Top Countries Buying Real Estate in Turkiye

Discover which countries are the top buyers of real estate in Turkey and what factors make Turkey an attractive destination for property investment

Top Countries Buying Real Estate in Turkiye

Why Do Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

  • Real estate acquisition is a good way to get a home.
  • Acquiring Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport by investing.
  • A profit on your investment is one of the most attractive aspects of buying real estate in Turkey.
  • Turkey's enviable position in the world and its temperate climate make it a safe and attractive place to invest and build houses.
  • Comparing Turkey to other countries, the cost of living in Turkiye is low.
  • Infrastructure and economic development are key to a robust economy.

Top Countries Buying Real Estate in Turkiye


Iranians are also very interested in buying real estate in Turkey. Iranians are attracted by the economic stability and investment opportunities.


Iraqis are among the most frequent international buyers of Turkish property. This pattern is influenced by Iraq's proximity to Turkey, historic relationships, and economic factors.

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Russians are buying property in Turkey in large numbers, particularly in popular tourist destinations like Antalya or Istanbul. The allure of Turkey’s cultural and coastal landmarks is a significant factor.


Many Afghans who fled the unrest in Afghanistan have sought safety and financial opportunities in Turkey.


German buyers, who often buy property along the Mediterranean or Aegean coasts, are attracted to Turkey by its growing popularity as a holiday destination.


British citizens are showing interest in Turkish property, especially in places like Fethiye or Bodrum. This is particularly true for those who want to retire, vacation, or buy a house.


Saudi Arabians are attracted to Turkey by its real estate opportunities and cultural and historical attractions.

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Kuwaitis also invest in Turkish real estate, taking advantage of the expanding economy and wide range of housing options.


People from the United Arab Emirates have shown interest in Turkish property due to the close economic ties and the appeal that the towns and coast of Turkey offer. This is particularly true for residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Qatari investors are now looking into real estate opportunities in Turkey due to the welcoming business climate and thriving tourism industry.

Top Countries Buying Real Estate in Turkiye

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