The most important tourist places in Alanya

Your guide to learn about the most famous and most important tourist places in Alanya and the value they add to the city, including museums, mosques, malls, parks, lakes, archaeological sites, and palaces

The most important tourist places in Alanya

Alanya is the pearl of the Mediterranean, the charm of the warm cities in southern Turkey, and one of the most attractive tourist resorts for foreigners.

Learn with us in this article the most important tourist attractions in the city, and the link between tourism and real estate investment in Alanya, Turkey.

What are the most important tourist features of Alanya?

The most important factors affecting tourism within Alanya are determined in four main points:

● The climate

Alanya is characterized by a coastal eastern Mediterranean climate and acceptable temperatures in summer, and moderately cold in winter. Most of the rain falls in Alanya during the winter, and the long summer is mostly dry.

Fog also covers the heights of Alanya due to the Taurus mountain range near the sea, and the mountainous heights of Taurus are covered with snow even on hot summer days, which gives the city a unique advantage when it gathers the opportunity to relax on the warm sands of the beach next to the nearby snowy heights.

● A coastal city

Alanya is located on the northern bank of the Mediterranean Sea, directly on the sea coast, in a geographical location embraced by green mountains, and in a civilized site in which a group of successive civilizations has lived, which left evidence and remained a witness to this until today.

● Linguistic and cultural diversity

In Alanya, you will find yourself among a heterogeneous tourist mixture of many languages ​​that frequent the city from the entire world. Here, Russian meets with French, English, and even Arabs from many dialects, so that you will not fail to find an interpreter who speaks your language elsewhere.

● Beauty and tranquility

The beauty of nature in Alanya, located within the administrative borders of Antalya state, has also tempted hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock to enjoy its tourist benefits annually, to relax in its quiet environment.

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Tourist places in Alanya

The most important and famous tourist places in Alanya

Now, we talk about 6 groups of tourist attractions in the city of Alanya in the Turkish state of Antalya:

Archaeological sites in Alanya

We mention:

● Byzantine Castle

The castle is located in an elevated area (250 meters above sea level). It dates back to the Hellenistic era before it was rebuilt during the Seljuk era. The castle towers bear the symbol of the Seljuk state, and large parts of the castle still exist today.

The castle was first built by a group of pirates in the Roman era, then many annexes were built during the era of the Byzantine state before it was rebuilt in 1221 during the reign of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad the Seljuk, and then successively ruled by the Karaman princes, the Mamluks, and the Ottoman Empire.

● Ataturk Monument

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Monument is located next to Alanya's main square, only 200 meters from the seaside.

On the monument site, there is a beautifully landscaped garden, surrounded by shops and restaurants of all kinds.

● Red Tower (Kızıl Kule)

The Red Tower is one of the most prominent historical symbols in Turkish Alanya. It is one of the most preserved Seljuk buildings in Alanya. The tower was built early in the era of the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad.

The tower was built of red bricks, 33 meters high, and is perhaps one of the most important examples of medieval military architecture in the region. The tower played a prominent and historical role in protecting the port and shipyards in the region from the attacks of naval enemies.

● Damlataş Cave

It’s the most interesting cave among the tourist areas in Antalya, due to its therapeutic benefits for asthma patients. It is a deep cave that was discovered by chance as a result of blasting rocks.

Damlataş Cave is located west of Alanya Castle on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Damlataş Cave

● The Maiden’s Tower (Kızkalesi)

It is a sea fortress located in the Erdemli district of Mersin state, close to Alanya. The castle was built in the year 1199 AD by the Byzantine leader Leon I, who ruled the region under the Byzantine state, according to the ancient inscriptions found inside it.

The castle attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy its sea coast and sandy beach, within a tourist-serviced area each year.

The most famous beaches of Alanya are:

● Kleopatra Beach

The beach is close to the tourist center of Alanya, and it also has fine pebble sand and pure blue waves. Tourists go to Kleopatra Beach to spend their summer holidays, where they can relax, swim and practice many enjoyable water activities, it is one of the generally serviced beaches.

