The most important infrastructure projects in sakarya and their advantages

Detailed information about the most important infrastructure projects in Sakarya and their advantages, and also read about the stages of infrastructure development in Sakarya in recent years.

The most important infrastructure projects in sakarya and their advantages

Through Imtilak Real Estate, you will find all the details related to the infrastructure issue in Sakarya, the related stages of development over recent years, and real estate projects located in areas characterized by their strong infrastructure in Sakarya.

What distinguishes infrastructure projects in Sakarya?

Sakarya, which is among the major states in Turkey, has a strong infrastructure of diverse roads and transportation and has some of the best service centers and institutions of health, educational, and marketing facilities.

However, what distinguishes infrastructure projects in Sakarya is some of the following advantages:

  • Multiple means of transportation, including public and private buses and trains, and their comprehensiveness to connect all areas to each other in Sakarya, in addition to highways that facilitate and speed up movement within the state.
  • It provides a large number of public and private hospitals, which have the best medical staff, as there are 11 government hospitals, 13 private hospitals, and two university hospitals, as well as other health centers and clinics.
  • Two public universities offer the highest levels of university education, in addition to a large number of public and private schools, which provide education for all educational levels.
  • Nearly 5 huge marketing centers, which include the most famous local and international products and brands.

Infrastructure in Sakarya

How have infrastructure projects developed in Sakarya in recent years?

The public sector, represented by the mayor and the governor, issued many giant projects for implementation in Sakarya, and tenders were launched that allow the participation of private sectors to contribute to the development process of the various facilities in the infrastructure of Sakarya.

Tangible steps have been taken in expanding the infrastructure networks, up to the present day, which, through the completed projects, has attracted many investors to live in different areas of Sakarya.

What are the most important infrastructure projects in Sakarya?

1. Road and transportation

Roads and transportation are among the most important infrastructure projects in Sakarya, as they cover most of the residential and tourist areas in Sakarya. Through approximately 30 public transport bus lines designated by the Sakarya municipality, residents move between regions with great ease, and some rural areas can be reached through these buses in Sakarya.

In addition to public transport buses, there are some minibusses known as dolmuş, which, along with the bus movement, contribute to expanding the movement of residents in Sakarya, given their medium sizes, a dolmuş can move in small neighborhoods, and enter places that public transport buses cannot reach.

There is also a line dedicated to express trains linking the state of Sakarya with Istanbul, due to the geographical proximity between the two states, as trips start from the central Adpazari district in Sakarya, and end in Pendik on the Asian side of Istanbul.

As for the highways that reach Sakarya, there are the E80 and D100 lines that pass the state of Sakarya longitudinally, and contribute to the acceleration of movement within and outside the state.

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Infrastructure in Sakarya

2. Airports

The nearest airport to Sakarya is Cengiz Topel Airport, about 30 km away. Despite the development of this airport, and the increase in passenger traffic day by day, its capacity is very limited, so it cannot be relied upon as a basic travel option.

Kirikenar Airport also provides great convenience to the residents in air transportation, as it is located within the borders of Sakarya, and it is possible to reach the airport by taxi and bus.

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, located on the Asian side of Istanbul, is one of the most important options for residents wishing to travel to Sakarya. This airport, which allocates internal and external flights, is about an hour away from the state of Sakarya.

Infrastructure projects in Sakarya

3. Subway (Metro)

After the visit of the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure to the state of Sakarya during the last stage, it was approved to establish a group of railways and to enter the metro line system between Sakarya regions. The first line is scheduled to reach the government hospital in the center of Sakarya state, while the second line will connect to the university campus in Gar Square, located at a central point in the state, while the third line will connect to Gar Square with the center of the bus station.

4. Tunnels

There is some work related to the huge tunnels linking the states of Ankara and Istanbul via Sakarya, where the General Directorate of Railways will construct a total of 8 tunnels within the scope of the Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed ​​Rail Project.

