The Best Guide to Istanbul's Public Transportation

Learn about the public transportation in Istanbul as the big city expands, the need to create a complex network and make it easy to move within the city. 

The Best Guide to Istanbul's Public Transportation

List of All Public Transportation in Istanbul

Transportation in its various forms is a major focus in the city of Istanbul in particular, which is the tourist capital of Turkey, and which gives it features different from some other cities. The most distinctive feature is the many modern and sophisticated projects that contain apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea. Transportation has various forms and types.

There are many public means of transport in Istanbul, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Buses in Istanbul

It is considered one of the most popular modes of transport in the European and Asian sections. These buses are preferred by a large number of residents of the city.

2. Istanbul Metrobus (The Fastest Trasportation)

The Metrobus is one of the fastest transport routes in the city. It runs on a dedicated road and stands in specific stations for the landing and boarding of passengers. The metro line extends to the European and Asian parts.

3. Metro in Istanbul (Underground)

The Metro is one of the fastest urban transport routes in the city and connects many vital and residential areas with each other, and there is currently a wide network of metro lines in the city will be addressed in our next articles in detail, whether those in the European continent or Asia and Its relationship with real estate investment in Turkey projects and such as villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey, which link the two continents with each other from under the seabed (Marmaray).

The metro runs from 6:15 am and stops at 12 pm on normal days, and may vary in daylight saving time and winter.

4. Tramway Lines in Istanbul

It is a train similar to a metro and runs on the ground in the form of a dedicated road wheel as in the metro bus and has several stations in both continents.

5. Ferryboats (Sea Taxis) in Istanbul

It is a maritime ferry for passengers and cars between the European and Asian continents, as well as external lines connecting the city with other cities such as Bursa and the islands.

6. MiniBus in Istanbul (Dolmus)

It is one of the means that are characterized by small size and payment directly, follow the payment to a specific tariff according to the distances. It does not adhere to the positions specified by the Directorate of Transport and depends on the desire of the passenger.

7. Taxis in Istanbul

Taxis are spread throughout the city and are considered one of the most expensive means of transportation in the city.

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