Four Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship: What Is the Fastest Way?

In the context of the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by Turkey, citizens of many countries in the region aspire to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy its privileges...

Four Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship: What Is the Fastest Way?

In the context of the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by Turkey, citizens of many countries in the region aspire to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy its privileges. The following article reviews the official methods adopted to obtain it, leading to the fastest and most guaranteed way in this field.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship: Legal Ways

Turkey offers a model country of stability and development along with historical and cultural heritage, which has embraced many nationalities of various countries of the world, through many facilities for those who wish to settle in, and benefit from the advantages of Turkish nationality.

The country's development at all levels has contributed to attracting stability seekers, especially from the Arab region and the Middle East. The Turkish authorities have been positive in their aspirations to grant citizenship to those who deserve it and meet certain criteria.

The government applies the laws on the methods of obtaining Turkish nationality to all foreigners, which are specific in ways that we will mention, and recently the privileges related to economic investment have been added, especially in the area of real estate.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

The Government has identified clear ways for obtaining citizenship, by specific criteria that must be observed, and are summarized in the following four ways:

Method 1: Staying in Turkey for five consecutive years with a work permit.

Method 2: Exceptional Turkish citizenship is granted in very special cases, often involving holders of university degrees in the first place.

Method 3: Economic investment of at least $ 400 thousand for at least three years.

Method 4: Applying for citizenship after three years of marriage from a Turkish citizen, in which case the following conditions must be met:

  • Proof of the integrity of the intention, that the marriage is founded on sound foundations, and the purpose of making a family, not based on the interest.
  • No work is shown to the contrary.
  • The foreign spouse does not pose a threat to Turkish national security and public security.

The Turkish government put the main condition in addition to the above: applicants are not linked to any terrorist-classified organizations in Turkey that undermine the country's security, sovereignty, independence, and unity.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship: What are the legal requirements?

Regarding the matter, Lebanese researcher Ali Bakir says about the issue of naturalization in particular: is subject to legal requirements. If the applicant meets the legal requirements, his chances of getting approval will be high.

الجنسية التركية انجليزي الجنسية التركية انجليزي

"Turkey is now one of the very few countries that are stable in the region, and there are those who want their nationality, often businessmen and investors,” Bakir adds.

He saw that Turkey was not an easy country for Arabs with limited or low incomes, and moving to it was not easy for them.

He pointed out that Turkey, like other countries, sets conditions for obtaining nationality and then makes you take advantage of the benefits of Turkish nationality, and also needs to attract expertise and skills that do not exist and wants to maintain population growth to support economic growth in the long term.

Turkish citizenship: high turnout in the real estate sector

The recent amendments, issued two months ago, have accelerated the pace of foreign investors, especially Arabs, to own property in Turkey to become Turkish. Investors have already begun the process after completing transactions at record speed.

According to information obtained by Anadolu, investors of several nationalities, including Jordan, Yemen, Libya, and Iraq, recently got citizenship after buying property worth $ 250 thousand, pledging it for three years, and completing their transactions in all stages of security and others.

The Turkish National Statistics Agency clarified in a report a few days ago that the rate of purchase of real estate by foreigners for 2018 rose by 78.4% compared to 2017, through the sale of 93663 properties.

Iraq leads the list of property buyers, followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, then Russia, and Kuwait, showing the diversity of nationalities and focusing on the Middle East, especially the Arab countries.

To obtain Turkish Citizenship: Property Investment is The Best 

Each person's subjective factors and circumstances must play a decisive role in choosing the most appropriate way to obtain Turkish citizenship if he or she desires.

However, after reviewing the legal ways above, it appears that real estate investment in Turkey is the fastest and most secure way in this regard.

Real estate in Turkey

Where the waiting period after completing the official papers does not exceed forty-five days maximum!

In addition to the advantages of Turkish nationality, not to mention the investment side of the economic feasibility of the investment process, the process that begins as a real estate investment and may not end by obtaining a strong Turkish passport only!

FAQ About Turkish Passport

The Turkish passport ranked 24 globally in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic, recording 86 points on the visa-free travel index. Turkish passport holders have visa-free access to 40 countries and 40 countries via visa on arrival. It is expected to gain its power back after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Turkish citizenship conditions vary according to different types and processes, as there are many ways to get Turkish citizenship, such as citizenship through real estate investment, investment in the stock market, recruiting Turkish workers, or marriage by a Turkish citizen. Citizenship by real estate investment is the fastest track.

Newly Turkish nationals have all political, civil, social, and economic rights guaranteed by The Turkish constitution, such as the right to vote, stand for election, work, own a property or car, freedom of movement, get ID cards and passports, register birth and death, and attend court proceedings.

There are four types of Turkish passports: the Bordo passport issued for members of the public, the diplomatic passport (black) issued for members of the National Assembly, Ministers and senior officials; the special passport (green) issued for civil servants; and the service passport (grey) issued for Turkish citizens working for international organizations of which Turkey is a member.

The Turkish passport is one of the world’s powerful ones—no inaccessible countries. The Turkish passport has access to the whole world countries; though it gains visa-free for many countries, some countries require visa on arrival or before travel. 


شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي شقق للبيع بالتقسيط انجليزي


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Source: Anadolu Agency

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