The most important infrastructure projects in Alanya and their advantages

A detailed guide about the most important infrastructure projects in Alanya, Turkey, and their advantages. Learn about the stages of infrastructure development in Alanya in recent years.

The most important infrastructure projects in Alanya and their advantages
2022-06-08 Last update 2022-06-20

The most important infrastructure projects in Alanya and their advantages

Advantages of infrastructure projects in Alanya

The beach city is located on the Mediterranean coast and administratively belongs to the famous state of Antalya in Turkey, where the city of Alanya is 138 km from the center of Antalya to the east.

The city of 1.5 km² is distinguished by its modern and developed infrastructure. As one of the important tourist cities in Turkey, which is famous for its summer resorts, which attract Russian, British and German tourists for summer and recreation on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and the city's beaches are ranked globally among the clear and clean blue beaches.

The most important infrastructure features in Alanya:

  • Modern and advanced infrastructure
  • It complies with European standards, due to a large number of European investments in the city's real estate
  • The infrastructure in the city is characterized by being in continuous development, with future plans for projects prepared with exact dates to start their construction.
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How have infrastructure projects evolved in Alanya in recent years?

With the city's tourism boom, Turkish law allowing foreigners to own real estate in Turkey, and granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors worth $400,000 in the country's real estate sector, Alanya has flourished with residential and tourism projects.

The construction companies embarked on huge housing and tourism projects, taking advantage of the beauty of the city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the desire of foreign investors and meeting their requests to buy real estate.

The development of large tourism and residential projects in the city was linked to the development of infrastructure to match the large development in real estate and population, in addition to the annual tourist movement in Alanya.

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Infrastructure in Alanya

What are the most important infrastructure projects in Alanya?

1. Transportation and roads

Alanya is linked to the state of Antalya through the international road D400 that passes through it. This road connects the city with the rest of the states in Turkey. Alanya is also characterized by a modern and developed internal road network that connects all parts of the small city to each other.

Various types of public transportation operate in Alanya, including public buses that cross all parts of the city in four well-known itineraries, in addition to minibusses (dolmuş) and taxis.

2. Airports

Alanya has an international airport that receives domestic flights from Istanbul and Ankara, in addition to many international flights from different European countries. Turkish Airlines operate at Alanya Airport in addition to Pegasus Private Airlines and other international airlines.

3.Railways (Metro)

Due to the smallness of Alanya and the short distances between the different areas of the city, it has no railways and metro within the city, but there are plans for a railway project linking the city itself with the railway linking the Turkish states to each other.

4. Tunnels

Starting from the mountainous topography of Alanya, where the city permeates parts of the Taurus Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean, some roads are inside the mountain in the form of tunnels that connect parts of the city to each other.

5. Telecommunications and Internet

All Turkish telecommunications and internet companies operate in Alanya, and these companies have an advanced telecommunications infrastructure and an underground network that guarantees high-quality communications in their services, in addition to overhead communications and wireless internet.

6. Water and sewage networks

With the activity of construction companies in Alanya and the large real estate projects that the city has witnessed in recent times, the municipality has implemented large projects to expand and renew the water and sewage networks in proportion to the size of the construction projects, in addition to establishing new sewage networks in the areas where the construction is taking place.

7. Educational institutions

There are many public and private institutes and schools for all levels of study in the city. It also includes two universities, namely, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat State University, and Alanya Hamdulla Emin Paşa Private University, in addition to various language institutes.

8. Health facilities

Governmental primary care centers (family doctor clinics) are spread in all districts of Alanya. The city also includes a private central government hospital, in addition to many private hospitals with high ratings in the quality of services provided and the availability of specialized doctors.

9. Essential services and facilities for the economy

Alanya with its simple civil character doesn’t have shopping malls and huge malls, as in the states and large Turkish cities. However, it includes small commercial centers and malls that serve the same purpose in collecting the pleasure of shopping, and the city of Alanya is also distinguished by its historical popular markets such as the Friday market near the port city.

What are the future plans for infrastructure projects in Alanya?

Alanya is steadily expanding and growing day by day; as a result of the activity of the large construction companies in the city, where the housing and tourism projects meet the great demand of Turkish and foreign citizens on the real estate market in Alanya.

Based on this, the investment value of the city is increasing over time, and in parallel with this development in Alanya, infrastructure projects are developing to provide the best services to the population, and the city is also based on future projects for its infrastructure that will make it one of the best Turkish cities on the Mediterranean coast.

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Infrastructure projects in Alanya

How does Alanya's infrastructure affect its investment value?

Infrastructure projects in Alanya have a direct relationship with the investment value in it, as Alanya is one of the Turkish cities with a high investment value, due to several factors, the most important of which are the infrastructure projects that are being held in it.

The best-serviced areas in terms of infrastructure in Alanya

● Alanya Center

The area is located in the city center, where tourist and historical places are located, such as Cleopatra Beach, the National Museum, the commercial markets, and the yacht harbor on the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to the famous Alanya Castle.

● Obacecili

Modern urban areas, in which there are high-end residential projects and complexes, which include recreational and recreational facilities for residents, in addition to modern malls and shopping malls.

It is 3 km away from the city center, and these complexes are inhabited by many foreigners from Europe, especially from Scandinavia and Germany.

● Mahmutlar

It is one of the most famous areas of Alanya, and it is considered one of the modern urban areas, and Mahmutlar area witnessed, and the area includes many luxury hotels and resorts and is inhabited by many foreign nationalities, such as Russians, Arabs, Germans, and Dutch.

● Kestel

It is 8 km from the center of Alanya, and the famous Dim Çayı River passes through this area, which is distinguished by its charming nature, and the area is considered one of the modern urban areas.

The best residential projects in Alanya are located in serviced areas in terms of infrastructure

Imtilak Real Estate company provides many real estate opportunities in Alanya to those who wish to own real estate in the city, and the company works through its branch and team in the Turkish state of Antalya to find the best and most distinguished opportunities to put it in the hands of its distinguished customers.

The most important projects offered by Imtilak Real Estate company in Alanya at the moment are:

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