5. Communications and the Internet

Thanks to the strong infrastructure that Sakarya has on the one hand, and due to the development of science and technology in the digital world, all means of communication and the Internet that provide communication with others by voice and video are available everywhere in the state, and these devices that ensure communication with the other have become a basic necessity that does not can be dispensed with.

6. Water and sewage networks

The Sakarya municipality administration worked in cooperation with the concerned authorities in the management of water and sanitation to expand the range of water networks to reach various areas in Sakarya, and Sapanca Lake contributed to providing a large capacity of water to the rural areas of the state.

7. Educational institutions

There are many types of educational institutions in Sakarya, such as kindergartens, schools, institutes, colleges, and universities that work to meet the educational needs of students and contribute to the process of socialization of students.

In addition to the aforementioned educational institutions, there are many cultural centers in Sakarya, such as clubs, associations, and academies that are run by individuals or private entities, and aim to develop the basic educational process in Sakarya.

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8. Health facilities

Public and private hospitals are spread in all regions of the state of Sakarya and provide all health care services to all residents in this state. Health service facilities are not limited to public and private hospitals only, but also include clinics and private clinics, and many other facilities and health centers, such as general surgery centers, dental centers, and dialysis centers.

9. Services and facilities essential to the economy

The Turkish government seeks to make a qualitative leap in its economic facilities, by providing the necessary ground for establishing many real estate projects, or strengthening infrastructure and establishing industrial cities in Sakarya, and this would reflect positively on the development of the Turkish economy on the one hand, and providing all integrated logistics and housing services, and placing them in front of investors on the other hand.

What are the future plans for infrastructure projects in Sakarya?

Thanks to its strong infrastructure, Turkey has become a global model for strategic planning these days, with the help of global expertise, it will set new plans for itself, with the aim of developing priority innovative projects in the field of infrastructure and public transportation.

These future projects will play an influential and powerful role in supporting the future direction of the coming years and achieving the leadership of Sakarya among the Turkish states in terms of the strength of their infrastructure.

How does the infrastructure in Sakarya affect the investment value of the city?

The real estate investor usually wonders before buying a property about the impact of the infrastructure on the property to be purchased, and when it comes to the state of Sakarya, and the services it provides of the highest quality in terms of all aspects of living, we find a great demand for real estate purchases in sakarya.

This great demand from investors to buy real estate in various regions in Sakarya came due to the abundance of vital services available in it, and the large number of social and recreational facilities that guarantee the residents a classy life, especially near the natural landmarks that are distributed on its sides, and its geographical proximity to the state of Istanbul.

The large number of hospitals, schools, malls, and service facilities in the state of Sakarya confirm the positive impact and the great investment value that infrastructure adds to real estate in the city.

The best-serviced areas in terms of infrastructure in Sakarya

The central district of Adpazari in Sakarya is one of the best-serviced areas in terms of strong infrastructure, as it is the point that forms a transportation node, and through which most of the buses for domestic transport pass.

There are some of the best public and private schools in the Adpazari region, some university colleges, and vocational schools are concentrated in it, and there are many shops and shopping malls in Sakarya.

Sapanca is also at the forefront of the areas desired by foreign investors, thanks to the remarkable urban growth and development it is witnessing, near Istanbul, because of its strong infrastructure in terms of schools, health, and shopping malls, and since it is a tourist area that includes the most beautiful natural manifestations.

The best residential projects in Sakarya, located in the areas of its distinctive infrastructure

Get to know Imtilak Real Estate on the finest apartments available in the areas with strong infrastructure in Sakarya:

  • The Sakarya River Project, which is located in central Adpazari in the state, is within walking distance of natural attractions and is close to hospitals, schools, and many important services.
  • The City Villas Complex is located in one of the most beautiful natural areas surrounding Sapanca Lake, which is one of the most important tourist centers, and the complex is close to the transportation routes that connect it to the center of Sapanca, as well as easy access to Istanbul and other neighboring cities.
  • The Eski Rose project, which is located in the Serdivan area within the green city of Sakarya, and this area has witnessed remarkable urban growth and development in recent years, and the project is surrounded by a group of public and private schools, in addition to many vital services.


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