The best tourist places in Sakarya

Your guide to getting to know the most famous tourist places in Sakarya and the most important historical and tourist attractions within it, including museums, gardens, parks, waterfalls, lakes, and historical mosques

The best tourist places in Sakarya

What are the most important features of the tourist city of Sakarya?

The state of Sakarya, Kocaeli, and the Turkish city of Sapanca has beautiful natural features and attractive real estate ownership opportunities, given their locations near Istanbul, the breathtaking beauty of their nature, and their various recreational and tourism services.

Therefore, we summarize the most important features of residency in Sakarya within three important things:

  1. It has a clean green environment.
  2. The calm and serenity that crowded cities lack.
  3. In addition to its proximity to the vibrant city of Istanbul.

This is one of the most important things that constituted an additional incentive to live and reside there, in addition to tourism among its picturesque areas.

The most important and most famous tourist places in Sakarya

We discuss here the most famous historical places in Sakarya, in addition to its most important gardens, and many other tourist attractions:

Historic places in Sakarya

We mention:

● Justinian's Bridge

A historic bridge over the Sakarya River. Its construction dates back to about 15 centuries during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (558-560). It is one of the oldest and longest historical bridges in the Sakarya region so it still performs its role to this day.

The bridge was built of cut stone and relied in its construction on the system of stone arches. It consists of 12 arches with 7 stone belts. It was built with huge stone bases that can withstand the flow of water and the loads that pass over it, and its length extends to 365 meters.

● Harmantepe Castle

It’s an ancient historical castle whose ruins, with its five gates and towers, and walls that are almost two meters thick, still stand witness to this day. The construction of this Byzantine fortress dates back to the 12th century AD when the Byzantine state built it on the Sakarya River with the aim of repelling the conquests of Muslims at that time.

● Kozluk Termal Area

It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Sakarya, where it contains hot water springs that are used for some natural treatments and for recovery from diseases, and it is one of the most famous places for medical tourism in the city.

● Sakarya Historical Museum

It’s the only museum within the Adapazarı district of Sakarya state, tombstones and coffins from the ancient Byzantine period and other items from the Roman period are displayed in its garden. The museum building has three floors: the second floor is a museum of archeology, and the third floor is more like a museum for the ethnography of the region.

Sakarya Historical Museum

The most beautiful gardens of Sakarya

We menion:

● Uzunkum Park

It’s one of the public parks located on the pier of the beautiful Lake Sapanca directly from its eastern side, on the road to the city of Adapazari, where you can enjoy watching the lake from a wide and extended angle and spend the most beautiful hours with your friends or family members.

● Kent Park

It’s a beautiful park located in the center of Sakarya and includes a train for children and a lot of free games, in addition to restaurants and cafes, the park is characterized by the beauty of the view and the distinctive calm, and also includes some ancient monuments, an artificial lake decorated with colorful fountains at night and boats that can be rented.

● Sakarya Park

It’s a large public park close to the center of Sakarya, characterized by its wide green spaces, and other places for children's games, as well as its elegant arrangement and various service facilities.

● Serdivan Hill Park

With a beautiful view of dazzling green surroundings, and one of the famous plateaus in the Serdivan region of the state of Sakarya, which is popular with windsurfing enthusiasts from all sides, as this plateau is known as one of the best paragliding areas in Turkey, due to its stable winds that blow from the Black Sea, providing the opportunity to fly by parachute for several hours.

انجليزي: المشاريع البحرية جديد انجليزي: المشاريع البحرية جديد

The most beautiful waterfalls and lakes of Sakarya

We mention:

● Maden Falls

Maden Deresi Falls is located along the Karasu River, northeast and the state of Sakarya, and on the way to the waterfalls you will walk among the beautiful forests and you can see a group of caves, a camping area with distinction worth visiting by lovers of adventure and recreation in nature.

● Masukiye Falls

It is a group of waterfalls that pass between the tourist restaurants on a mountain slope characterized by its coolness even on summer days and is located specifically on the way up to the famous Mount Kartepe.

● Sakarya River Falls

Along the length of the Sakarya River, which is one of the longest rivers in its region, there are many medium-sized waterfalls that people go to for leisure.

● Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake: It is the most famous tourist attraction in Sakarya and one of the closest large lakes located next to the city of Istanbul, as it extends over an area of ​​45 km, and is surrounded by a green belt of green mountains.

In recent years, Sapanca has turned into a tourist center that attracts Arab tourists in particular, because of its attractive and charming sights.

Tourism investment opportunities in Sakarya

Sakarya and Istanbul are separated by about an hour by car, and due to the great diversity of tourism and the beauty of the nature of the state, Sakarya has turned into one of the most important centers of nearby tourist attractions, due to the availability of dozens of attractive tourist attractions, which are worth a visit.

In this regard, the tourism industry in Sakarya has clearly risen, and in multiple ways, whether through the establishment of some tourist and service facilities or through real estate investment by owning and renting a property during the tourism seasons or even reselling the property after a period of time and benefiting from the increase in prices.

The value added by tourism to real estate in Sakarya

The importance of tourism and its great impact on the real estate value of any region, and in a city like Sakarya, in particular, is clear.

In this context, the major construction companies in Sakarya are still betting on the real estate future of the region, through the implementation of dozens of luxury villa complexes, and residential buildings that real estate investors receive, whether for residence or recreation in the summer or investing and profit through one of the various forms of real estate investment, especially in residential complexes with high features and integrated facilities, given the luxury housing models and promising investment environment they provide, compared to other properties.

Tourist places in Sakarya

Whether your goal is to own property in Sakarya for the purpose of residence, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship, your options in Sakarya will be very generous, with Imtilak Real Estate offers that guarantee you get the best suitable opportunities in the city, which is one of Turkey's most beautiful tourist resorts, and the closest to the city Istanbul.

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