The best international and Arabic schools in Trabzon

Learn about public schools, international and Arab schools in Trabzon, their prices, the areas, and the housing projects nearby, to provide a better future for your children and ensure a high level of education.

The best international and Arabic schools in Trabzon
2022-06-07 Last update 2022-06-14

The best international and Arabic schools in Trabzon

The reality of school education in Trabzon

Trabzon sits on the throne of Turkey's tourist city for Arabs and also occupies a natural location that ranks first the lists of Gulf tourism in particular, and the Arabs in general.

When people liked the good atmosphere of Trabzon, and the nature of its people, some Arabs took it as a habitat for their residence, and a stable for their families. Therefore, the issue of study and schools in Trabzon and educational attainment emerge as an urgent matter to meet the needs of the Arab community residing in Trabzon, which we are talking about in this article.

Public schools in Trabzon

Like other Turkish cities, all the elements of urban life meet in Trabzon, starting with hospitals, government centers, and markets, passing through all kinds of schools, and not ending with public and private universities.

Accordingly, one of the main or sub-regions of Trabzon is not devoid of an elementary school and a middle school in addition to a high school, and the need in large regions and neighborhoods may impose two schools instead of one, to meet the capacity and the need within the same region.

For example, the coastal municipality of Yomra in Trabzon includes a sufficient number of various public schools that include primary, preparatory, and secondary schools, in addition to imam and preacher schools.

Schools in Trabzon

Conditions for accepting foreigners in public schools in Trabzon

Foreign students must submit some official documents when registering at a public school in Turkey, which are:

  1. Tourist residence permit or temporary protection for the student.
  2. The student’s Population record to determine the school closest to his/her residence, or one of the invoices for the house he/she lives in, and registered in the name of the student’s guardian, to show the correct address through it.
  3. A document or certificate of the student’s previous academic stage issued by their origin country with the notarization of the certificate after its translation to determine the academic grade on the basis of it.

The best international schools in Trabzon

Trabzon may not have a large variety of international schools, but it has a good range of private schools, which are often located in the lively city center, or within the relatively crowded neighborhoods, most of which are located in the central Ortahisar district in the lively heart of Trabzon.

In the following table, we show a real estate view of a variety of these private Turkish schools, with reference to the nearest new housing projects that Imtilak Real Estate company is marketing in the vicinity of these schools.

School name



Nearest projects

Candan Koleji


Bahçecik, Alim Sk. No:5, 61060 Ortahisar/Trabzon

Majesty project



Kaymaklı, 219. Sk. No:29, 61100 Ortahisar/Trabzon

Terrace Yalincak Project



Gazipaşa mah. 1 nolu zeytin sok. Zeytin cad. No:6 ortahisar/, Trabzon Merkez/Trabzon

Lake Park Complex

Ozel Trabzon Ata Ilkogretim Okulu


Soğuksu, Soğuksu Çk., 61040 Ortahisar/Trabzon

Palm Garden Project

Boztepe Koleji


Çukurçayır Mah. Hasan Turfanda Cad. No:40, 61000 Ortahisar/Trabzon




Kanuni, Horon Cd. No:57, 61010 Ortahisar/Trabzon


Prices of international schools in Trabzon

The prices of international and private schools in Trabzon range according to the educational stage and grade, and also taking into account the school’s features that are reflected in its fees.

Accordingly, tuition fees in private and international schools in Trabzon can range from 15,000 TL up to 40,000 TL per academic year.

The best Arabic schools in Trabzon

Interestingly that despite the importance of Trabzon as a tourist for Arabs, the growth of the Arab community residing in Turkey, and the increase in the number of Arab residents in Trabzon, whether from investors or owners of its lands or renters in its real estate, there is no Arabic school in Trabzon until the date of writing this article.

The Arab community residing in Trabzon still lacks a private Arab school, which could be a good investment project for those who wish to invest in the educational sector in Trabzon.

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