How Much Does a Villa Cost in Turkey- Property Prices Guide

Prices of villas in Turkey vary according to several factors such as location, geographical nature, proximity to the city center, space, etc...

How Much Does a Villa Cost in Turkey- Property Prices Guide
2019-05-03 Last update 2023-02-02

How Much Does a Villa Cost in Turkey- Property Prices Guide

It is normal that the prices of villas in Turkey vary according to several factors such as location, geographical nature, proximity to the city center, space, the extent of finishing, and the interaction of supply and demand...

For example, considering the price of villas in Istanbul compared to its peers in Europe, we see a significant decline in the prices of villas and real estate in Istanbul in general, which makes Turkey the right investment environment attractive to investors from all over the world.


Glance At Villas Prices in Turkey- Investment Analysis

Many people tend to prefer real estate ownership in Turkey to other types of investment, regardless of the type of property (apartment-villa-farmland-offices-shops).

However, what makes the choice to own a villa in Turkey distinctive is the possibility of combining tourism in Turkey with future investment at the same time!

Perhaps the biggest gain is in obtaining Turkish citizenship, on the basis that the price paid for the villa must cover the minimum required to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership ($ 250,000).

All the above gains make the price of villas in Turkey a focus of search and investigation by investors and businessmen, looking for options within the price of villas in Turkey in dollars, or the price of villas in Turkey in Saudi riyals...

List of All Types of Villas in Turkey

1. Holidays Villas in Turkey

This type of villa spreads on the outskirts of the cities, across the Turkish countryside, away from the tourist centers and the vital points. Therefore, the prices of normal villas are cheaper than the rest of the villas in general.

2. Luxury Tourist Villas in Turkey

Distinguished from the previous one with spectacular views of green or marine areas. Compared with normal villas, prices of tourist villas are significantly higher.

فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

3. Historical Architectural Villas in Turkey

Palaces that witnessed the famous historical events and perhaps the best example of this area is the Ottoman palaces overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

These palaces are famous for their extremely high prices to attract the elite of the wealthy Arabs, and some of these palaces may cost $ 100 million!

Prices of villas in Turkey

Top Factors for Villas Prices in Turkey

The following are some of the specific factors affecting the prices of villas in Turkey:

1- Location Proximity of Villas

Where the proximity or distance from the city centers directly affects the value of the villa, villas located in the heart of the city are more expensive than those in the suburbs.

As well as the Villa's proximity to historical areas and sea views, all play a key role in determining the value of the villa to be evaluated.

2 - The Architectural Condition of Villas

If the villa is under construction, it is usually expected to have a relatively low price, leaving a better margin for a good return on investment compared to the ready villa, In addition to the likelihood of future price improvement.

3 - The Actual Capacity of the Villa

Also, play a key role in determining the price of the villa, but you should pay attention to the cantilevers and net area and the total area and internal division, and In general, the larger the area of the property, the lower the unit price per square meter and vice versa.

Prices of villas in Turkey in dollars

4 - The Interior and Exterior Luxury Finishes

This is the final stage of construction. It relates to the walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs of the villa. The importance of finishes stems from the fact that it will emerge later for all parts of the villa, whether interior or exterior.

The level of quality of the finishes can be controlled which is inevitably reflected in the price of the villa directly.

 5- Villas Varied Supply and Demand in Turkey

Like any other commodity, real estate is affected by the law of supply and demand so that prices fall when supply is available and in return increases when scarce.

Istinye Kent Villas- Villas Prices in Istanbul Turkey

With its charming view, exquisite design and luxurious finishes, Istinye Kent Villas feature the following advantages:

  • The villas are a very special complex which is capable of offering the green and sea together on the crests of the Bosporus in the heart of Istanbul as a location.
  • Its vicinity to İstinye Park and İstinye Marina which is newly being constructed, its location in the immediate vicinity of the settlement in the coast of Bosporus, its connection to TEM exit and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge as well as the Bosporus Bridge offer a unique location advantage to the project.
  • Situated in Sarıyer / İstinye in the very close proximity of Maslak office area, IMKB and Enka Schools, the complex is easily accessible via metro, sea route, and public transport.
  • Our complex respects nature! It’s considered a modern and rare housing project in Turkey respecting to the silhouette of the Bosporus, which is a candidate for the certificate of Leed for Homes.
  • Specially designed with a unique housing understanding, the project preserves the nature and ensures energy saving with its building structure respecting to nature, thinking about tomorrows, with low carbon release and high energy efficiency.
  • In this spacious complex projected in low-rise three blocks in İstinye and a life intimate with nature in which you will be able to take maximum benefit from sunlight and landscape awaits you.
  • The complex has been projected by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture, the owner of many national and international awards, with an innovative architecture understanding.
  • The buildings were planned so as to create a city panorama and form a visual and physical harmony with each other.

Villas Prices in Turkey- Cost to Buy Villa in Turkey by Dollar

The following are examples of prices and available spaces for villas within the Istinye Kent project:

Number of rooms


Number of bathrooms


The lowest price is in US dollars





Million and 54 thousand dollars





Million and 340 thousand dollars





Million and 861 thousand dollars

Prices of villas in Turkey in Saudi riyals

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Source: Daily Sabah

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