Istanbul's Beylikduzu District: Wonderful and Modern Life

Beylikduzu is a beautiful suburb of Istanbul, with its wide streets and green expanses. It meets the latest European standards. It has a clean environment, healthy buildings, excellent medical and educational facilities and social intellectuals. 

Istanbul's Beylikduzu District: Wonderful and Modern Life
2016-02-17 Last update 2023-04-01

Istanbul's Beylikduzu District: Wonderful and Modern Life

Beylikduzu is a beautiful suburb of Istanbul, with its wide streets and green expanses. It meets the latest European standards. It has a clean environment, healthy buildings, excellent medical and educational facilities and social intellectuals. 

Where is Beylikduzu Located in Istanbul?

Beylikduzu is located in the west of Istanbul, bordered by the region of Avcilar from the east, Esenyurt to the north, and Buyukcekmece to the west, and to the south is the Sea of Marmara, which we all see on the map of Beylikduzu:

Where is Beylikduzu Located in Istanbul?

How Far is Beylikduzu from Istanbul?

About 40 km is the distance between Istanbul city center and the Beylikduzu area.

And many ask: How far is Beylikduzu from Taksim?

In fact, those who live in Beylikduzu apartments will find a variety of tourist, service, social and entertainment facilities, in which there is will be no need to go always to the city center. While when the fresh air of Istanbul takes you for example to Sultan Ahmed and Taksim Square, modern transport networks from the Metrobus to the tramway will quickly take you there, even to highways, but you have to avoid peak hours and congestion!

Real Estate Investment in Beylikduzu

Today, Beylikduzu is witnessing a boom in high-quality real estate investment, taking into account the investor's overall advantages of buying a property in Turkey. Compared with other suburbs in Istanbul, it is the highest quality and most structured in terms of urban development, real estate investments in this region are expected to reach high records of profits.

مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي مشاريع باطلالة بحرية في اسطنبول انجليزي

Demand for apartments for sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu is expected to increase as real estate prices rise as construction and drilling progress to the new Incirli- Beylikduzu metro line. If the share of land in the region is taken into consideration, it is easy to say that real estate investments in Beylikduzu will bring in very high profits in the coming periods.

  • Variety of Services Including Schools, Universities, and Transportation

The spread of hospitals, shopping malls, factories, new real estate projects, transport routes, high schools, universities and the presence of malls in Beylikduzu also contributed to the district’s increasing importance. The spread of international schools and universities in the district has increased the demand for rental of residential units, this has been reflected in the recent influx of investors and residents into the district.

The arrival of the metro line has also affected the prices of apartments in Beylikduzu. In real estate valuations conducted by real estate companies, the margin of real estate prices in the Beylikduzu area of Turkey has reached more than 56% per square meter According to proximity and distance from the line of the Metrobus on the highway (E5).   

  • Attraction Center for the Investors

Beylikduzu area of Istanbul was far from the interest of investors previously, the infrastructure in the region is still in its infancy, in addition to the center of the city, but it is now witnessing a more organized and higher quality urban development compared with other areas in Istanbul, and the presence of villas for sale in Beylikduzu has become the focus of investors in the real estate sector, Especially after the elimination of the problem of transportation, and linking them to the city center via the bus line "Metrobus".

The Regular Expansion in Beylikduzu

In recent years, the district has witnessed an organized expansion through the spread of high-quality and earthquake-resistant buildings, which have increased its value and made it one of the most attractive areas of Istanbul. The spread of residential complexes in Beylikduzu, including the centers of social, recreational and sports events, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children's entertainment centers, gardens, and other service and social facilities, has made them more attractive to investors than other real estates in Turkey.

Apartments For Sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu

Housing and Real Estate in Beylikduzu District 

The establishment of the Grand Farm added 450,000 acres of agricultural land to Beylikduzu; with the passage of time and after the beginning of the movement of construction and organization in the seventies of the last century, the inhabitants of the old neighborhoods in Istanbul and those coming from other cities that the area of the summerhouse in the West Coast is a very suitable alternative for dwelling In a new environment far from overcrowding, a beautiful nature, and competitive prices.

Some of the newcomers chose the Gürpınar Mahallesi neighborhood because of three main factors:

  • Vast land.
  • Fertile soil.
  • Beylikduzu Clean Coast.

