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Villas for sale in Beylikduzu, Istanbul

Overview of Beylikduzu


Modern Beylikduzu can be found in Istanbul, the European side of Turkiye. It is located to the west of the city's core and is bounded to the south by the Sea of Marmara and to the west by Buyukcekmece Lake. Beylikduzu, which is a component of Istanbul's greater metropolitan region, has become more well-known in recent years as a result of its quick urban development and residential growth.


If you compare Beylikduzu's history to certain other areas of Istanbul, it is very recent. Despite having a long history, the region remained mainly rural and poorly inhabited until the second part of the 20th century. Beginning in the late 20th century, especially in the 1990s and early 2000s, the district underwent major urbanization and residential construction, transforming it into a contemporary urban region. As a result, nowadays, many Turks prefer to live in the Beylikduzu neighborhood.

Overview of Beylikduzu

The Advantages of Buying a Villa in Beylikduzu: Cheapest Real Estate in Europe

Istanbul, and notably Beylikduzu, might provide more reasonable real estate possibilities compared to many other European cities. Because of this, it attracts travelers looking for a good return on their money.

Excellence Return on Investment

Beylikduzu real estate is so reasonably priced, there is a chance that the return on investment (ROI) in Turkiye will be positive in the long run. Property values could increase as the region develops and becomes more well-known, enabling investors to profit from their real estate holdings.

Low Life Cost

The cost of living in Beylikduzu is often cheaper than in many other European cities. Residents may enjoy a more cost-effective standard of living as a result, with lower costs for goods and services used on a daily basis.

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Geographic Location and History

Istanbul's rich cultural and historical heritage is enhanced by its exceptional geographic location at the meeting point of two continents, Europe and Asia. Due to its close proximity to both ancient attractions and cutting-edge services, Beylikduzu residents may enjoy the best of both worlds.

Full Ownership

In Beylikduzu and across Turkey, foreigners are permitted to completely own property as long as they abide by the rules and conditions of the law. This makes it possible for foreign purchasers to benefit from owning property without limitations.

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Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

In some circumstances, purchasing property in Turkey, particularly Beylikduzu qualifies you to seek Turkish citizenship. For those seeking to develop a more long-term presence in the nation, this may be a huge advantage.

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Villa in Beylikduzu

Average Price of a Villa in Beylikduzu

The price range of Beylikduzu villas for sale varies according to market factors, including location, view, the caliber of building methods and materials, services offered, and distance to social facilities. Villas in Beylikduzu typically cost between $900,000 and $150,000 to purchase.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Villa in Beylikduzu

Value Escalation

In recent years, Beylikduzu has undergone tremendous urban expansion and development. This pattern, together with the district's rising popularity, points to the likelihood that property values will rise over time. Buying a villa today might allow you to profit from its value growth later on.

Luxurious Life

Beylikduzu villas frequently have roomy interiors, luxurious furnishings, and contemporary conveniences. Buying a villa gives you the chance to live a posh lifestyle with amenities like private gardens, swimming pools, and elegant interior decor.

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Classy Community

The villa neighborhoods in Beylikduzu frequently draw people looking for a posh place to live. Purchasing a villa entails joining a community that values excellence, beauty, and a high level of life.

Safety and Security

In Beylikduzu, a lot of villa complexes have gated security and round-the-clock monitoring. As a result, it appeals to families and people looking for a secure living environment since it gives occupants a sense of safety and security.

Resale Value of the Property

A well-kept villa in a desired area might have a significant amount of resale value. Your villa investment may have a high chance of being resold in the future as the demand for luxurious living spaces keeps growing.

Find the Best Villa for Sale in Beylikduzu with Imtilak

Beylikduzu is a wonderful Area to live in because it has many tourist and cultural attractions. Being located near the sea of Marmara add importance to its real estate market. if you think life in a calm environment is better than living in the city center, then Beylikduzu district is the ideal choice. However, Imtilak is a reputed company that provides professional services to clients who are willing to move to Türkiye. It also offers a wide variety of villas available for sale with amazing amenities.

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