Sultan Murad Heights in Trabzon

Sultan Murat Yaylası is one of the most beautiful attractions for tourists from all over the world. Where the most beautiful landscapes and called the Sultan Murad because of the tomb of Sultan Murad.

Sultan Murad Heights in Trabzon
Sultan Murat Yaylası is one of the most beautiful attractions for tourists from all over the world. Where the most beautiful landscapes and called the Sultan Murad because of the tomb of Sultan Murad. 

Sultan Murad Heights in Trabzon

Sultan Murad Heights is located southwest of Trabzon, in western Turkey. It is about 75 km away from Trabzon and 35 km from Uzungol Lake. It is located on the highest mountain slopes in the region and prayed with his army the Friday prayer, therefore, it was called Yayla Sultan Murad. The Sultan Murad Heights can be reached from Uzungol via the coastal road and before the Uzungul road, 2 km from Chaikra, the road is paved with asphalt at its beginning but will be narrow in its end. Despite all this, you will be amazed by the stunning natural views.

The Magical Views of Sultan Murad Heights

Sultan Murad Heights embracing the clouds, imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful place, watching the clouds around you like you are in heaven! Feels great, ain’t it? Not only that, snow covers the place throughout the winter to separate a white coat like the bride's dress between the lawns. In the summer and spring, the green plain in the lawns and the mountains. The clouds that occupy their place among the mountains and meadows have a striking appearance like white gazelles.
The sights in Sultan Murad Heights vary as you progress and all are very beautiful, while the terrain changes as you climb up, and you have to take the appropriate clothes for the weather and umbrella. The area there may be rain at any time and therefore take precautions. However, the rain there is nice and refreshing as it is a light spray that gives the viewer more beauty.
Sultan Mourad Heights is green foothills that do not contain trees. The fog is often thick. It is located in the foothills of the village of Sultan Murad. You can see it in the evening and the clouds beneath it are walking like rivers, a landscape you cannot imagine when you see it. Yes, you will not believe the reality of this place is like places fictional movies, green carpet all on the extension of your sight and clouds Asflk and around you. Sultan Murad Heights is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Trabzon.
Sultan Murad Village is a small village with beautiful houses and a large hotel Taşkın Hotel is famous in the region, and the village is famous for its activities and celebrations where the people of other villages in the region to celebrate religious holidays and national shopping bazaars are also established, so if you visit Sultan Murad Heights on holidays, you will see the celebrations and the people combined in the foothills of the mountains and green meadows and children playing here and there and happiness on the faces of everyone, all the villagers there are good, in short the scenes there will give you a new look and distinctive and you will be happy.

The Tourism in Sultan Murad Heights

The Sultan Murad Heights are important for tourism and are intended for many tourists from around the world, especially the Arabs, because of its spectacular views. It is an important destination for them when they visit Trabzon, and with the hotel in the village of Sultan Murad has helped more tourism to spend more time in the highlands. So some tourists intend to hotels in the city of Trabzon and then they visited the areas they want to have. Some of whom bought  apartments in Trabzon  to visit whenever they wanted to, because of the many landmarks in the city of Trabzon, such as  the monastery Sumila  and Uzungol Lake, and other tourist areas has led to the advent of For many tourists to visit all these monuments, including Sultan Murad Heights, therefore the demand for  real estate in Turkey has  become high in recent years. We recommend that you visit these landmarks and wish you a pleasant trip.
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