The Real Estate Promotional Campaigns in Turkey

How to manage  a successful real estate promotional campaign in Turkey? Learn the best ways and tricks to profit from your ads and to dominate the real estate market.

The Real Estate Promotional Campaigns in Turkey

Real Estate ... Advertising ... Internet ... Turkey...

The four pillars of the successful real estate investment, the real estate is investment’s master, the real estate is the advertising portal, the Internet is the largest market, Turkey is the country of investment and real estate renaissance because of the location, government policy, social and commercial vitality... Recently, the real estate sector has attracted nearly 30 percent of total foreign direct investment!

The Internet Domination on the Real Estate Market in Turkey

In the present era, the Internet has become the first choice for those wishing to enter the real estate investment market, in percentages more than 90% in some countries, and became the traditional options: traditional real estate agents, road advertising, and print ads in newspapers and magazines… Options in second class.

A statistical study in 2005 found that only 11 percent of the advertising budgets of real estate companies were allocated to e- podiums, and by 2010 the figure had risen to about 64 percent... Today, there is no doubt that the figures are much higher, advertising on those platforms only!

Arab Real Estate Companies in Turkey

Arab marketers on social networking podiums have been the first to attract investors from outside Turkey, where the offerings, services, and facilities offered to real estate investors or property owners in Turkey have been varied.

فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

Real Estate Promotional on Social Media Platforms

The social networking platforms have earned a large share of advertisers because of their popularity, low prices for their advertisements compared to others, and their precise potential to identify target audiences according to many criteria such as age, language, geographic range, and interests. In the best way ... All this makes of it a rare case for an Arab user to surf Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, or even public blogs ... without having to run across several real estate ads every day.

On the other hand, these real estate announcements paved the way for the expansion of the Arab real estate investment base in Turkey as part of a series of integrated steps by real estate companies that address Arab investors.

The Promotional Concept of Imtilak Real Estate

For example, Imtilak the real estate company, as the leading Turkish real estate company heading to the Arabs, where the marketing extends to all stages of ownership of real estate, from the idea of ownership of the property until it is received, and can be summarized as follows:

  • Finding the desire to owning a real estate in Turkey, by highlighting the growth of infrastructure in Turkey, " Earth’s Paradise ", the most prominent news of Turkey, and the successes achieved by Turkey firsthand...
  • Periodical statistics for the sale of real estate in Turkey, and to publish articles of interest to the investor.
  • Translation of Turkish real estate and investment laws into Arabic and English.
  • Provide a series of real estate education programs such as series (real estate is the best decision).
  • Translation services and breaking the language barrier between Turkish and Arabic or English.
  • Proposals and facilities of interest to the real estate investor and encouraged.
  • Definition of the most appropriate projects available, warning bumps real estate, and awareness before buying the property.
  • Comprehensive and free real estate consultation.
  • The company's services before and during the sale: starting from the reception from the airport, and book accommodation, tours to choose the best real estate investment areas, leading to follow-up contracting, sale and extraction procedures for the Land Registry.
  • After-sales services: such as maintenance, design, decoration, modification and selection of furniture, as well as follow-up legal and financial affairs such as payment of real estate taxes on time, and the repayment of the amounts of proceeds periodically, and the receipt of the rental value of the tenant and transferred to the account owner, and other commercial and service services that fall under Real Estate Asset Management ,which was sought by the investor, looking for a certified offered his hand...

Unadvertised Property Marketing

Imagine how real estate companies can deliver their message and services to those interested in social media, with limited access to unfunded publications! Most marketing campaigns will not work these days after these platforms have narrowed natural reach to the expense of funded ads, forcing companies to finance ads as the only way to reach potential customers, especially since those devices have categorized their users so strongly that they approach From delivering the right advertising to the right person, and how does marketing in Turkey reach the concerned countries in the Arab countries without promotion or paid advertising?

The Power of Google Ads in the Real Estate Market

Google… that amazing object, which knows the user sometimes more than his brother, offers companies and advertisers real and tangible economic temptations, known to taste their honey and taste, it devours the lion's share of the budget of advertisers on the one hand, and chasing interested and interested in the real estate and come out of them all the way, The smell of interest in the real estate from the Internet user to give him the colors and arts of real estate ads close to his desire, and the more interested the user more, the more his offers more, and the more advertisers paid him gave them more fruits and clicks more...

Therefore, the term "Where is the escape?" is believed to be communicated to advertisers and users alike! Especially in a country undergoing a revolution in the real estate world, such as Turkey.

Avoid the Random and Unorganized Real Estate Ads

Perhaps the fierce real estate competition between real estate companies in Turkey increases their recourse to advertising, so that advertisers will not take the market at the expense of non-advertisers, and this advertising competition may have been a strong factor for the customer, providing him with information and options effortlessly, easily and easily, and It has to balance wisely between these many sources of marketing.

Targeting, appearance randomizes and information fault… The secret of inconvenience

Four factors are responsible for the inconvenience in advertising:

The intensity of commercial competition, and the over-distribution of advertising budgets, where every advertiser wants more access to a larger audience and raises his budget.

Uninterested Audience Selection: Most e-advertising means the ability to select and determine the type of target audience, vary in quality and accuracy with the right audience, and the advertiser's ingenuity, expertise or ignorance in choosing the audience has a key role to play for the right person, Appear for people who are not interested or interested in advertising.

Ad Medium Policy: The same ad often appears the same person several times, possibly up to ten times, and this actually bothers the user even if they're interested in real estate and advertising.

Inaccurate personal information about the user: Many users do not record the correct data, in order to ensure the security of their information, and may have changed some of their interests and place of residence and did not change them in their pages, and this leads to inaccurate results in the targeting process, interested.

Scam Real Estate Companies: Protect Yourself and Be Vigilant 

Advertising on the electronic platforms does not require accurate documentation of the advertised party, and this allows the counterfeit companies to advertise and advertising, and the marketer can advertise any real or "real or fake" projects, whether in Turkey or Europe or Africa easily, and perhaps this It hurts the real companies and serious projects.

Caution is required before buying the property

The investor and the owner of the property must take the utmost care and caution in dealing with such advertisements, so that he will not be swayed by the bright promises or deceitful image, and he will not be attracted to the advertisements of simplification of installments, payments, and promises without scrutiny, especially if there is an exaggerated exaggeration in advertising. Should be investigated by experts and specialists, and licensed companies that have a history and reputation in the real estate market, especially in Turkey, where the real estate companies are very large.

Finally, it cannot be said about real estate ads, but it has become a reality imposed on users and advertisers, the cost of advertisers and the inconvenience of users, but it is not without benefit to the parties often. 

مجمع أتاكوي بالإنجليزي مجمع أتاكوي بالإنجليزي

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