Working in Turkiye for Tunisians: conditions and opportunities

If you are Tunisian and have questions about working in Turkiye for Tunisians, the opportunities available to them, and the conditions for obtaining a work permit, read our article, in which we answer all questions.

Working in Turkiye for Tunisians: conditions and opportunities

Since Turkiye is a country of tourism and investment, Arab and foreign arrivals come to it from everywhere, there are those who come as tourists and there are those who come for the purpose of work or stability, and among these fraternal arrivals in Tunisia, many of them remain questions related to the issue of coming to and residing in Turkiye regardless the purpose of that coming, which will become clear in this article.

Are Tunisians allowed to work in Turkiye?

Of course, Tunisians are allowed to work in Turkiye, as are any other expatriate. As the visitors are investors; they will find laws that make it easier for them to establish their trade or business, but in general, there are conditions for Tunisians to work in Turkiye as an expatriate from Arab or foreign communities.

What are the most important job opportunities available in Turkiye for Tunisians?

Regarding job opportunities, there are no specific or dedicated sectors to work in Turkiye, because the opportunities available to work in them accommodate everyone, and are numerous with the multiplicity of sectors. Any field that the investor finds suitable can work in it, whether it is in the industrial, commercial, service, or technical sector, after obtaining the work permit required for foreigners.

Conditions of work in Turkiye for Tunisians

The conditions of work in Turkiye for Tunisians are not complicated. Whoever wants to establish a business in Turkiye must prepare the statute for it, then certify it by the notary, and attach it to the title of the business that the investor wants to establish, and he must deposit 25% of the value of the company’s capital in the bank. It is always advised that the company's capital is not less than 100,000 TL, as this facilitates obtaining work or residence permits for investors who are registered as employees or workers with them, in addition to many important advantages.

As for the capital, it is deposited in any public or private bank, after which the founder of the company obtains a deposit check for the value of the company’s capital, then he can follow up on the transaction documents, obtain the required approval to work from the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, then obtain the commercial register, and then facilitate the other related procedures.

The original copy of the articles of association, in addition to two attestations thereof, is required to be submitted to the Secretariat of the Commercial Registry within 15 days from the date of ratification of the notary. Note that the system established by the foreign investor (the business owner) will be announced in the official commercial records newspaper.

انجليزي: تركيا جنة الاستثمار انجليزي: تركيا جنة الاستثمار

Advantages of work permits in Turkiye for Tunisians

After receiving the Turkish work permit; its holder has the right to enter and exit Turkiye whenever he wants, and it enables him to open a bank account in any of the Turkish or international banks located on its land, and it also authorizes him to buy and own a property, and the subsequent transactions to open the necessary services for him such as electricity, water, and gas, in addition to that he can buy and own a car and obtaining a Turkish driving license. As for the children of investors, the state has guaranteed the residence permit holder another very important right, which is free education for the children.

It also guaranteed the investor to obtain the full rights of the worker, the salary of the minimum wage set by the government, health insurance that includes family members, and the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship (after five years of work permit). The holder of a work permit is entitled to a retirement pension after the age of sixty.

Advantages of work permits in Turkiye for Tunisians

Can Tunisians establish a company in Turkiye? What are the conditions?

Many investors from Arab and Asian countries, as well as the world, benefit from establishing their own businesses, which they hope to succeed in because they see the factors for this success, and they do not face difficulties in searching for many opportunities to establish their companies in all fields and sectors, and there are those who start with a low-income project and then expand it, and he opens other branches for it, as a large number of incoming tourists and the easy and permanent commercial movement by the government encourage money owners to open their projects and establish their companies in Turkiye.

Establishing a company in Turkiye is simple, away from the tiring complexity, as the new investor can obtain the necessary papers for his company with ease, and he must register the company in the local tax office and the commercial registry department, after which he can receive the tax certificate that he is required to show clearly at work.

To verify the information mentioned and the tax certificate; a local tax officer visits the company or facility within a few days.

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Distinguished investment opportunities in Turkiye for Tunisians

There are many investment opportunities in Turkiye, so what are the most vital sectors that suit these opportunities? Every investor has his own field, there are those who want to invest in the industrial sector and produce machines, or manufacture leather bags and clothes, and there are those who invest in the commercial sector and buy, for example, food products such as canned food, tea, and coffee, and he requests shipping them to be exported to his country. Among the investors, a very successful real estate investment in Turkiye is preferred.

Imtilak Group services for Tunisians wishing to work and invest in Turkiye

Imtilak Group offers its services regarding coming to Turkiye to Arabs in general and our people in Tunisia in particular and is interested in following up on their relevant and related legal matters, such as residence of all kinds, tourism services, import and export, study and investment, or treatment and medication. One of the most important areas that the group offers its services is the real estate sector of apartments and villas, the establishment of companies and laboratories, and other things that the investor aspires to in a developed country such as Turkiye.

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