Prices of villas in Turkey : Updated rates

Get to know the prices of the villas in Turkey in dollars and Saudi riyals. Also, recognize Turkey's best cities to buy a villa and the best villa complexes in those cities.

Prices of villas in Turkey : Updated rates

Prices of villas in Turkey : Updated rates

The average prices of villas in Turkey in dollars

In Turkey, prices of villas vary in dollar terms due to the different locations, size, proximity or distance of the villas to vital locations. In addition to other factors such as the quality of accessories, finishings and views, and the type of villa has a role to play in determining its price. The prices of villas in Istanbul are different from those in Sapanca, for example  as well as villas in Trabzon or Antalya, as each city has its own privacy. However, prices of villas in Turkey compared to their counterparts in Europe are low, and average prices in Turkey range from $1 million to $2 million, making Turkey an attractive environment for investors.

Average prices of villas in Turkey in Saudi riyals

The average prices of villas in Turkey vary in Saudi riyals due to the difference in the location of the villa, the number of its rooms and its area, and its proximity to the city center, and in general the average prices of villas in Turkey start in Saudi riyals between 4 million to 5 million Saudi riyals, and the average price can reach more than that. For villas distinguished by their luxurious locations.

فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

Prices of villas in Turkey Istanbul: Buyukyali for example

The average price of villas in Istanbul differs depending on the quality, size and location of the villa, its proximity to the sea. Buyukyali villas are an ideal choice for those wishing to own Istanbul villas. The project includes a number of villas with areas ranging from 330 m2 to 480 m2 with a garden, garage and fitness center for each villa, with prices averaging $80,000.

Prices of villas in Trabzon, Turkey: Al-Rashid complex

The prices of villas in Trabzon are cheap due to their nature and their views with the striking Arab presence, such as the Al-Rasheed Villas project, as it is one of the luxury new projects in the Ortahisar region, which is fascinating by its nature, and it is the administrative center in Trabzon, and the project combines the sea And the mountain, the average price is $150,000.

Prices of villas in Antalya, Turkey: Granda Villas for example

The prices of villas in Antalya are one of the most important factors that attract those who want to own real estate in Antalya, such as Granda villas, as the project is located in the Belek region in the countryside of Antalya, which is characterized by its charming nature and beautiful sandy coasts, which attract millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The average price is $250,000, which makes the project villas compatible with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment.

Villas in Sakarya, Turkey : Kuzluk villas for example

Sakarya villas are characterized by being located in distinct places with spacious areas, and the villas are independent with high-quality finishes, in an organized distribution that gives them luxurious views, such as Kuzluk villas, as the project is located in the Akyazi area, in a natural environment full of peace and tranquility, and a tourism environment that hosts more 700,000 tourists annually, and suit those with high tastes, and the average price is $250,000  approximately two hundred thousand dollars.


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