts and seasonal decorations coming to Istanbul from all over the world.

For fun lovers, Mall of Istanbul, Europe's largest indoor entertainment city, is on the highest floor. The art lovers will find the largest cinema complex in Turkey!

Due to its unique location in the heart of the Basaksehir district, on the TEM road connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, Mall of Istanbul is easily accessible by public transport buses, as well as metro lines and free shuttle service, and from the Mall for visitors staying in most known hotels of Istanbul.

Entertainment Events of the Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul offers an exceptional lifestyle to the elite of the community, and you find everything that surprises and relieves you of facilities and activities:

Mall of Istanbul Cinema- The Largest in Turkey

Mall of Istanbul has the largest cinema complex in Turkey, cinetech Cinemas, which was first established in 2006 to change the concept of cinema in the country and add new dimensions to the pleasure of watching movies. The first branch opened in Antalya, then in Bursa, and recently Istanbul's largest cinema complex was opened in Mall of Istanbul.


Cinetech Cinemas cares about everything from the selection of employees, the quality of service provided, to the enjoyment of viewers, and provide a real experience to watch movies in accordance with the highest international standards. The movie theaters at Mall of Istanbul feature films from all over the world, as well as leading films in the box office rankings locally and internationally, with various selections such as drama, comedy, family films, animations, and more for all family members of all ages.

The latest innovations in the development of cinematography engineerings, such as 3D and more 3D projection techniques, are also being presented in modern and equipped cinemas, giving the viewer a unique cinematic experience that addresses all his senses.

Theater Mall of Istanbul: Art and Culture

A new artistic era, staged by the theater at the MoiStage, where the artists and art groups offer the most popular and international performances to the public directly, as well as the seasonal and sporty entertainment, circus shows, Puppet Theater and even interactive children's plays. The mall has 16 theaters with capacity Up to 3050 seats.

Around the mall, you will find modern and traditional art streets, an artistic performance center, and innovative corners to take pictures of the selfies! The market also has uniquely landscaped green gardens, with a municipal cultural café where you can have a cup of tea or coffee while reading one of the existing books; an exceptional Food Court suite, a currency exchange, and money exchange.

Mall of Istanbul Park- The Largest Indoor Theme Park in Europe  

Giant hammocks, high-speed space shutters, fun tunnels, a unique fantasy hotel in Turkey, which is a source of terror and explodes with games of fear and ghosts!! Points to buy and present gifts, and moments of excitement and pleasure spent with the entire family in MOIPARK, the largest indoor entertainment city in Europe, is one of the most important entertainment cities in Turkey and the Middle East, covering an area of 12,000 square meters inside the Mall of Istanbul.

In the fun house, the roller coaster, the little cars, the collision vehicles, the plastic fishing, the flying boat, and the horseback rides, your children's laughter will swiftly descend on the twisted trains between two floors filled with all sorts of exciting games and dozens of other fun games The most beautiful and largest city of indoor games in Europe MOiPARK  is located in the Mall of Istanbul where there is no limit to excitement and play. 

There are also a variety of challenging games and competition between players, and sports based on the strength, as well as the existence of a modern bowling alley, a huge race track, giant somersault games, and high-speed vehicles.

with the family of superheroes Rockheads, these funny space creatures, coming to the planet from their distant galaxy B22, waiting for their friends and children all over MOiPARK to cheer and spread joy in each of the fun games around the park, where there is no room but to play and thrill for all ages, the games are designed for children and others designed for adults; Space friends also offer their stunning performances at all corners of the theme park.

Our friends Rockhead will also have a special corner for your special occasions, share your children in their happy birthday candles, cut off delicious cakes, and provide children's cartoon characters, share game cards and points, spend an unforgettable day in the Moipark Park inside Mall of Istanbul. Enjoy your delicious meals and the sweets in the beautiful restaurant and cafe at the corner of the garden, and buy your own unique souvenirs shaped as garden heroes from the dedicated store. Come to MOIPARK in the Mall of Istanbul to start the fun now!

Mall of Istanbul Best Shopping Center in Europe!

With a track record of achievements and a rich history of awards, Mall of Istanbul has won several international awards during its series of development projects, selected as the "Best Integrated Multi-Use Project" and "Best Shopping Development Project" at the 2011 Europe Real Estate Awards.

Also, Mall of Istanbul won the prestigious ”Future Achievement Award" at the 2011 RLI Awards, organized by a leading global retail and entertainment magazine.

Mall of Istanbul was named the ”Best Shopping Mall"  of 2015 at the City Awards to identify the best in the luxury property industry.

The Complex of Mall of Istanbul has also proved successful internationally by winning the "Best Shopping Mall in Europe" award in the "Mega Shopping Centers" category of the ICSC.

The Most Prestigious Awards Received by Mall of Istanbul

  • Best Viva Award 2017. 
    ICSC - VIVA Best of the Best 2017
  • Best Marketing Award for 2017 - Golden Award for the category of (marketing institutions to B2B institutions). 
    Solal Marketing Wards 2017 - Golden Award B2B Category
  • 2015 Leed Golden Certificate issued by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).
  • Best Regional Shopping Center Award 2015 - City Awards.
  • Best Marketing Award for 2014 (Marketing Organizations to B2B Organizations). 
    B2B Category-2014 / ICSC Solal Marketing Awards
  • Best Mixed-use Project - European Property Awards 2011
  • Best Shopping Mall Development Project - European Property Awards 2011
  • Best Shopping Mall Development Project - International Property Awards 2011.
  • Excellence Award for Future Projects - International Awards for International Trade and Entertainment 2011.
  • A certificate of excellence, a 4-star rating, on the famous Trip Advisor website

Available Services at Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul offers a variety of important services that ensure the comfort of the residences, guests and visitors alike.

  • ATM machines.
  • Room for nursery and children.
  • Wheelchairs.
  • Deposit Boxes.
  • Information desk.
  • Foreign Exchange.
  • Wireless internet access (WiFi).
  • First Aid Point.
  • Spacious Family Baths.
  • Free garage parking.
  • Valet parking services.
  • A taxi station.
  • Transportation services.
  • Point of loading and downloading passengers.
  • Family situations.
  • Bicycle parking.
  • Purchase Tax Recovery Point ( VAT KDV).
  • External sessions.
  • Internal sessions.
  • Mosque (Friday prayers).
  • Facilities for people with special needs.
  • Modern decor.

mall of istanbul services

Mall of Istanbul: Worth the investment, worth to live in!

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