The best international and Arabic schools in Kocaeli

Learn about public schools, international and Arab schools in Kocaeli, their prices, the areas in which they are located, and the nearby residential projects

The best international and Arabic schools in Kocaeli
2022-08-16 Last update 2022-08-31

The best international and Arabic schools in Kocaeli

In this article, we review a study of Arab and international schools in Kocaeli, in terms of their areas, numbers, and installments, the opening of new schools and branches, or the transfer of their headquarters. These schools offer multiple options for the curricula that they adopt, and some of them decide on multiple curricula in the same school, such as the Arabic and British curricula.

The reality of school education in Kocaeli

Kocaeli has a sufficient share among the tourist cities in Turkey for the Arabs and occupies a natural position not long ago until it won a distinguished place in the lists of Arab tourism near and far from Turkey as well.

Since education is compulsory in the Turkish state, primary, preparatory, and secondary schools are available in every neighborhood of Kocaeli.

Given the tourists' familiarity with Kocaeli’s atmosphere and the nature and generosity of its people, some Arabs took it as a place of residence and a stable for their families. It was natural that the issue of study and schools in Kocaeli and educational attainment emerged as one of the urgent matters to meet the needs of the Arab community residing in the city.

 Public schools in Kocaeli

Like other Turkish cities, all the elements of urban life meet in Kocaeli, starting with hospitals, government centers, and markets, through schools and their types, public and private universities, and so on, which gives the impression of modern urban life.

The Turkish government has established in Kocaeli, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, more than 250 schools for the three stages. Therefore, one of the main or sub-districts of Kocaeli is not devoid of an elementary school and a middle school in addition to a secondary school. In large areas and neighborhoods, there may be a need for two schools instead of one, this is to increase the absorptive capacity and fill the need within the same region.

schools in Kocaeli

Conditions for accepting foreigners in public schools in Kocaeli

Foreign students must submit some official documents when registering in one of the public and private government schools in Turkey, or those international private schools that grant a certificate recognized in the countries of the world, and these documents are:

  1. Register the Population of the student, to determine the school closest to his residence, or one of the invoices for the house in which he lives, and registered in the name of the student’s guardian, to show the correct address through it.
  2. The student's tourist residence permit.
  3. A document or certificate of completion of the student’s previous academic stage, issued by the country from which he is coming, with the certification of the certificate from a notary public after its translation, to determine the academic grade on the basis of it.

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The best international schools in Kocaeli

There are many local private schools in Kocaeli, as for the international schools in Kocaeli, there are so far three schools:

School name



Nearest project

Tev Inanc Turkes High School For Gifted Students



Muallimkoy Mah. 4126 Sok. 25/A

Mubas Residence & Meva Complex

Özel Kocaeli Bahçesehir Anadolu Lisesi



Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi
Yurt Caddesi No 8/A

City Palaces, Beykent Kartepe, Doruk Residences & Barfin

TED Kocali Koleji

English & Turkish

Fatih Mh, Galip Erenoğlu Cd.

Yuvacık / Başiskele / Kocaeli

Real Kocaeli, Armoni, Ustpark Complex & Beyzade Houses

Prices for international schools in Kocaeli

Prices of international and private schools in Kocaeli range according to the educational stage and level of assessment, location and level of education, the languages ​​in which they are taught, etc., taking into account the features of the school that are reflected in its fees. However, schools often have discounts and offer throughout the year, especially at the beginning of the school year.

There is always competition between schools to provide the best features, equip schools with the latest educational means, contract with the most skilled teachers, gain the satisfaction of parents, and earn a good reputation.

It is possible that there will be discounts offered by the school to parents according to certain circumstances and cases, as schools always strive to improve their level in order to be ahead of their peers.

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international schools in Kocaeli

The best Arabic schools in Kocaeli

Despite the increasing number of Arab residents and investors alike in Kocaeli, and the city's economic and tourism importance to Arab investors, who own its lands or rent their properties. However, as of the date of writing this article, there is no private international Arabic school in Kocaeli. Therefore, it is an opportunity for those looking for educational investment projects in the region. The Arab community residing in Kocaeli still needs an Arab school that guarantees an excellent education for their children.

For more information or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact the Imtilak Real Estate team.

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