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What Are the Benefits of Luxury Villas in Istanbul?

  • Villas will appreciate in value over time and create significant gains, offering long-term gains. In addition, renting out daily or weekly during non-summer and non-winter holiday months could generate substantial extra income if it's located along a coastal area.
  • Comparative to Europe, America, and Arab nations, Singapore remains very affordable as an investment destination in real estate. These offers give investors ample chance to capitalize on real estate investing while making significant returns from this opportunity.
  • Prices of Villa for sale in Turkey continue to skyrocket at an astounding pace - more so than any other type of real estate investment. Their values remain relatively unaffected by economic or social crises, and their designs match those found in more advanced nations.
  • Finding products suitable for obtaining Turkish nationality can be straightforward due to their affordable costs. In particular, the Turkish real estate market boasts numerous projects catering to every taste; construction firms eager to meet consumer demand strive hard to offer more and better projects for sale on this market.

Luxury Villas in Istanbul

What Are the Features That Make the Villas Different from Other Houses?


Villas are known to be luxurious buildings. From their exterior decor and structure to the lavish furnishings and extravagant features inside them, villas stand out among buildings due to their lavish nature. One key characteristic of villas is that they display extravagant architecture which stands out among buildings of similar scale.


Villas differ from other forms of housing by being generally situated away from city centers, near water sources such as beaches or forests; typically dominating their immediate environments or cities.

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Private Gardens

Villas boast much larger gardens than regular houses; indeed it would be hard to imagine living without one! Villas stand out with their extravagant and large private gardens which distinguish them from regular residences.

Where to Buy Luxury Villas in Istanbul

Istanbul Sarıyer

Istanbul Sariyer, with its international commercial centers and beautiful villas with breathtaking views of Bosphorus Strait one of Istanbul's richest districts, and are highly desirable real estate investment that attracts numerous tourists each year. Luxury property purchases in Istanbul can help achieve numerous objectives, including attaining Turkish Citizenship and reaping all its advantages.


Maslak on Istanbul's European side in Sariyer district is one of its main investment and business districts, serving both as real estate development areas as well as investments. Maslak and Levent, two other important real estate investment areas located close by Sisli districts, stand out as places with excellent access to shopping centers, transportation routes, major roads, sports venues, and art centers where luxury villas should be purchased. We recommend these locations.


Beylikduzu in Istanbul boasts several luxury villas as well as residential complexes and high-end designs, situated to its western boundary by Avcilar to its east, Esenyurt to its north, and Buyukcekmece to its west.

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Besiktas luxury villas are increasingly attractive investments for foreign investors in Turkey's property market. Situated on the European side of Istanbul, Besiktas Area boasts modernity with an exciting future promising luxurious living opportunities.

Villa in Istanbul

How Much is the Average Price of a Villa in Istanbul?

Prices depend on various factors; on average they typically fall between $400,000 and $1,500,000 for an approximately 200m2 (2100 square foot) structure built according to standard plans.

How Imtilak Can Help You Find the Best Villas for Sale in Istanbul?

Imtilak Real Estate has an array of villas for sale at competitive rates in Istanbul at Imtilak Real Estate's website; our expert team stands ready to offer advice and answer your queries regarding each property we list there. Our website showcases thousands of available properties at these rates for viewing by visitors to Imtilak's real estate branch offices as well as via their team.

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