Universities in Trabzon and their most important advantages

Your guide to the best universities in Trabzon, including university majors, the ranking of universities in Trabzon, and the city's essential features for undergraduate students.

Universities in Trabzon and their most important advantages

What is the reality of university education in Trabzon?

Trabzon is one of the most important major states in Turkey, it has been distinguished by its interest in university education institutions since the establishment of the Turkish Republic. Trabzon is the first Turkish state after Ankara and Istanbul in which a university for higher education is established.

Currently, there are 3 prestigious universities in Trabzon with a high academic, research, and scientific ranking at the level of the Republic of Turkey, and regionally at the level of European countries.

Universities in Trabzon have large numbers of local and international students, and universities in Trabzon teach more than one language besides Turkish, such as Arabic and English in most or some disciplines.

Therefore, the reality of university education in Trabzon is considered one of the advanced fields in the city at the level of the Republic of Turkey, where the city flourishes with its research centers and the proportion of its educated and educated population.

The most important features of Trabzon for university students

  • City ​​climate

Trabzon’s climate is dominated by rainy weather throughout the world, where rain falls on the city during the four seasons, and the peak of that rain is in the fall, and the winter of Trabzon is cold and snow falls heavily, unlike the summer, autumn and spring seasons, where the temperature is moderate with humidity between medium and elevated.

  • Access to the city

Trabzon has an airport for the city, which receives domestic flights from Istanbul and Ankara, and other international flights from several different destinations. It’s also linked to international land roads that connect it to the rest of the Turkish states. The city is 12 hours away from Istanbul by land, and 9 hours from the Turkish capital Ankara.

  • Cost of living

Trabzon is generally classified as a medium to a cheap city in relation to the cost of living in major cities and states in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

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  • Touristic attractions

Trabzon is one of the first Turkish tourist cities and is famous for its scenic natural attractions, such as the famous Uzungöl Lake and the charming countryside of the city, in addition to the historical and archaeological sites in the state.

  • Ease of movement within the city

Transportation in Trabzon is based on public transport buses that cover all places in the state, so that public bus stops are spread throughout the city, in addition to minibusses and taxis.

Universities in Trabzon

Trabzon has 3 universities that teach tens of thousands of local students and hundreds of foreign students. The universities in the city are:

Universities in Trabzon

1. Trabzon University

It’s a public university established in 2018, it includes 7 faculties, academic and professional institutes, in addition to translation and research centers.

  • Trabzon University majors

The university includes more than 32 academic programs distributed among 7 specialized faculties as well as many graduate and research programs. The most important faculties at the University of Trabzon are the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Sports Sciences, and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

  • Trabzon University ranking

The University of Trabzon is locally ranked 163 at the Turkish university level, and 9173 at the level of international universities.

  • Trabzon University fees

Trabzon University fees are low for Turkish and foreign students compared to private universities, being a public university.

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Trabzon State Universities

2.  Karadeniz Technical University (KTU)

A public university is the first university scientific edifice established in Trabzon, and the first university was established outside Ankara and Istanbul after the establishment of the Turkish Republic, where it was established in 1955.

  • Karadeniz University majors

The university includes more than 49 academic programs distributed among 12 faculties, 92 master's programs, and 61 doctoral programs, and the number of students at the university is 29,000.

  • Karadeniz University ranking

Karadeniz University is locally ranked 26th at the level of universities in Turkey, and 1560th at the global level.

  • Karadeniz University fees

In comparison to private universities, Karadeniz University fees are moderate and cheap, because the university includes qualitative, scientific and technical disciplines such as engineering, human medicine and information technology.

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Trabzon State Universities

3. Eurasia University

It’s a private university that was established in Trabzon in 2010.

  • Eurasia University majors

Eurasia University in Trabzon includes more than 26 majors of study spread over 5 major faculties, the most important of which are the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

  • Eurasia University ranking

Eurasia University in Trabzon is ranked 183 at the level of Turkish universities and is ranked globally at 11,301.

  • Eurasia University fees

Eurasia University fees are considered medium to high-cost since it is a private university. However, in general, it is low cost for foreign students, due to the lower cost of university tuition fees in Turkey compared to universities in Europe and the Middle East.

Residential complexes near universities in Trabzon

Imtilak Real Estate company provides a group of real estate projects located close to universities in Trabzon, through the company's branch and its own team in the city. Some of the most important of these projects are:

  • New Yomra 959 - IMT
  • Palm Garden 955 - IMT
  • Akcabat Towers 25 - IMT


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