Studio Apartments: The Pros and Cons

Learn about studio apartments, and why you should live in one. This guide defines the studio apartment and shows the advantages of living in it.

Studio Apartments: The Pros and Cons

What Is a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are small homes where multiple spaces, like living areas and bedrooms, are combined into a single space for ease of living.

Some studio apartments feature a washroom which may or may not include a bathtub/shower combination; otherwise, this facility usually forms part of a communal area accessible to multiple apartments with various arrangements in place to guarantee privacy. Furthermore, certain studio apartments may provide extra storage space attached directly or remotely from their main unit.

Who is a Studio Apartment right for?

International Students

International students' studio apartments tend to be more cost-effective than larger units, which makes them suitable for budget-minded students with multiple obligations on their plates. There are fewer maintenance and cleaning requirements in a studio apartment as compared with its counterpart.


Studio apartments provide an ideal accommodation option for expatriates adjusting to a different culture or lifestyle, providing comforting surroundings without taking up much extra room.

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مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع قريبة من اسطنبول انجليزي

Low-Income Citizen

Low-income citizens Studio apartments can be an economical solution for those on tight finances. Rent and utility costs tend to be lower in studio apartments compared to larger houses or apartments, plus smaller spaces require less furniture for setup which means a reduced initial outlay cost.

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Regular Traveler

Studio apartments provide an ideal option for frequent travelers who find themselves on the move frequently, providing them with a place they can call their own when living out their travel dreams.

The Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment

  • Single people who spend limited time at home will love studio apartments; it makes the best sense when constantly on the go.
  • Studio apartments can be more easily furnished because of their smaller sizes. No need to purchase expensive sofas, coffee tables, and dining tables when simplicity can help save both time and money on costly home improvement projects.
  • Studio apartments tend to be cheaper than one-bedroom units depending on where they're located.
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The Cons of Living in a Studio Apartment

  • Before making your final decision about renting a studio apartment, it is wise to thoroughly assess both its advantages and disadvantages. Studio apartments tend to be smaller in space and finding furniture suitable to their dimensions may prove challenging.
  • As soon as space becomes limited, being creative with furniture selection is crucial for success. Your preferences will dictate whether to create an under-bed couch sleeping area for a loft-style sleeping space or minimize dining with a small round table; either way, making sure a studio bedroom works is an ongoing journey that brings its own challenges.
  • Shared living can be taxing. Each person brings with them different expectations and ways of handling things; one-bedroom apartments may seem appealing in this respect.

Studio Apartments

Why Studio Apartments Make Great Investments

Where to Buy Studio Apartments in Turkiye


Istanbul boasts an energetic metropolitan environment filled with diverse residents; rent can vary depending on whether a particular area attracts many students seeking housing options or provides easy public transit access.


Antalya City, Turkey - an idyllic coastal city popular among both visitors and expatriates - boasts studio apartments that cater specifically to tourists or expats in areas that attract them.


As the capital city, Ankara features government offices, business centers, and universities that may attract studio apartment investors looking for studio investments in areas near these hubs.


Izmir city can offer visitors and residents alike an attractive coastal location, making the area appealing to both. When selecting residential areas within Izmir that provide a balance between attractive living environments and easy access to amenities.

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