Universities in Sakarya and their most important features

Your guide to knowing the best universities in Sakarya, including university majors, university rankings, and the city's most important features for undergraduate students.

Universities in Sakarya and their most important features

Get to know about the most prominent universities in Sakarya and the residential complexes near these universities through Imtilak Real Estate company.

What is the reality of university education in Sakarya?

Sakarya is one of the Turkish states located in the Marmara Sea region, known for its geographical proximity to Istanbul, about 154 km away, thus, it is one of the preferred states for international students to study at its universities.

Sakarya has two public universities, the first known as Sakarya University, and the second known as Sakarya University of Applied Sciences. These two universities include various departments, colleges, higher institutes, vocational schools, and institutes for graduate studies, where all literary, scientific, engineering, medical, administrative, and sports disciplines are available, as well as other departments and other disciplines.

Thanks to the strong infrastructure owned by both the University of Sakarya and the Applied University, from laboratories, offices, halls, and classrooms, to university dormitories, and in light of the presence of advanced educational tools in its social and cultural facilities, and in light of the availability of highly qualified teaching staff, it can be said that the reality of university education in Sakarya is very developed, and it is well prepared to receive foreign students to study in its universities.

Universities in Sakarya

The best universities in Sakarya

1.Sakarya University

Information about Sakarya University

Sakarya University (SAÜ) is a public university, established under Law No. 3837 and issued by the Turkish Higher Education Institution on July 3, 1992, in the state of Sakarya, which is classified among the major Turkish states, with a population of more than one million population.

Sakarya University is one of the few public universities that was established in the nineties and was able to develop its administrative units and its academic and technical infrastructure at a tremendous speed, and in a short period, it was able to obtain the ISO-2002 Quality Certificate and the Certificate of Excellence Level Known as EFQM.

Sakarya University provides educational opportunities for local and international students, through 13 faculties, 5 institutes of higher studies, and vocational schools, and uses both Turkish and English languages ​​in teaching its curricula. As for the number of students at the university, it is as follows:

  • The number of students in all higher institutes and vocational schools: 5,113 students.
  • The number of students in all faculties: 40,968 students.
  • 3,938 Master's students.
  • 1,517 PhD students.
  • 4,199 international students
  • 160,000 graduates
  • 1,500 academic staff members and teaching assistants

As for the campus of Sakarya University, it is distributed in the following points:

  1. Esentepe Campus: This campus includes the College of Computer and Information Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Law, the College of Communication, the Colleges of Engineering, the College of Health Sciences, the College of Art, Design, and Architecture, and the College of Political Science.
  2. Hendek Campus: It has the Faculty of Education only.
  3. Körük Campus: It has the Faculty of Medicine.
  4. Adpazari Campus: It contains vocational schools and higher institutes.

Throughout its three-decade history, Sakarya University has received many international awards issued by European and international scientific institutions, presented a number of research and scientific articles, and signed many agreements with international universities and institutions. Thanks to this, Sakarya University’s ranking reached 23rd at the local level and ranked 1512 globally.

The most important feature of Sakarya University

Among the most important features of Sakarya University are the following:

  1. The evolving educational reality of the state of Sakarya at the university level.
  2. The strong infrastructure is owned by Sakarya University.
  3. Diversity and development of educational facilities from offices, laboratories, and university residences.
  4. Social facilities such as restaurants and cafes in order to meet the daily needs of students.
  5. The presence of facilities and gymnasiums and entertainment belonging to the University of Sakarya.
  6. Academic educational bodies provide a high level of university education.
  7. Availability of various specializations in colleges and institutes.
  8. Tuition fees are cheap compared to other private universities.
  9. The advanced ranking of Sakarya University at the local and international levels.
  10. The use of the English language in some university majors.
  11. Signing a set of agreements with some international institutions such as Erasmus, allowing students to study in European and international universities.

