How to Set Property Rent and Value in Turkey?

An investment analysis on the top factors for determining property value and rent in Turkey with the best tips to increase the maximum price for your apartment

How to Set Property Rent and Value in Turkey?
2017-08-01 Last update 2021-11-03

How to Set Property Rent and Value in Turkey?

Leasing and renting are one of the most common business real estate transactions in Turkey due to the great activity witnessed by the real estate sector. Customized contracts are arranged for leasing and leasing in order to guarantee the rights of both parties based on the terms specified in these contracts.

There are some things that are done in contract organizing processes in order to guarantee the rights of the lessor, For example, those who cannot pay the amount to pay. In this case, for example, the law provides that the lessee be given the time required to apply to the bankruptcy department. And if no guarantees are made during this period. The lessor may terminate the contract unilaterally without the need to make any notices in this context.

Below we will answer some questions in this context.

How to Calculate the Rental Value of Apartments in Turkey?

The rental rate for an apartment is calculated as taking 1 out of 180 or 1 of 200 of the price of this apartment. For example, if the price of the apartment is 300 thousand Turkish liras, the average rent of this apartment will be 1500 TL.

The Annual Percentage of Rental value in Turkey

The premium allowance that will be added to the amount determined for rent is calculated based on the CPI for that year, which is calculated according to the economic inflation rates for that year and according to the specific terms to be agreed by the parties. Additional high ratios should not be added to these specified ratios in order not to cause harm to the parties.

How is the Rent Allowance Determined for 5 years?

Taking into account the subject of the contract between the parties for periods of up to five years or more depending on the calculation of the increase rates taking into account the opinion of experts in this area, where the rates are expected to increase for the next period in the CPI, To measure between apartments and such properties. Prices may change in accordance with the previous paragraphs of contracts organized in this context. In this case, updates on the monthly allowance for rent can be made based on the circumstances.

How to Calculate the Renatal Premium Value in Foreign Currency?

It will not be possible to make an adjustment to the rental allowance if the payment is made in foreign parts if the contract has not been exceeded for five years. At the end of five years, the rate of change in the foreign exchange rate shall be taken into consideration. In this context, the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be applied if necessary.

Should Tenants Pay for Addtional Expenses in Turkey?

The Tenant will not be charged with additional expenses other than the rent and expenses it must pay. It will not be possible to assign any additional matters that would cause him or her to pay urgently or otherwise.

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