Unique Village Houses Prices in Turkey

When talking about the prices of rural houses in Turkey, we have to review the advantages of living in rural homes and the projects in Turkey, which we offer you in this area

Unique Village Houses Prices in Turkey

When talking about the prices of rural houses in Turkey, we have to review the advantages of living in rural homes and the projects in Turkey, which we offer you in this area.


Information About Country Houses Prices in Turkey

Many resort to the countryside in search of calm and tranquility and escape that life of noise and pollution, which have become a feature of life in the city.

In this context, Turkey is known for its crowded cities such as the city of Istanbul, which embraces nearly 16 million people. The population of the city increased by 6.4% and surpassed the population of 131 countries around the world.

At the same time, Turkey is famous for the diversity of natural and diverse landscapes, including plains, mountains, waterfalls, springs and agricultural land through its vast countryside.

Therefore, those who look for prices of rural houses in Turkey will find themselves in front of wide and different options, and below we review some of the advantages of rural life in Turkey:

Living in Turkish Countryside- Luxury Within Natural Landscapes

  • The simplicity of rural life and the complexities of urban life, depending on the nature of the social environment and the simplicity of business done there.
  • Enjoying tranquility, away from the noise of cars, machinery, and factories, giving you greater opportunity to focus and accomplish tasks.

اسعار البيوت الريفيه في تركيا

  • Enjoying the healthy lifestyle of rural life in terms of food habits such as vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy, cheese and animal meat available in the countryside of course, that will make you forget junk food.
  • Air free from pollution, due to the spread of trees and plants, and the absence of factories, cars, and machines that pollute the environment and spoil the air.

All of the above prompts many to look for rural homes for sale in Turkey. Here are some of the most distinctive rural houses:

فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

1. Luxury Village Houses Prices in Istanbul- West Mahalla Villas Project

  • Maximum quality of all materials and details in a complex full of luxury and magnificence.
  • The complex is located in Buyukcekmece district in the European part of Istanbul.
  • Buyukcekmece district is considered a quiet district in Istanbul which will give you serenity away from the hustle of the city.
  • The complex will give "detached villa with garden" life where you will have your own kingdom of luxury.
  • The project is full of recreational facilities where you will have a life full of social activities.
  • In the complex, there is no traffic, no air pollution, no crowd, no noise, and no earthquake risk, but there is peace, a scent of flowers, fun, activities, and sports.
  • You can reach TEM in 5 minutes, to Mahmutbey Toll Collection gates in 10 minutes, and to the Airport in 20 minutes.
  • Villas are guaranteed by the Turkish government.

2. Magnificent Sariyer Villas- Rural Houses and Villas Prices in Turkey

Sariyer Villas has a charming location in the Sarıyer district, bordering the most beautiful green landscape of Istanbul, overlooking the vast forests of Belgrade.

The project embodies an architectural style similar to the countryside houses surrounded by nature, while fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items can be found within a few minutes' walks of the beautiful Sarıyer market.

3. Country Villas Prices in Trabzon Turkey- Al. Bustani Villas Complex

  • New magnificent villas among the beautiful blue sea and the green mountains of Trabzon.
  • Located in the historical center of Ortahisar, which is the administrative center of Trabzon.
  • Beautiful charming views combining the sea and the mountain.
  • You can see the touch of luxury in every part of our new complex.
  • Few minutes from the coastal highway and Trabzon Airport.
  • Surrounded by many business projects, shopping malls, and vital service facilities.
  • 1 hour to Trabzon famous attractions like Uzungöl and Sümela monastery.

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Sources: Daily Sabah

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