Sakarya University ranking

Sakarya University's majors

There are 13 faculties at Sakarya University:

  1. College of Computer and Information Sciences: It includes the departments of Information Systems Engineering and Software Engineering.
  2. Faculty of Dentistry.
  3. College of Education: It includes the departments of Computer and Educational Technologies, Education, Mathematics, Technical Sciences, Department of Turkish Language and Social Sciences, Department of Special Class, and Teaching of Foreign Languages.
  4. Faculty of Arts and Letters: includes the departments of German language and Literature, Biology, Geography, Oriental Languages ​​and literature, Philosophy, Physics, English language and Literature, Statistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, translation, psychology, art history, Social Work, Sociology, History, Turkish and its literature.
  5. College of Law.
  6. College of Sharia.
  7. College of Communication: It includes the departments of public relations and advertising, communications and design, and the departments of journalism, radio, television, and cinema.
  8. College of Business Administration: It includes the departments of Human Resources and Administration, Business Administration, Health Administration, International Trade and Finance, and Management Information Systems.
  9. College of Engineering: includes the departments of Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Food Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Geophysical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, and Building Materials Engineering.
  10. College of Health Sciences: includes the Departments of Obstetrics and Nursing.
  11. Faculty of Architecture and Artistic Design: The departments of Visual Communication Design include traditional Turkish arts, painting, ceramics and glass designs, and architecture.
  12. Faculty of Political Science: includes the departments of Economic Business, Industrial Relations, Economics, Economics, and Political Science, Public Administration, Finance, and International Relations.
  13. Faculty of Medicine

In addition to 5 institutes:

  1. Institute of Educational Sciences
  2. Institute of Science and Technology
  3. Institute of Business Administration
  4. Institute of Health Sciences
  5. Institute of Social Sciences

There are two vocational schools:

  1. Adapazarı Vocational School
  2. Professional School of Health Services

Moreover, there are 162 undergraduate programs, 26 technical institutes and vocational schools, 155 master's programs, and 87 doctoral programs at Sakarya University.

Sakarya University ranking

According to the Ranking Web of Universities, which is concerned with ranking universities at the global level, Sakarya University was able during the current year to reach 23rd place at the local level, and 1512th at the global level at the university rankings.

Sakarya University fees

Tuition fees at Sakarya University vary according to the specialized program, educational stage, and type of study. Tuition fees start from 1,500 TL for some departments in the Institute of Health Sciences and reach 22,000 TL for the Faculty of Medicine, and Sakarya University fees can be found in various Undergraduate majors by clicking here.

Sakarya University specialties

2. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences

Information about Sakarya Applied University

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBÜ) was established by decree published in the Official Gazette on May 18, 2018, and after the slogan “The University combines knowledge and skill,” it decided to separate from Sakarya University.

This university has one institute for postgraduate studies, 6 faculties, one higher institute, and 12 vocational schools, and it is located in the same area as the University of Sakarya, while the higher institutes and their vocational schools are distributed in different regions of Sakarya.

The essential thing that distinguishes Sakarya University of Applied Sciences from Sakarya University, and the main objective of establishing such applied universities is the practical aspect that it provides for professional sciences, training students with the aim of graduating them, and creating diverse job opportunities for them, which is one of two universities of applied sciences, in addition to Isparta University of Applied Sciences in Turkey.

General information about the university:

  • Year of Establishment: 2018
  • 600 academics
  • 25,989 students
  • Language of instruction: Turkish
  • Type of university: public
  • Local ranking: 157
  • Global ranking: 8170

Universities in Sakarya

The most important feature of Sakarya Applied University

The most important feature of Sakarya University of Applied Sciences is the practical aspect that it offers to students, through which it aims to make the most of the studies and professions that students study in various colleges, higher institutes, and vocational schools to create diverse job opportunities for them.

Also, this university aims to train the workforce to meet the needs of society, develop mechanisms of community participation and turn them into benefits, in addition to the presence of university student clubs that contribute to the development of the sciences acquired by students.

  • Specialties of Sakarya University of Applied

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences has one postgraduate institute, 17 vocational schools in various services, and 7 faculties in different disciplines:

  1. College of Health Sciences
  2. College of Mathematical Sciences
  3. College of Technology
  4. College of Tourism
  5. Faculty of Applied Science
  6. Faculty of Agriculture
  7. College of Transport and Logistics

Sakarya Applied University ranking

According to the Ranking Web of Universities, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences was able this year to reach 157th place at the local level, and 8170th at the global level in the university rankings.

Sakarya University of Applied Fees

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences fees are one of the cheapest public universities in Turkey, where some university majors start from $150, and in some other disciplines, they reach $250.

الضمان الحكومي انجليزي الضمان الحكومي انجليزي

Residential complexes near universities in Sakarya

You can own a property with the best urban specifications within the residential complexes close to universities in Sakarya, as Imtilak Real Estate company promotes some real estate projects located in points close to educational centers, and the most prominent of them are:

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