● Keykubat Beach

Keykubat Beach is located 2km from the center of Alanya. The beach is characterized by its beautiful location and close to the tourist city. It is considered one of the picturesque beaches due to its clear water and crystalline grains of sand.

● Orange Beach

Orange Beach is located near the touristic center of Alanya, and the beach extends for about 1 kilometer. It has also been awarded the Blue Flag award, which is given to the cleanest and most serviced beaches.

● Demirtaş Beach

Demirtaş Beach has the name of the town that extends next to it. The beach is characterized by its famous cave, which is frequented by tourists in order to discover its exciting attractions and recover from asthma.

The beach is surrounded by green pine trees, and the beach is famous for the phenomenon of sea turtles that lay their eggs on the coast.

● Ulaş Beach

Ulaş Beach is about 5 to 8 km away from the center of Alanya. It’s surrounded by trees, plants, and colorful flowers from everywhere.

The beach can be reached by crossing over a wooden ladder to reach the sea coast, due to the nature of the rocky area covered with thick trees.

Ulaş Beach

● Mahmutlar Beach

Mahmutlar Beach is located in the east of Alanya. It is a beach that is often less crowded, and enjoys beautiful natural scenes, especially at sunset.

Alanya Museums

We mention:

● Ataturk House Museum

It is the house in which Mustafa Kemal Ataturk stayed during his visit to Alanya, on February 18, 1935, then the owner of the house donated his house to the Ministry of Culture, where the house was restored, and it was opened to visitors as a museum, under the name Ataturk House Museum in Alanya, in the year 1987.

The building reflects the characteristics of Turkish architecture in the nineteenth century in Alanya. On the ground floor of the 3-story building, this museum displays some personal belongings, photographs, telegrams sent by Kemal Ataturk to the people of Alanya, and other historical documents.

In the rooms on the second floor, the house retains the characteristics of typical Alanya houses with all its features, and various samples of ethnographic elements of the Alanya region and its surroundings are also displayed throughout the museum.

● Alanya Archaeological Museum

For a tour between the corridors of ancient history all the way to the Stone Age, and then to the modern era and the period of the Ottoman Empire, we recommend visiting Alanya City Archaeological Museum.

The museum was opened to visitors in 1967, and it displays among its walls a group of antiquities dating back to the Bronze Age and other successive historical stages in the region. The museum also includes a collection of Turkish and Islamic antiquities dating back to the era of the Seljuk state and the Ottoman Caliphate.

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Alanya Archaeological Museum

Alanya Parks

Among the most famous parks in Alanya, we mention:

● Mustafa Şahin Cultural Park

Mustafa Şahin Cultural Park is located in the center of Alanya, and it is one of the most famous family entertainment facilities in Alanya. The park provides children's play areas, restaurants and cafes, and sports tracks. The park also includes small shops selling handicrafts, and other amenities.

● Emirgan Ulas Theme Park

Along the rocky beach of Alanya is the Emirgan Ulas Theme Park. The park ranks among the most popular tourist facilities in Alanya, due to its privileged location in the heart of beautiful nature. The park includes a group of carved rocks, restaurants and cafes, and a group of historical monuments.

● Kedi Evi Park

In Turkish, it means the cat's house as the park includes one of the municipality's projects that aim to provide shelter for street cats, while providing food, and the wooden houses designated for them.

The park also includes a fountain and a large water pool, topped by a beautiful wooden bridge, and places to sit and relax in the midst of nature, where the green areas and green trees surround them on each side.

● Ataturk Park

The park is located near the tourist Cleopatra Beach and is characterized by its large green spaces, making it one of the most suitable places for walking, exercising, and relaxing under the shade of its trees while enjoying the refreshing sea breezes.

The park includes beautiful fountains and memorials, in addition to a children's play area, a basketball, and a tennis court.

Ataturk Park

● Alanya Municipal Park

Alanya Municipal Park is one of the largest public parks in Alanya, with an area of ​​50,000 square meters. The park also includes the largest flagpole with a length of 35 meters.