With these, the area was gradually transformed from a resort area into a livable environment in all seasons. With Turkey's adoption of a free-market style in its economy and the establishment of the Public Administration of Housing in 1984 under former President Turgut Ozal, the idea of collective housing and the creation of residential complexes emerged. Beylikduzu with its vast land was one of the most suitable areas for the establishment and constriction of these complexes; their establishment was a major turning point in the district, which opened to wide horizons of development and expansion.

real estate in Beylikduzu Istanbul


With the first beginnings of these projects, tens of thousands of Istanbul residents have moved to and planned for their new lives.

The other major turning point in 1989 was with the opening of the municipality of Gürpınar Mahallesi. Immediately after that the Yakuplu and Kavaklı began their first steps on the path from two small villages to two organized areas of Beylikduzu where the Beylikduzu villas, especially near the beach, have been accompanied by high rates of movement to these areas, with the industrial revival in the region, and the establishment of its main industrial zone, Organizesanayie bölgesi, which has played a major role in accelerating the development of Beylikduzu.

Neighborhood Districts of Beylikduzu in Istanbul

The district is divided into 10 major neighborhoods, all of which have apartments for sale in Beylikduzu, namely:



barış Mahallesi


Cumhuriyet Mahallesi


Gürpınar Mahallesi


marmara Mahallesi


yakuplu Mahallesi


Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi


Büyük Şehir Mahallesi


Dereağzı Mahallesi


Kavaklı Mahallesi


Sahil Mahallesi


The Economic Value of Beylikduzu District

Istanbul Beylikduzu district is a strong economic center, with increasing potential and investment opportunities. It has the largest commercial container port in Turkey with an area of about 1.5 million square meters. Its large industrial city of 1,600 Acres provides jobs for 15 In addition to its second industrial city, "the industrial city of Bisan", which has an area of 450 Acres, and many other industrial and commercial areas.

Beylikduzu is the Most Organized District in Istanbul

Here is Beylikduzu is the most organized area in Istanbul, Europe, with its high capacity for fuel distribution and filling, with its thermal power station, which produces electricity by natural gas and fuel, with its easy roads access to sea and airports, with its fish market, Turkey's largest fish market, with its unrivaled residential and professional construction spaces, and with Tüyap the International Exhibition Center.

Beylikduzu is a rural-urban area that combines fish in its sea, fruits on its orchard trees, and natural honey in hives on its farms, next to the latest shopping centers, luxury offices, and large gardens fully covered by internet networks, and latest outdoor sports equipment techniques.

The area also contains vast green areas, gardens and various forests, most notably the Life Valley - Beylikduzu, or the Green Valley Park, as some call it, which is a number of adjacent contiguous gardens stretching in large areas within the region of Beylikduzu Turkey, adjacent to the Sea of  Marmara.

The garden features a unique collection of free children's games, waterfalls, and glamorous fountains.

There is also a private park called the Japanese Garden, with traditional Japanese huts, visitors come to take pictures next to them, as well as the spread of large and filtered water pools, where large colorful beautiful fish swim.

Medical Services in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu has 4 private hospitals, 34 dental clinics, 13 dental clinics, 3 clinics, a dialysis center and 3 public clinics. Health services are provided at the State Hospital, which serves residents within and around Beylikduzu.

History of Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is not a modern name. The name is mentioned in official documents dating back to 1839, and immigrants constitute the nucleus of the population, starting with the migrations exchanged with Greece until today, where people live with their different races, colors, and cultures.

Its history extends from the Turks to Byzantium, from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic, and today it is one of Istanbul's most beautiful and regular areas, with its remaining effects:

1. Palace of Sultan Abdul Aziz

It dates back to the Byzantine emperor Romen Diyojen in the late 11th century. The Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz took a hunting palace for the abundance of birds in the region and today is a tourist attraction open to visitors. 

2. The Water in the Pear Field

Known as: "the spring of Grandmother Aisha" It is said that it was in the era of the Ottoman state was areas of hospitalization and convalescence because of its high location and clean air.

Cultural Glance at Beylikduzu throughout the Year

There are many cultural events and festivals in the district throughout the year.

  • International Festival of Popular Games in July.
  • Classical Music Festival in August.
  • Forum of love and peace in September.
  • International Sculpture Festival in October.
فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي فلل فاخرة في اسطنبول انجليزي

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Source: Municipality of Beylikduzu + Gezmania

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