Uzungol Lake in Trabzon: The Magical Turkish Nature

One of Turkey's most famous landmarks is a natural lake of Uzungol, it's become a major attraction for tourists from all over the world, known for its beauty and magical surroundings.

Uzungol Lake in Trabzon: The Magical Turkish Nature
2016-03-30 Last update 2022-09-19

Uzungol Lake in Trabzon: The Magical Turkish Nature

Turkey is famous for the beauty of its archaeological sites and its charming nature. Many tourists come for a long journey to see its wonderful attractions. Others are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey to visit whenever they have the opportunity. One of Turkey's most famous landmarks is a natural lake with international fame. It is considered the beautiful because of its nature, the lake of Uzungol and written in Turkish Uzungöl means in Arabic "Long Lake" let’s know more.

Uzungol location: Where is Uzungol Lake Located?

Uzungol Lake is located in the south-eastern part of Trabzon on the foothills of the Soganli Mountains in the Çaykara district of Trabzon province in northeastern Turkey on the Black Sea. The lake has been named after a village on the lake shore. Over the years, the lake has gained a lot of popularity and attracted many tourists from around the world. It is about 99 km away from the center of Trabzon city center, and about 19 km from the center of Çaykara. The lake was formed about five centuries ago when the Hellen dam blocked the flow of the Haldinese River.

The lake rises 1100 meters from the sea level and the length of its circumference is seven kilometers also its water is sweet.

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The Magical Nature in Uzungol Lake Trabzon

Uzungol Lake is characterized by its charming beauty, located in a valley between the high mountains and surrounded by wonderful nature and by dense trees, green grass and the mountains overlooking the village of Uzungol on the lake, Many believe by seeing the place that it is not accessible but it is visited by many tourists and has been connected with roads, you will find lots of green areas around the forest surrounded by mountain forests and fog too! It covers the lake at night, giving you a unique view.

A lot of tourists visit the lake to spend their day there. You will find the fishermen fishing there and specifically fishing the river salmon, which lives in cold water, making it the favorite dish for tourists and there are restaurants famous for cooking in the village next to the lake.

The transport infrastructure was improved near the lake. In 2008, the government erected a concrete barrier along the shoreline of the lake so as not to dampen coastal roads due to its waves, but this provoked protests by local residents and environmental organizations concerned with environmental damage and said it could turn into a giant artificial pond.

Tourism in Uzungol Lake 

The lake is visited by many tourists from all over the world and from the Arabs in particular. It is the second most popular trip in Turkey after the monastery of Sumela in Trabzon and you will find in the neighboring village small hotels so tourists may visit them two days or more as they wish and spend their time roaming in nature or camping, Especially between the months of May and July, where the weather is beautiful, moderate and sunny, You may need some time to stroll around the lake in the mountains and the beautiful nature. You can take a break in the village's restaurants, which offer the most delicious food. There are souvenir shops, moreover, the road to the lake is very difficult, it is full of turns between the mountains and full of gravel, yet many tourists come by bus or private cars from the city of Trabzon and as it takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

You will find many tourists looking for real estate in Trabzon because of the many attractions and proximity to Lake Uzungol There are many hotels around the lake to the 532 hotels, you can rent mountain bikes near the lake and spend the most beautiful time there with the nature and distinctive and wonderful weather in the region Lake Uzungol trip should not miss and will definitely enjoy it.

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