The park includes many diverse facilities and playgrounds, as well as shops, restaurants, and local businesses.

Mosques of Alanya

Now, we move to talk about the most famous mosques in the Turkish city of Alanya, the most important of which are:

● Süleymaniye Camii

The Suleymaniye Mosque in Alanya (Süleymaniye Camii), which is considered one of the most famous mosques in Turkey, dates back to 1231 AD.

The construction of the Alanya Suleymaniye Mosque was ordered by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keyqubad, and since it dates back to the pre-Ottoman Caliphate era, the features of the ancient Ottoman architecture are clear from its construction, which merges with the touches of the Seljuk building.

● Kazim Bulut Mosque

It is a mosque with a beautiful architectural structure, right in the center of Alanya, about 800 meters from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. From the outside, the mosque looks like an old mosque, but it is a modern mosque, and it is distinguished from the inside by its beautiful modern decorations and shape.

Kazim Bulut Mosque

●  Kuyularonu Mosque

Kuyularonu Mosque is located in the center of Alanya in the market area, it’s a beautiful and spacious mosque near the port.

The mosque takes a square shape for its land area, with a length of 67 meters and a width of 64 meters, and it can accommodate 840 worshipers at one time. The mosque's only minaret rises to a height of 88 meters, and a dome with a diameter of 25.5 meters and a height of 48.5 meters.

● Gemili Mosque

The mosque is located on the coast of Alanya, about 2.3 km from its center. The Gemili Mescit in the Turkish city of Alanya is one of the strangest mosques at all, despite its small area.

It is a historical Seljuk mosque, but it is devoid of all aspects of Seljuk architecture. The mosque was built of bricks and takes a cubic shape, and its construction dates back to more than 700 years ago, and it is not similar in shape to other mosques at all, as it is built without beacons or domes or any inscriptions or decorations, except that its internal walls contain unusual drawings. Usually, in mosques, ship drawings of more than 170 drawings of ships on its walls, represent the history of the marine life of Alanya in the thirteenth century.

Alanya Shopping Malls

Among its most famous malls, we mention:

● Alanyum Mall

It is the largest shopping mall in Alanya, as it includes dozens of international brands and Turkish products, in addition to its entertainment departments, restaurants, and cinemas.

Alanyum Mall was established in 2006 and is located in the city center, in the Gomhouria Mahalsi neighborhood, and it consists of 60 shops, where most Turkish brands and many international products meet.

● Time Center

It’s one of the active shopping malls in Alanya in the Konaklı district, the mall includes 47 shops of the most important Turkish and international brands, in addition to restaurants that offer food and beverages, and a section for children's entertainment.

The name of Mega Mall was recently changed to "Time Center Mall". This mall is very popular with tourists due to its proximity to the tourist resorts and hotels in its area.

● Green Body

It is one of the stores in Alanya that specializes in selling body care products, made from natural materials free of chemicals, such as soaps, hair oil, moisturizers, body and skin massage creams, medical towels with international brands, and other products.

● Benoit Store

It is a store that specialized in selling women's clothing, as well as all kinds of decorations, antiques, and antique products of all kinds.

Tourism investment opportunities in Alanya

The increasing tourism demand for Alanya is its largest capital, and by exploiting the tourism resources by taking advantage of the services provided in this sector, the best profit opportunities can be created in this important city.

Wherever tourism is, tourism investments can achieve a good income for its owner but on the condition of being aware of the type of investment to be immersed in, and studying the opportunities accurately and rationally while monitoring the reasons for success in the tourism investment that will be accepted.

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The value added by tourism to real estate in Alanya

Previous tourist seasons witness the real estate crowding in Alanya in particular and other southern Turkish cities in general.

Russian and European tourists are recording increasing numbers in the balance of tourism to Alanya, which has become one of the most preferred destinations for this category, due to its aesthetic features and tourism services.

Therefore, real estate investment in Alanya remains among the most profitable tourism investments, especially during the annual tourism seasons.

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